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Feel Better, Think Better, And Achieve Better With Christine Patton – An Exclusive Interview

Christine Patton is a personal development expert who excels in the delivery of information, tools, and support to enhance empowerment, resilience, and passion. She is the founder of Power Within, through which she speaks, coaches, trains, and writes about the importance of our inner connection for rapid transformation. She is a Certified Trainer with The HeartMath Institute, has written a book called Showing Up-Becoming the Me I Want to Be – Aligning Your Life and Work for True Success and has had a radio show with called Unstoppable You! and does a regular podcast called WunderWisdom. She believes a better world is around the corner, and we create it with our own inner work.

Christine Patton, Power Within

Power Within – The name of your business Power Within is compelling and seems to be highly relevant these days. Why did you choose that name?

The name Power Within is highly relevant today as it refers to the natural ability, we all have, as humans, to create our life. We have everything we need within ourselves to command our lives and steer our ship in the direction in which we want our lives to proceed. I refer to “today” because now, more than ever, we, personally and as a human collective, are feeling the acute effects of having our power taken away. The stringent controls that have been forced upon us have completely destabilized our way of life and have left many of us feeling confused, anxious, and powerless.

Many have been led to believe that we are essentially powerless if we don’t follow the messages outside of us from society, government, institutions, media, and parents and many have difficulty accepting that we are the captains of our ship! From infancy, we are conditioned toward certain beliefs and ways of living, and often we are led to the idea that we are not enough and need outside approval and direction. This could not be further from the truth.

Yes, when we are young, we need care and guidance to survive in the world. However, as we approach our teen years when the urge to be independent crests, we need help forming the skills, habits, and discipline to inquire within as to what each of us needs for our highest good. Our world would change dramatically if more of us were taught how to know ourselves intimately.

What does all this mean? It means that it is possible to feel better, think better, and achieve better! We have always had what we need to accomplish a successful life inside of us. Some of us have just never learned. Now is the time!

It is helpful, I believe, to define what I mean by the word “power”. Power refers to the innate ability each one of us has (nature and nurture) to affect our life, influence others, and cause things to happen. We are born with certain qualities; we perfect some of them and we generate others as we grow through our unique journey of life. We use these talents not only to react or respond to life events but to build the life that we desire.

We exist in a quantum universe and now have the knowledge base to better understand what that means. When we learn that we exist in a vast field of potential that is ready to respond to our thoughts, desires, emotions, words, and actions, we quickly conclude that we must command them, and command them well. This power underlies everything in our lives – it is the driving force behind what we choose to say, eat, attend, connect with, avoid, indulge in, and love – all that we extend outwards. And all those choices carry an effect in the field of potential, which directly shapes our life. We are true architects of our reality.

If you are reading this, it may be that you have been working for some time to find the solutions to a better life? For example, you may be the proud owner of dozens of Apps, a variety of supplements for better health, a gym membership you may not have used as well as you could have, books overflowing your bookcase, and perhaps you have recently purchased the “thing” that was going to change your life? I am not, for one moment, knocking any of those tools that could be the thing to change your life. Nor am I trivializing the motivation behind that purchase.

However, I wish to point out that there is one common denominator in all of that – YOU! You are the one who is going to affect whether that food, tool, modality, or system works. You choose to use the thing well or not, and according to your way of doing things. You decide your success every time, regardless of the promise made by the “thing”.

What if you began with the journey inward for direction? What if you learned more about yourself and what works for you first? What would change if you best knew your power and how to use it to influence everyone and everything around you?

I believe, for most people, their choices would be different if they had clear direction as to what they needed at the moment, as opposed to trying things haphazardly and not to great effect. The power to think/feel life into being through visualization would be amplified.

This is the curriculum of Power Within.

What do you help people solve?

I help people unlock their body technology. It’s free, it’s always with them and it is the most trustworthy advisor they have – provided they know themselves.

The key to success is to focus on the energy first, then the physical steps. This works like a GPS in life – if you don’t know where you are, how are you going to get “there”? And how can you be at peace if you don’t accept that you are right where you are meant to be? It’s the starting point that is key.

We already have everything we need inside of us to make the right decision, to know where to go and what to do, how to do what we need to do, and who we are meant to be with. The answers are there – ready to be recognized. The trick is to be quiet and calm the nervous system. This is where the heart coherence skills come in, which I will discuss in detail shortly.

That said, I view each client as a unique and brilliant soul who has most things figured out. All we need to do together is tweak a few things that will change some outcomes. Each person is amazing in their way, and I highlight their special talents and gifts, some of which they have not been aware of. Helping each client rock the success they have already created is usually revolutionary on its own.

When we examine the trouble spots, we break down their part in them and form a new thought and approach. After all, how each uses their power is the direct determinant of that situation, regardless of what that situation is.

