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10 Ways to Get in The Zone if you Feel out of Focus

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1. Movement is Key

I would say the thing I would look for is to reset my mind and my body, meaning that how I reset my mind is by asking new questions to get my focus better, because questions are often the answer. It activates that part of your brain called the reticular activating system, or RAS for short, that directs your focus to where your spotlight is, so I’ll ask myself things like "what I can be grateful for right now?", "what’s the most important thing in this moment?", "how can I use this?", "why must I use this?" I ask new questions and get new answers to get in the zone and refocus. I also reset my body, meaning that I find sometimes that a stagnant body leads to stagnant thinking. One of the best things you could do to get in the zone is just going for a walk. Meaning, instead of sitting around in tables during your meeting or just looking at your screens all the time, just go get fresh air. Movement is key, cause as your body moves, your brain grooves. It has been shown that once somebody does something rhythmic, like elliptical, or they go for a brisk walk while listening to an audiobook or a podcast, they will be more focused and retain that information better. When you move, you create Brain-Derived Neurotrophic Factors or "BDNF" which is like a fertilizer for new connections, so I’m always looking to change either in my psychology or in my physiology to get in the zone. Jim Kwik, Brain Coach, Memory Expert and author of the book Limitless - Upgrade Your Brand, Learn Anything Faster and Unlock Your Exceptional Life

2. Simply Stepping Outside

Getting out of focus in your business is not an unusual state for entrepreneurs, despite the expected appearances — I believe it is a natural state as we process the information internally, way beyond where our conscious mind functions. Therefore, my go-to strategy for getting back into focus is simply stepping outside: taking a day off, allowing myself to completely let go of trying to think about my business, checking out Facebook, or feeling guilty for taking some time off. I go shopping, walking, take naps, eat a lot of greens and watch some feel-good movies with my family. Most of the time, this allows whatever subconscious processes are needed to complete faster, as there is no conscious resistance — and starting the work the next day with dumping the ideas on to my journal and deciding what needs to be addressed first, gets me into immediate action which, in my experience, always follows by feeling the flow again. Juliette Stapleton, Visibility That Sells Strategist.

3. Maintain Boundaries

When I am feeling out of focus a few things help me get back into the "Zone." The number one priority is "self-care." I cannot tell you how important this one simple rule is for me. My mind, body and spirit lets me know when it is time to take a break and I listen.

I find that taking care of myself first before giving my time to others allows me to be more successful because I have made the adjustments to manage my time.

Another important one is maintaining boundaries. Can I say that again? B-O-U-N-D-A-R-I-E-S. This is undoubtably a must in my life. You must set the standard. Have you ever heard the saying "people will do what you allow them to do?" Well there you have it.

Also, have some form of spiritual grounding in your life, whether it is the universe, God or wherever you get your strength from to help you on those tough days. Believe me, there will be many and it works. Finally, you need a great support system. Your “fans” will help you, especially on those days when you question yourself about what and why you are doing what you are doing. I cannot tell you how many times, my support system has gotten me through some dark and stressful times. Thank God for them!

4. Mood and Influence

To jump into the Zone you have to remember these two words: Mood and influence, inside out game. Stay present and appreciate general things from the air you're breathing to the sun that’s rising unconditional. Your Zone is unconditional ability of satisfaction. Sara Abaza, Mindset and Wellness Mentor.

5. Connecting Back To Your Why

The best way to get in the zone when you feel out of focus is to connect back to your why, and your future vision. Why you are doing this business, why you feel called, what your vision is for the future, and the impact you want to have. I find journaling a great way to connect back to my soul, embody the energy of who I am becoming and spark the energy of excitement for what I'm creating. From this place, from this energy, there is clarity, there is focus, there is intuition that guides you in your zone of genius.

6. Back to Basics

If you are trying to get back in the zone when you are feeling out of focus, one of the best things you can do is to get back to basics. Stop for a moment, check-in with yourself, and ask yourself the following questions: Am I holding my breath, is there enough fresh air, do I need to move, do I need a break, when is the last time I ate/drink something and what am I resisting right now?

It is very tempting to dismiss these suggestions because they are so “basic” but implementing the basics - fresh air, nutrition, plenty of fluids and movement - is vital if you want to get back into the zone when you are out of focus or feeling disconnected. Find a way to connect to the flow by singing, dancing, meditating, watching a funny video or doing some crafting first, whatever you need for an instant pick me up. Your focus will come back but work on your alignment first.

7. Environment

For me it's about getting into an environment which is associated with focus. I have a gorgeous comfy blue chair in my bedroom, Whenever I need to regain focus, I go sit in it. So my encouragement to you is to go find a physical place in your home, go find your comfy blue chair, a shift in environment is the key to regaining focus. Mark Sephton, Personal Mentor To Entrepreneurs

8. Change in Physiology

A change in physiology is one of the most powerful ways I have found to reset my focus. One of my favourites is closing down the laptop and going to have either a really hot or really cold shower to reset my body, mind and focus.

9. Get a Rebounder

The reason you need to get back into the zone is because something got you out of it. Regardless of the reason, your body is sending signals to your brain that it is time to feel negative. So the easiest way to get back to your happy (or higher) self is to get physical! A rebounder, or a mini trampoline, can elevate your mood, flush out toxins through movement and stimulate core muscle groups. All excellent ways to get you literally, out of your funk! Arna van Goch, Business Automations Coach

10. One Project at a Time

Your attention spam increases when you focus on ONE thing only, so prioritize and tackle one project at a time. Now, how to bring yourself back to that zone at your best capacity? 3 things: exercise daily, reduce sugar intake and practice Yoga Nidra guided meditations. This is my secret sauce, and trust me, I drink my own Kool-Aid daily. Andrea Cristancho, Product Creation Strategist



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