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10 Brilliant Ways to Leverage Your Network for Business Opportunities

Expert Panelists are handpicked and invited to contribute because of their knowledge and valuable insight within the areas of Business, Mindset, Leadership, Innovation, Technology and Lifestyle. In Brainz Expert Panel, 10 members of The Brainz Magazine community of experts will share their best tips, advice, ideas, hacks within different topics.


1. Utilize and Expand your Network Online

I'm a big fan of utilizing and expanding your network online. Utilizing LinkedIn as a networking tool is an effective way to create and build authority online. While live public speaking has either come to a halt or slowed down, Podcasts listenership has become even more popular. Network on LinkedIn to connect with Podcasters, guest and be marketed and promoted directly to your target audience. Leverage the opportunity to guest on podcasts to expand your market reach. – Alaina Schwartz, Business & Mindset Coach

2. Ensure Making Connections to Right People

Networking is about making connections, but when making connections, are you ensuring they will be the right people to bring about opportunities? Are you walking away from a gold mine in pursuit of the perfect client or someone you are able to get immediate results with?

Planting seeds, cultivating your plants and giving them the nourishment to grow allows us to reap the rewards and beautiful bounty later. Learn how to create connections that bring about opportunities in the future and build a fabulous network of resources at the same time. Not all network connections should be or will be clients or customers, but the best connections will feed amazing opportunities to you! – Jennifer Bilger, CBC, Certified Behavioral Consultant and Coach

3. Have a 'Servant Attitude'

If you are trying to enhance and improve your network, also for business reasons, I can say that what can make a difference is to have what I call a 'servant attitude.' It means following a series of simple rules:

1. Be humble. Showing humility demonstrates your availability to listen to and learn from others, in any kind of interaction.

2. Be kind. Being polite with people takes you to a higher level and gives a good perception of you.

3. Be a good listener. This boosts your empathy towards people’s feelings and necessities and contributes to building a valuable relationship with others.

4. Give without pretending something in return. Yes, this may sound a bit “unnatural” for someone, but it’s what can contribute to reinforcing others' perception of you. So, no hurried sales pitches but real availability to support.

5. Be authentic. People want to interact with humans and feel genuineness in others. This helps you gain more trust and consideration. – Rodolfo Parlati, Professional Life & Executive Coach

4. Tell and Ask

The most simple ways to leverage your network are also the most effective - TELL and ASK!

Tell your network what you do and who you help. Many times people know you, yet are not quite sure about what you do and what you offer.

Once you have told them about your business then you can ask. Ask them, "who do you know who needs — what you offer." Those referrals and introductions can lead to some of your best clients. In addition to referrals, ask your network for feedback, recommendations and for information — all which could lead to new ideas, offerings and even collaborations and partnerships to grow and enrich your business. – Nicole Colwell, Business Strategist

5. Cross Collaborations

Learn how to gain business opportunities through collaborations (virtual and in-person). Over the past six years I have grown on multiple platforms and worked with entrepreneurs in thirteen plus countries through network collaborations. Using outlets like podcasts, lives, events, masterclasses, webinars, including various social platforms. Cross collaborations leads to growth in potential clients, possible partnership or sponsorship deals and continuous rapport built with your current audience. – Kamille Cawley, The Abundant Entrepreneur

6. Step Completely out of your Comfort Zone

One of the most brilliant ways to leverage your business is to allow yourself to step completely out of your comfort zone. This means expanding your horizons to connect with others in a way that definitely takes bravery and faith. Then trust your instincts and allow time to muddle through some unclear waters, until connections transform into amazing business opportunities. Do not get hung up on a promise that does not come to fruition. Instead, use

7. Nurture your Network

Stay connected. It is important to nurture your network even when you don't need anything. Be ready to give and receive value. – Omu Obilor, Transformational Coach

8. Mindset and Genuine Relationships

Collaboration over competition. This mindset will get you everywhere when it comes to growing your coaching business. Even if you think you have a tiny network? Every person in your network knows someone else. Use those connections and create genuine relationships. – Kori Tomelden, Divine Feminine Life Strategist

9. Become a Published Author

Leverage your business and brand by becoming a published author. As a published author, you gain authority, visibility, and credibility with your audience. You can contribute to an anthology, blog, magazine, or write a complete manuscript. Authors up-level their visibility with speaking events, podcasts, and other media outlets. – Lisa McGrath, Achievement Coach

10. Be Interesting — Be Interested

By creating an impact in their life, they will one day add value to yours. It can be as simple as following, liking and commenting on social media to nominating people in your network for local business awards, like “fastest growing business” or “top CEO”. Become so good that they can't ignore you. – Marta Sejnohova, Performance Coach



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