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Your Treasure Map To Joy – Exclusive Interview With Stacie Shifflett

Stacie Shifflett is an entrepreneur, writer, and proficient student of life with the gifts of insight, grit, and optimism. With a tapestry of life experiences that span continents, careers, and countless roles, she’s come to understand that our greatest challenges often lead to our most significant growth. 

At first glance, Stacie looks like any other 60+ accomplished woman. But behind her glasses and soft smile is a powerhouse who acquired a $50 Million software company without investing a penny. She also singlehandedly implemented the first desktop computers to a massive government agency after only a year in a field completely new to her, became a subject matter expert and sought-after consultant with no formal training, owned a construction company in Washington, D.C., and even moved from the city to rural America to raise a family and a herd of award-winning llamas for over a decade.

Stacie is the Queen of Reinvention and this knack for reinvention saw her embarking on a deep personal and spiritual journey as well after the demise of her 28-year marriage. Regular meditation became a part of her life, leading to an inner calling that birthed her current company, Modern Consciousness®.

Today, Stacie Shifflett, as the Founder and CEO of Modern Consciousness®, a company created in response to a profound inner calling, guides individuals on their journey of self-discovery by helping them unlock their own unique Treasure Map to Joy™ through her Elevate Your Life® program. 

Stacie believes that inner peace is our biggest personal asset. She thrives guiding others to find theirs.

Photo of Stacie Shifflett

Stacie Shifflett, Entrepreneur, Writer And Proficient Student Of Life

Can you share a pivotal moment in your life that directed you towards founding Modern Consciousness®?

In 2012, I encountered a defining moment that irrevocably altered the trajectory of my life: the implosion of my 28-year marriage. This upheaval thrust me into a state of internal chaos. I felt like Humpty Dumpty with all the shattered pieces of me strewn about. How would I ever collect them all and reassemble them back into a happy fulfilled human?

In those initial months, standing amidst the debris of my former life, I discovered anger was my companion. Indeed, anger can be a potent motivator for change, igniting action where there was once inertia. Yet, dwelling in its clutches was a battle of its own. The fury and resentment, the sharp sting of not seeing what my future might hold, started to cloud my vision. My days began to blur, each indistinguishable from the next, with no clear direction in sight. The life I thought I would be experiencing at this age had vanished in a mere instant, leaving me adrift, without an anchor.

It was then I understood: that in order to move forward, I needed more than just the fire of anger. I needed to harness it and transform it into a force for my own reinvention. This was not just about bouncing back; it was about leaping forward into a future I had yet to imagine. I had charted new and exciting paths in my future before. Certainly, I could do it again. And so began my journey towards creating Modern Consciousness®, a beacon for those navigating the tumultuous seas of change, seeking not just to survive, but to thrive.

What challenges did you face in your journey, and how have they shaped your approach to guiding others?

The challenges we all face! 

When I embarked on my deep, transformational journey, it was not only to navigate and remedy my life challenges but also to delve into the broader human condition. I was driven by a profound desire to understand what fundamentally defines us as humans, seeking insights far beyond my individual experiences. This quest led me to study with a diverse array of thought leaders in personal and spiritual development, each offering unique perspectives on our shared human experiences.

As I delved deeper, I discovered how principles of quantum physics shed light on the intricate ways our thoughts and emotions can shape our realities. This understanding is pivotal, revealing that we are active participants in shaping our lives, not merely bystanders. Additionally, the study of epigenetics has been eye-opening, teaching me that our environment can significantly influence our genetic expression. These concepts, rarely covered in traditional education, offer a transformative view of personal empowerment and the potential for profound change.

Exploring the spiritual dimensions of my journey, I've embraced various practices that affirm our ability to connect deeply with the divine and harness inner healing powers. Conversing with a higher power, understanding energetic healing, and engaging with techniques like ThetaHealing™ and Emotional Freedom Tapping have opened new pathways for personal transformation. These modalities, which tap into the profound layers of our being, offer not just healing but also a richer understanding of how our beliefs shape our everyday experiences. This exploration has been crucial in my holistic approach to growth and wellness.

I have engaged deeply with transformative practices that have transformed my ‘default’ mode of existence. These explorations were not just about self-discovery but about fundamentally reshaping my beliefs, broadening my perspectives, and cultivating a conscious, intentional way of living. Through these practices, I not only freed myself from many unconsciously inherited beliefs but also forged a path deliberately shaped by my deepest values, wisdom, and insights. This journey has been essential in equipping me to guide others towards their profound transformations.

Can you tell us about the Elevate Your Life® program and what inspired you to create it?

Absolutely! The creation of my Elevate Your Life® program was born from a realization that in the world of personal development, people often find themselves hopping from one seminar to another, always searching for that 'magic bullet'—a solution that promises to change everything overnight. While these experiences are enlightening and teach us much about ‘what’ needs to be done, they seldom provide the ‘how’ or the ongoing support needed to truly integrate these lessons into our lives in a meaningful and sustainable way.

