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Ches, The World's Queer-E-O Expert on Innovational Intelligence & Digital Activist Socialpreneurship

Ches is Queer-E-O of Chesline Inc., a global transformation coaching and social impact consulting digital company on innovation, economic empowerment, and rebellious leadership. As a transformation coach, they empower folx born into several cultural regimes, those born into the Third Culture, to reclaim their biological ancestry by (re-)learning their lost native language(s). In so doing, they are maximally autonomized to become culturally and linguistically affirmed, whole, self-aware, grounded, and self-determined. They come to self-establish on purpose with purpose their place of belonging in the matrix of culture, identity, race, and language, in power, in grace, and maximized autonomy.

As social impact expert consultants, they work with global thought leaders and empower them to innovate, transform, and impact global communities through positive disruption as the ultimate accelerating and defining force of social transformation. Innovational intelligence itself is thus wholly deconstructed and re-potentialized through anti-oppression, positive disruption, and healing. World leaders are taught how to be innovationally evolved, creationally expanded, socially transformative, and glocally industry-making so that they may self-drivenly come to think like an activist, act like a strategist, and impact like a luminary.

They work with world leaders, international development organizations, purpose-driven passionpreneurs, transnational activists, and all-around disruptors so that our communal realities and converging worlds may find new grounding and expansion in our concerted deployment of innovation as social transformation.

They’ve been featured on international platforms in 5+ languages on OMNI TV, La Presse, Women in Language, 3MT Competition, This Is It TV Network, Polyglot Conference Global, The Hambone Show, Talk To Me, and Brainz Magazine, to name but a few.

Chesline Pierre-Paul, The World’s First Queer-E-O Expert on Anti-Oppression

As Innovational Intelligence & Activist Digital Socialpreneurship

Their portfolio of organizational clients, institutional partnerships, and private clientele encompasses the University of Ottawa, McGill University, Concordia University, 4th Space, FutureBound, WELI, Nuestro Flow, CEED, SHIFT center for social transformation, and the Decolonial Perspectives & Practices Hub, amongst others. They are regularly (co-)moderator of spaces such as: “Balance B.E.E.M.S”, “Daring To Be. Whole”, “Polyglot Club”, and “Language, Poetry, & Identity” on Clubhouse. Their high-impact 3-minute micro-podcast’s first season just aired - it is informationally incisive, terse, potent, on-the-button, and teeming with disruptively affirming and enlightening ways to mobilize ourselves in purposed disruption through a microverse that deploys innovation for social change.

Their world-class education portal brings forth a comprehensive host of e-courses, multi-tiered VIP memberships, and high-impact transnational event series that take their coaching and consulting to new depths of expansion and innovational brilliance.

Through all their enterprises, they proffer entry points into their world where positive disruption and impact, beget grace, healing, and communal transformation on the scale of the globe. Their core motivating principle is that whoever we be, wherever it is we hail from, we can all be communally expanded by the conscientious leveraging of our voices, gifts, agency, and privileges in the scaling of social transformation beyond and across industries and global communities.

Why here? Why now?

As Liz Gilbert professed, when the cost of refraining from freefalling into the abyss that the edge presents and proposes is bigger than not committing to the void, that is when committing to living fully to die empty - as Les Brown says - is the one inevitability that supplants all constitutive parts of our truth, power, and reality. It came to a point where everywhere I went, what spoke louder to my spirit was everything that was remiss and amiss; I had yet to see a re-configuring of entrepreneurship that grounded anti-oppression as a force of industrial advancement, innovational intelligence, and digital media activism.

Thus, the more the absence of what was most necessary to me and yet non-extant for all weighed on my spirit, the more I fell into the awareness that to fully taste freedom with intentful deliberation and affirming purpose-drivenness, I had to become the answer to the void that all-encompassingly attached itself to my gaze and perception. The pandemic was a moment of grace and upheaval that afforded me the possibility of seeking affirmation outside of the stringent traditionalism of a 9-to-5 pace of being and living. As I got freed from my gainful corporate employment through a pandemic-instated termination, I was compelled to sit with the choice of defining how the next part of my purpose would be expressed, stabilized, and acquitted thenceforth.