I also provide a buffet of ideas for consideration moving forward. There is no one standard for everyone, and each client must choose what resonates with them the most. This ensures compliance – understanding, drive to transform, and resonance.

All my coaching, speaking, and training revolve around three basic principles – empowerment, resilience, and passion:

“Empowerment” involves the art of deliberate creation – that is how to engage with the quantum field to forge the life we want in the physical realm. Attaining a better command of thoughts, emotions, and one’s subconscious belief systems are gained here.

“Resilience” is built by consciously creating an aligned system in the body. This involves coherence among the brain, heart, and autonomic nervous system. Stress manifests as a physical condition in the body and as such, can be effectively dealt with in that way. The heart is the key feature of creating coherence in the body. Learning to control heart rhythms using breath, heart focus, and integrating renewing emotions is what generates heart-brain balance, and therefore, energy in the body. Resilience is having the energy to deal with life events with ease and flow, or, at least, with a response that doesn’t deplete all domains of the body.

The HeartMath Institute defines “resilience” as having the capacity to prepare for, adapt to, and recover from stress, anxiety, and challenges. Few understand that we must create energy in the body to become more whole, balanced and calm. This is key to quieting the nervous system and listening to the body’s messages. The wisdom of the soul is there, patiently waiting to be consulted.

Unfortunately, many people live their lives distracted, busy, and following the cues of the ego (the mind and society-based messages) as they try to manage through. This only works for so long, and only until the natural body systems last to provide energy for all that frenetic activity. Burnout quickly follows, causing illness, boredom, dissatisfaction with life, and a feeling of being disconnected from the self. These feelings worsen the further one gets away from the self.

“Passion” ignites as my clients release the outer influences and get in touch with their souls. Now things are truly felt. The true desires of life are illuminated, and goals are strengthened. As the self becomes integrated and whole, it is easier to know what next steps to take to further one’s path and to enjoy the journey! The struggle is released, and a flow becomes more the norm – over time of course. Rome wasn’t built in a day.

How do you deliver these solutions?

I feel like I do the same thing, whether I coach an individual; train a sales or sports team; speak to a one-time audience; write an article or chat with an inspired guest on my podcast or radio show.

I like to listen to what my clients express as the challenges present, confirm my understanding of the needs, build an understanding of the concepts, offer as many tools as I can for the clients to choose from (as their needs warrant), and cheer from the sidelines. I teach, I won’t tell, as I recognize that each must follow their wisdom and follow what resonates. We are together, at an intersection of time, to connect and communicate what is necessary for transformation, and then celebrate together the gains achieved.

I have often been introduced as a motivational speaker, as that seems to be the genre under which I am categorized. I never liked that title and have always preferred the word and concept of inspiration. Here’s why:

Motivation pushes you. Motivation assumes you are broken and need fixing by someone who knows more than you.

By contrast, inspiration pulls you. Inspiration assumes you are very cool the way you are but catch the spark and come along on an adventure with me and we’ll see the stars together! Feel the difference?

If there is no inspiration, there is no heart connection, and ideas get lost in the judgmental world of thinking and the old paradigms and patterns that got people into trouble in the first place.

Who is your ideal client?

My clients come from a wide range of cultures, backgrounds, professions, experiences, and orientations.

My job is to play the compassionate listener, who can connect with the heart, and offer ideas and solutions that align with the individual client. Each team, audience, and client have their character, mission, and set of skills that must be felt before any work can be done. When the heart connection is there, we are ready!

Ultimately, the work I do best is for those who are ready and open to significant transformation in their lives.

How about we explore options? It’s easy! I offer a FREE 30-minute strategy chat for individuals, business owners, professionals, and teams.

What made you become a coach, trainer, author, and speaker?

That’s a great question because people want to know why I might make worthy suggestions or lead someone in a different direction.

I began my working life as a lawyer – I worked in a medium-sized law firm in Ontario as an insurance defense litigator. As I was also raising two children and running a home, I needed a change. I was appointed as a Deputy Judge in the Small Claims Court of Ontario, which was part-time. This was the perfect situation as I could keep chaos at the door of my home and then use my mind, skills, and training on the days I worked.

I practiced for fifteen years in total until I felt the call to create a speaking practice that would further my aim to be of service to the world.

The most important thing I learned through all I had taken on was how important it was to align with one’s work – to be able to remain true to oneself, to preserve energy and keep balance, to like the job and feel a connection with people to serve them properly. Frankly, I experienced none of that throughout my practice of law. That was because I was inexperienced in those skills and because the profession was likely not a fit for me.

