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Follow Your Heart – Become The Rockstar of Your Life

Written by: Dale Darley, Executive Contributor

Executive Contributors at Brainz Magazine are handpicked and invited to contribute because of their knowledge and valuable insight within their area of expertise.


Have you got it together? Are you doing what you dreamed that you would do or be? I wanted to be a rock star. Although I did tell a shocked group of kids that I wanted to be a stripper. Not that I really knew what that entailed, it just seemed like something that would excite me and be fun.

When I woke up this morning, my word of the day was fun. How I wondered could I have fun when I live alone with the furry ones in the hills in a remote village, and we are unable to socialise?

Of course, there is always my imagination. Just like I could see myself standing on the stage in Wembley, saying those famous words 'thank you Wembley, I love you' after delivering an awesome gig. I could step into the field of possibilities and play. So, today I invite you to play with a few possibilities, which all begin with c.


Whether you know it or not, you are an expert in your life. The trouble is, you probably take all of your knowledge, skills, and experience for granted and assume that everyone else can do what you do too. They don't.

Remember the conscious competence model, where we get to the point of knowing what we know and just doing it.

Here's your challenge – grab your journal and create a talent map across all areas of your life. Next, mark what you love and then what you are just good at. Reflect. Then step into the field of possibilities and imagine what you could do with your talents.


Showing up as the rock star of your life gives you a level of credibility that nothing else can. It is simply proof that you are an authority on your YOU subject. You will be establishing yourself as someone to trust and earning respect in the process.

To do: Look at your list of loves (up there). Which of these are you showing up as a leader in your field for? Which ones are missing? Reflect. Next, imagine you are on a stage singing your leadership song – what is the opening line?

Change agent

By carefully crafting what you stand for, you not only become clear about yourself (change one), you will show others that they can do or achieve. You lead the way and inspire others to change and become their best selves.

To do: Look at the things you love and ask how you can use them to inspire others to know what is possible in the world? Pick something that you would like to do, but haven't. Roll the dice of fate and imagine where that road could take you.


Humans love connection and at a time when that is being eroded, how can you become a connector? Being your best self and showing up connects you emotionally to your community. It's the small things you do from the heart, with kindness and compassion, which will leave your mark on others.

To do: How can you show up each day with kindness and compassion and connect your heart to others hearts?


Actually, going beyond the fear and lack of self-belief process and coming out the other side as a person who has embraced the grunge of life with grace is amazing for your inner confidence. If you were brimming with confidence, what would you do?

  • Take the leap from the corporate or other rat race, you find yourself in and follow your dreams? You can start planning now.

  • Sell up, pack up and travel around the world? Why not proactively look around for opportunities to make it happen?

  • How about that hobby you'd love to turn into a paying business? Take the first step in doing some research, learn how to monetize it, then take it from there.

  • Or are you already in business but lacking the confidence to step up, step out, and do what you love?

To do: If you could confidently say yes to just one thing, what would it be? Now let your imagination wander. Make a list of everything you could say yes to. Spend the day saying yes to your heart's desires. How does that feel?


They say that curiosity killed the cat, poor cat. But if we never explore and take the teeniest of risks, how will we ever know what is possible. So, what is possible for you? I want to write a novel, but something holds me back – I think it's called imposter syndrome. Of course, it is. At least I know this and can take steps to overcome it, like putting my pen to paper in a curious way to explore what tales I want to tell.

To do: I invite you to do just that. Put your pen to paper in a curious way and explore what you want and who you want to become. Then ask what the first step is?

When we are stressed or anxious, it can stop us in our tracks, and we can lose sight of the power of our imagination. Look back at what you have written, reflect and review. Something will stand out, and I invite you to explore just a little bit more.

Have fun today.

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Dale Darley, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Dale works with her clients to help them to discover the magic in their story through the power of writing, journaling, and energy work. Dale is an expert at getting your story out, finding the essence of who you are, what you want to become, and supporting you to get what you want through coaching and programs. She believes that writing heals, and her vision and mission is to create a community of people who find clarity, purpose, and meaning through their writing. That these people go on to inspire others to know what is possible in the world. Dale holds an MBA from The University of Glamorgan and an ILM Level 7 Executive Coaching certificate. She served in senior marketing management roles in the IT and manufacturing sectors before working for herself.



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