At that moment, I understood that I wanted to live uninterruptedly and unconstrainedly. Thus, I had to find my own capacity for maximized affirmation within a purpose encompassing more than my voice and spirit. The question became; how do I transmute my gifts, voice, privileges, and agency into an unconstrainedly mobilizing force of servanthood that is tangibly and deathlessly socially transformative? How do I bring elevation and might to voices unheard, paradigms to-be-unearthed, bodies denied, and powers unclaimed? Then, as one thing led to another, I found the perfected conjoining of grace, healing, and transcendence in how I came to establish my business within a duality of transformation coaching and social impact consulting. In that dichotomy, I found my rhythm of grace and expansion of self and purpose, wherethrough I bring my brand of disruptive harmony into worlds still unconversant in the language of innovation as social transformation and r/evolution. In so doing, I evolve entrepreneurship as an irretrievably purposed act of intentful servanthood that constitutes a new paradigm that I coin as follows: the paradigm of activistic socialpreneurship. Innovation for the sake of innovation is the hubris of a mind that isn’t purposed to exert itself fully through a design more transcending than its own self-ingratiation. Innovation for a purpose, on the other hand, produces paradigm shifts that implement disruption designedly so that the human experience as a whole be heightened by creatures of the daring that are norm-defiant, purpose-affirmed, and change-making in essence, intent, and purpose.

What can you tell us about your ventures?

As I’ve put forth heretofore, I am a staunch believer that everything my gaze can encase as disaffirmingly missing or enhanceable is an opportunity for my spirit and constitution of self to be the change that the space I am in requires to be instated into furthered completion. Thus, I am a big advocate of community-building. As such, I (co-)host several rooms on Clubhouse (see above), I host free digital multi-event series, house a free education portal, hold numerous speaking engagements and podcast interviews across converging and diverging industries, founded an annual digital International Summit (set to occur from July 25 to August 5, 2021). What’s more, I am soon to publish my first book called: “Decolonize your language to sanitize your mind.” Ultimately, my anchoring purpose resides in elevating humans through anti-coloniality, resistance, and purposed disruption as a means to bring next-level enrichment, industrial development, transdisciplinary intelligence, evolved thought leadership, and economic freedom to all - wherever they fall on the spectrum of innovation, race, language, gender, identity, and positionality.

What is one truth, one lesson, you can impart us that summarizes what you stand for and who you are through your company and your life’s purpose?

Conformity is such an inorganic construct and untruth about the defining reality of who we are and of who we are called to become in our individualities and as a species. Conformity is the ONE thing we have to sustain reiteratively through a system as a construct for it to stay normative yet definitely untrue. Thus, the impulse towards daring, disruption, and unsettling is the one way to transcend a reality that, as Janet Mock says, is intent on our communal and individual destruction. We weren’t taught how to be or how to be whole. We weren’t institutionally groomed for wholeness as THE or as A way of life, and choosing restoration, affirmation of the self, grace, might, and stillness in a world so skewed, so designedly imbalanced, and so inhumanely disruptive and deceptive is an act of wholeness-instating magnificence that is remarkably daring in its outrageousness and stark necessity. Being whole is being daring. Being is being daring. Understand that we are too rich and impregnated with too much might and purpose for us to be so small as to be reductively norm-compliant and silent is contemporaneously truth, grace, and power. My one truth is that, when you are committed more to living than passing, when you ensure that any space you inhabit is all the fuller for it because you showed up full, present, (self-)determined, wholly self-expressed, and unconstrainedly self-affirmed, you being, whilst being you, is the greatest and most incorruptible act of generation-making r/evolution. Thus, dare to be. So that you be whole, and do that on purpose with purpose where you can be seen by others who are one uncertainty away from full revolution and affirmation of the self.

Why do clients love working with you?

Everything I do is holistic. I tailor-make each program; I construct versatile, need-centered programs and groom my coachees to be maximally autonomized so that my services become purposively obsolete within a very tightly consolidated timeframe. My aim is for them to be empowered so holistically, so radically, and so definingly, our rapport has to evolve from coachee to ally. As the one-and-only leading anti-colonial multilingual digital activist-socialpreneur and global thought leader on anti-oppression as transdisciplinary intelligence and cross-industry innovation, I leverage language, embodiment practices, healing, and positive disruption very intentfully to take my clients from stuck to undeniably affirmed and self-accomplished. I found what makes me powerful and undeniably luminescent and incandescent. I am here to empower a posse of souls, of mavericks, of creatures of the daring to do as much if not more for themselves and for the worlds they inhabit, impact, transform, and transcend. Every day. Deathlessly. And purposively.

Remember, transformation is only the beginning.

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