Extreme stress had taken its toll on me, and it became necessary to recover and learn new ways to strengthen my body, mind, and spirit. Twenty-six years later, I am still testing tools and modalities in the laboratory of my body and my life to garner the best results for me. All of that may be of interest to some who have traveled the same path.

I also felt that raising my children and maintaining peace in my home was a more worthy use of my time, so I retired and began to focus on more life-affirming ideas that formed the basis of my future profession.

I realized that I had honed an ability to speak well, as it had been my job to persuade judges and juries to my way of thinking. I also learned to write well when I framed my judgments, as I did not want to be overturned in my decisions as a judge.

Each stage in life has prepared me for the next one, especially when I manage to let go and follow the urgings of my soul. I am a lifelong learner and always pass the latest, most cutting-edge knowledge along to those with whom I work.

What results do your clients enjoy?

There is always a shift for those who choose to work with me. Many are kind and allow me a glimpse of their results – this always makes my heart happy.

Here are some clips from client testimonials:

Rachel: “From the moment I started working with Chris, I felt a weight lift off my shoulders. I quickly discovered through her well-designed and organized lessons that I had the power within me to make the changes I needed and to go after the life I wanted to live. In each session, I learned of incredible scientific discoveries related to the power of our thoughts, and real-life accounts of how living with intention and love can transform your reality. Over the eight-session course, she introduced me to a number of practices including HeartMath, visualization, meditation, and breath exercises that quickly made a big difference in my day-to-day life and were easy to integrate into my life. I was completely blown away when I started noticing the effects of my visualization work within a short couple of weeks. The difference my thoughts and intentions had on our family dynamic was almost unbelievable and I may have dismissed it as coincidence if Chris had not told me that it would likely feel that way!”

Christine: “Chris’s balance of science-based practical tools and intuition gave me the tools to make changes in my life much more quickly than any other coach/counselor I’ve had or course I’ve taken in the past. While she had very specific units to teach me, she focused on what I needed the most and took the time to really listen, not preach. I really appreciated her empathy. Her positive energy is infectious. I will continue to use the tools she taught me for years to come!”

Phil: “Chris provided the keynote for the inaugural event launching our Okanagan College speaker series. Her significant experience as a successful leader provided context for well-articulated points delivered with depth, sincerity, and passion. Chris is one of those rare individuals who lives by her words and truly cares about affecting positive change. Her enthusiasm and sense of humour created a strong connection with the audience, while clearly responding to their questions by applying her principles to specific situations. This was our first event and Chris helped make it a success.”

Autism Okanagan: “Christine Patton delivered a dynamic and engaging talk at our annual Goddess on the Go event which celebrates mothers living with autism. Christine brought a wealth of research-based knowledge related to the daily stressors facing mothers who are raising a child (or children) on the autism spectrum. She was immediately relatable and conveyed a genuine passion for supporting our attendees in finding their way towards personal wellness. Christine weaved humour, empathy, and knowledge into a speech that validated our mothers’ experiences and gave them practical suggestions for accessing the inner resources we all possess.”

Rob: “I am writing this letter to thank you for a great experience over the past 5 weeks as you took my team through your program, Project Performance.

As a business owner, I am acutely aware of the connection between employee wellness and the bottom line. I feel it is very important to help our team grow skills that assist with inner balance, resilience, and positivity. This creates an environment that in turn supports productivity and reduces health issues and absenteeism.

You gave my staff the tools to achieve a calm and balanced state while on the go, and you helped them understand why these techniques work. The content of the course was fabulous as was the way you lead everyone through the various modalities.

I have received positive feedback from them and, more than that, I have noticed a lighter and happier feel to the office since we started with you. Mission accomplished!

A bonus was that it opened a dialogue with our team around life’s stresses, and how people currently deal with them and encouraged more of a team feel.

I highly recommend this to any business team looking to gain a positive experience, enhance resilience and contribute to a healthy result at the end of the day.

I would be pleased to discuss the positive experience we have had with any person or team looking to partner with you.”

What does the future look like for Power Within?

I am confident that all services I provide under the auspices of Power Within will emerge as front-runners in the game of life beyond 2022.

There is a mass crisis in the world today as most people suffer from an overactive nervous system, which is fed by the constant attention to negative news, disasters, and violence. As if our own lives weren’t stressful enough with daily challenges!

Calming the nervous system and creating balance in the body (heart-brain) is unquestionably the answer to the anxiety and depression states that are being stimulated. When we can hear ourselves think, recognize our body’s messages, and have the energy to follow our own wisdom (in the moment and in the long run), we will create healthier physiology, a heart-centered environment, and a world where peace has a chance.

Power Within is designed to teach, support, and promote a love revolution – one person at a time!

You can find me on my website to learn about all the services I offer. Please also consider following me on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and YouTube for upcoming events, inspirational content, and more!



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