Exclusive Interview With Stephanie Martin - The Path Is Yours Coaching

Stephanie is a driven, empowering, powerhouse. She's a Purpose and Business Coach, owning The Path Is Yours Coaching. She's a Certified Life Coach and Neuro-Linguistics Programming Master Practitioner. Her passion for helping women find and follow their dreams in life is unmatched. Stephanie is a mother of four beautiful children and wife to an active-duty soldier. Running and growing her business where ever the Military lifestyle might take her family.

– I’m Stephanie Martin, a mother of four, a Military wife, homeschooler family from time to time, and a lover of all things Turtle. After spending most of my life being a stay at home mom. Who dabbled in real estate, life insurance, and sales. I started exploring what my purpose in life was. I know that I was meant to help people change their lives and build their dreams. I had always had a love for asking powerful questions and exploring what made people tick. It just took me a little longer to figure out what my own purpose was in life. After a lot of thought and research, The Path Is Yours Coaching was born.

How can you help your clients?

– When my clients come to me, they are typically lost, overwhelmed, and struggling to figure out their purpose. As well as how to build the businesses they have been dreaming of. I help them sort through their own ego, fears, self-doubt, and teach them how to build massive online businesses through Digital courses, mindset work, group, and one on one coaching. My clients have major breakthroughs and push themselves out of their comfort zones, to new levels that they could only dream of reaching in their personal lives and businesses.

Reading on your website shows that you, at one point, you weren't so satisfied with the life you lived. Tell us a little bit about that time.

– When I first started this journey of self-discovery at 30 years old. I knew that I would have to break down some serious walls and deal with things in my past. It wasn’t easy to speak up to those around me to admit out loud. That my dream career wasn’t working for some big business making money for someone else, nor was it only being a stay at home mom taking care of kids all day. As much as I love being a mom and wife, I wanted more. I wanted to be there to support, love, and encourage others to build their dream businesses. To find their own path in life. That was above and beyond what society believed they should or could be.

You are a mother to four, and are running your own business. How do you get the time to make it all work?

– Being a mom of four and a wife of a Military service member has taught me a lot about running a business. It has taught me that if you truly want something, then you can have it. I teach my children to be resilient as our lifestyle is never-ending change. We move every few years and with that comes total chaos. Picking up our lives and moving to a whole new place we have never been before is scary, exciting, and totally exhausting all at the same time. I have learned that I don’t need to be in control of everything at once. To embrace “the suck” and keep moving forward always, even if that means that my life doesn’t look like everyone else.

– That we have to push our selves daily to be the best person that we can be. I have the same 24 hours in a day that everyone else has. It is about how much time you spent, not how much more time you can find in a day. I use my time as wisely as possible. Building my business in “Mom Time” means prioritizing what must get done and setting aside time to get it done. It is waking up earlier to do coaching calls and staying up late to get the work done. It teaches my teenagers and toddlers that moms can be more than the world tells us that we can be. My kids know that when mom is in the business mode, it means that they have to be in learning mode too. We have a structured time in our house where my kids all know that they must be learning and growing when mom is working. They use the time to work on their own weak subjects because we all have subjects that aren’t our strongest. Structure and positive flow is the key to happiness for me while running my business and household in an ever-changing world.

You only coach women, is there a reason why?

– My business is mostly for women, and as much as I love working with anyone, I feel like my purpose is to help other women overcome the obstacles that we face. It takes a mom to understand a mom. My clients come to me because they know that I get it. They know that even when they feel like the impossible could be possible. No one will get you, push you, and support you like another mom. That “ if she can make it to where she is in life and business, then anyone can.” My business is built on the belief that women are all unstoppable forces of nature. That we can do everything and anything that we decide we want to do in life. Working with women who want to change the world by finding their purpose and building massive businesses is the best job in the world, and I wouldn’t want it any other way.

– When my clients or potential clients come to me. Whether on social media, in person at the commissary, or while out and about with my kids. The first thing they all tend to ask is. Is it actually possible for moms to build a business online? Can we actually have it all the way men can? The truth is that we can not have what men have; we as women can have so much more.

If I'm feeling lost, what would be your 3 top tips as an expert, to get me on the right path? 

– I tell them the top 3 tips for building a business in Mom Time. Are first, to stop the "I can't"-mindset. You won't be able to build anything if you keep thinking that you can't do it. To change your mind is to change the world. Second, to prioritize what truly matters to you. Is sitting there on social media watching videos or scrolling for hours really important? Are you making money doing what you are doing every day? Third, Education never stops. The best way to get unstuck and change your life is to learn a new skill or master an old skill. If you are learning, then you are always growing, and growth is key to finding your life path.

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