Inspired by my journey through various philosophies and modalities in personal and spiritual development, I recognized my strength in analyzing and synthesizing diverse ideas into coherent, actionable insights. This skill, combined with a deep desire to offer more than just transient inspiration, led me to create a program that not only educates but also supports individuals in practically applying these teachings. The Elevate Your Life® program is designed to move participants from passive learning to active doing, ensuring that the steps they take are not just informed but are also aligned with their deepest values and unique life paths.

This approach ensures that the journey to personal fulfillment and peace of mind isn’t left to chance or fleeting motivation but is built on a foundation of deliberate action and personal empowerment.

How does the Elevate Your Life® program differ from other personal development programs?

The Elevate Your Life® program distinguishes itself in the crowded field of personal development by focusing not just on imparting knowledge but on deeply integrating transformative practices into daily life. Unlike other programs that offer generic solutions, Elevate Your Life® is thoroughly tailored to individual needs, providing personalized guidance that respects each participant's unique life circumstances. 

The program is rooted in my Modern Consciousness® Ascension Formula, ensuring changes are sustainable and lead to profound, lasting transformation. This method emphasizes the compounding effect of incremental changes, where small adjustments can lead to significant life shifts. The program is structured to serve as the foundation for discovering your own Treasure Map to Joy™. 

While it offers a consistent framework for all participants, the results are deeply personal, reflecting each individual's unique path. This structure supports participants in crafting a life aligned not just with their goals but with their deeper values and aspirations. We focus on how you want to ‘feel’ in all the rich dimensions of life and we align your actions with your desired outcomes, which empowers my clients to not only achieve but redefine their concepts of success. 

Person holding a brown map.

Could you explain the concept of Modern Consciousness® and how it informs the work you do?

Modern Consciousness® revolutionizes personal development by merging scientific insights with spiritual wisdom. It's designed to move individuals from passive understanding to active, meaningful life changes. This approach draws on disciplines such as neuroscience and positive psychology to help people understand the underlying mechanisms of their behaviors and beliefs, then pairs this understanding with spiritual practices and techniques that enhance well-being and personal fulfillment. The goal is to create a balanced, enlightened approach to living that's both insightful and applicable to everyday life.

What does a day in your life look like, and how do you incorporate your own teachings into your daily routine?

A day in my life centers around living in flow, balancing my natural rhythms with discipline. This self-acceptance and releasing the need to compare or conform to others is incredibly freeing. My keen awareness offers me the opportunity for unlimited growth. I stay fully present in whatever I’m doing, even if that’s a trip to the grocery store, to bring joy to most everything I do! I’ve released worry which is beyond liberating. I no longer make assumptions or create stories around situations, knowing that what I imagine it to be is simply my hallucination. Additionally, I honor my emotions and work through them rather than ignoring them. This honest emotional engagement prevents the buildup of unaddressed feelings and contributes to my overall well-being. 

By embodying the principles of Modern Consciousness®, I navigate life's challenges with greater ease and clarity, ensuring that my actions align closely with my core values, my desires, my goals, and my passions.

What are your top tips for someone just starting on their path to joy and modern consciousness?

If I were to offer one piece of advice, it would be to become aware of and address your emotional triggers. Far from being mere obstacles, our emotional triggers are vibrant clues that help us navigate the intricate map to deeper joy and self-understanding. By embracing these aspects of our experience, we uncover precious insights that lead us to greater emotional well-being and create a foundation for more joyful living. 

Consider this simple yet profound question: what is the one constant in your life? The answer to that is YOU! Through all the changes and chaos of life, the one thing that remains consistent is us. Why? Because we take ourselves everywhere we go. Our thoughts. Our emotions. Our beliefs and the experiences that shaped our lives. Our knowledge and our opinions. Our personality, preferences, inclinations, habits, moods, reactions...well, you get the idea.

Given that we are with ourselves 24/7, through every life event and change, wouldn't you want to spend that time with someone rooted in joy and peace? Bringing awareness to your personal triggers is a great place to begin cultivating an inner environment where you are your own best friend, companion, and confidant.

Looking ahead, what new developments or initiatives can we expect to see from Modern Consciousness®?

Looking ahead, I'm thrilled about the future of Modern Consciousness®. I am collaborating as a co-author in the upcoming Jack Canfield book, 'Mindset Matters.' Additionally, I am working on a solo book that will guide readers on how to reveal their own Treasure Map to Joy™, delving deeper into the principles of Modern Consciousness®. I’m also planning to expand our service offerings and develop a platform to support other coaches and content creators. This platform will enhance our offerings, foster business growth and visibility among my peers, and significantly expand my ability to positively impact more lives.

What is the first step for someone interested in enrolling in the Elevate Your Life® program, exploring Modern Consciousness®, or reaching out for podcasts, speaking engagements, or other collaborations?

Just reach out! You can visit my website at, follow me on social media at Modern Consciousness, or email me directly at Empower@Aware.Life. I'm always happy to connect and explore!

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