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Exclusive Interview With Gina Zeolla – Fulfilment & Enlightenment Coach

Gina Zeolla is the go-to expert in Fulfillment and Enlightenment Coaching For Executives & Employees. Gina quit her 9 to 5 after feeling unfulfilled in her corporate role, because of hierarchy, bureaucracy and her own self limiting beliefs stunting her growth. She has now gone on to dedicate her life to helping people find and experience financial and spiritual enlightenment through the power of music, humor, empowerment and teaching through the heart. She has gone on to create strategies to dramatically change how people feel about themselves both internally and externally, releasing their inner child while morphing their flaws and imperfections into their unique abilities and superpowers. Gina teaches people how to thrive financially and spiritually in an uncertain and unapologetic world by bringing their whole authentic self to the table and owning who and what they are with no apologies. Gina is currently writing her book, Fulfillment In An Unapologetic World, and due to release her course Evolution 2.0 in early 2022.

So Gina, we have heard that you are doing a very unique 14 day challenge starting on the 31st January 2022, tell us more about it?

This is a completely new style of challenge, instead of just asking people to commit and engage, we have created a game that has been specifically designed for the contestants to not just learn about breaking free but actually doing it, because of what is at stake if they don't!

The Challenge is based on the theme from the famous Netflix series, The Squid Game. Instead of death though, you lose money, but conversely if you fully participate you make money, we designed the games in this way to FULLY hold contestants accountable, so they get real tangible results!

What you put in is what you get out, conversely if you don’t put in the required effort, you don’t get the results, you don’t get the financial rewards, you don’t transform your life and finances and you keep playing at the same level you always have!

To sweeten the deal, we have thrown in over £5000 worth of bonuses just for participating!! 🤯 You can register for the challenge at

This challenge is about IMPLEMENTING dramatic change with consequences in REAL life if you don't! Not quite death, but...we want the games to really change the way you think and perceive the world as yesterday’s actions no longer work in today’s world!

I would like to end with a famous quote from Socrates “You Don’t Know what you don’t know until you know!”

Who is Gina Zeolla?

When I used to answer this question, I would define myself by the 9-5 job.

What I did professionally would instantly come to the fore of who I was a lot. A Retail Manager! That’s what I labeled myself as.

As I progressed further and further in my career, I began to feel more and more unfulfilled as hierarchy, the invisible force working in a corporate blocked me. The true authenticiousness of Gina iZeolla was never acknowledged, neither was I given an opportunity to show my true talents. I had just become a cog in a not so well oiled Corporate machine! This is how I like to refer to Corporate.

It wasn’t until I took the plungeC 3.5 years ago when I met my partner who was already a successful Entrepreneur, that I started to immerse myself in the self development world.

At that time, I didn’t understand that the corporate world was actually suppressing the real Gina Zeolla, the true essence of who I truly am. Before I didn’t even know what the subconscious was!!

I had immersed my life in the 9-5 world and I felt I was an extra in The Walking Dead. I used to come home everyday and complain to my partner how shitty the job made me feel, and he used to just turn around and say to me, “Why keep doing what you are doing, if you don’t enjoy it, life is too short for that shit!” Which used to annoy the hell out of me, as I was in denial.

I mean, I hated the fact he was right. So little by little, my partner's voice crept in and I began to realize the effects that the job was having on me. I drowned the fear and took the plunge. I decided I didn’t want to sell my soul to the corporate anymore.

I gave up the job to become an Enlightenment and Fulfillment coach. If I can do it, Gina Zeolla, with her limiting self belief, lack of understanding about the subconscious, feeling self pity, hating her reflection in the mirror, then anyone bloody can.

I now educate and then offer those who are hindered by hierarchy an opportunity to become the best version of themselves, and show them a path to fulfillment and ultimately enlightenment. I do this by teaching them how to harness and then use the true essence of themselves, using a mixture of musical therapy and deep subliminal messaging as the catalyst for change.

Figuring all this out, has been the biggest, boldest, defining moment in my life and I feel totally fulfilled and motivated to help others to achieve the same through my unique techniques and practices. This is my calling.

As Jack Kerouac said “ The Only Truth is Music” and this totally personifies Gina Zeolla. Music is the epicenter of who I am. Music is my authenticiousness. If this interview was to be about the key musical heroes in my life, then this would be a very long interview. I guess music has and will always be my comfort blanket, like the character Linus from Snoopy, where he would always have that blue blanket, music has always been my savior. I just didn’t realize how powerful it could become to help others, I can’t have a day without it!

I am extremely thankful that I have been able to experience many gigs of my heroes and they will always be the memories that will be remembered as the epitome of sheer happiness. Like I said, I could go on and on about music.

Plus I love to sing! I would just annoy the shit out of my mother, singing all the time, as she cleaned all day. If I could sing all day, I would, and my business the way I’ve designed it allows me to do just that, while uplifting others. Singing is my number one passion.

I am half Italian, from my father and half Greek, from my mother, but to be honest, my mother was born in Egypt, my grandfather was Maltese and my Grandmother Greek. So I am a concoction of these.

Yet it was the Italian culture which I was drawn towards as I was growing up. I was a pretty big girl growing up because I could not say no to the amazing Italian food and the joys of gathering as a family, eating, drinking and just talking extremely loudly and being in the moment. This is something I hold very dear to who I am, which is being in the moment and savoring it.

Plus I love the Italian National Football Team and I am sorry, well not sorry, Euro Champion 2020! What a match!! I guess the Universe was trying to tell the world, hang on, the Azzurri need to prove just one more time that we can still be the best in Europe! Like my father I can get pretty fiery and very emotional when Italy are playing.

I guess looking back on it now, it is because subconsciously this is what I saw my father do, during every Italian game.

As a result, community is extremely important to me, and this is a topic I am very much interested in and would very much like to research and study more as I feel this is such an important topic during our unconventional times with the pandemic. This is a big goal in my life and I want to look into researching this more and learn more about how we can create better communities for our children in the future.

I grew up in West London, and now live on the Isle of Wight with my partner Nick Jarvis. We have just got a golden retriever puppy, called Milo and I think he is supposed to be a bit of a test before we have children. But he is an extremely adorable puppy and we love him to bits, even when he is biting and chewing all of the furniture too.

I studied Media with Cultural Studies at University, where I got a 2:1 and this was mainly down to my love for music and films. Films, films, films, I totally adore them. My favorite movie probably being Fight Club or any film of the Pink Panther series as I love comedy. I guess Fight Club is a comedy to me and I love the creativity of the cinematography.

For me, Media with Cultural Studies allowed me to explore my ideation of thinking differently and not doing what the status quo thought I should. I would always try to think how I can do something that no one has thought about, being creative and just trying to think against the grain of the status quo.

This is who I am and this is what I love! The very thing the corporate made me suppress. So that is who I have now become once again and I am extremely proud of the woman I have become through my experiences and my family life.

There are things that I wish I had done differently, but I know they have all contributed to shaping the person who I am becoming in a positive way

The reason I say becoming is because I believe we are not human beings, we are constantly evolving whether we realize it or not. Our thoughts alone can completely change our biochemistry and physiology.

When we learn how to harness and then change our thoughts, we can and will change our world and achieve all the dreams we could ever conceive!

What have been the pivotal key things that have led you to this point?

For as long as I can remember, I've always loved helping people, and have been fascinated by the topic of human potential. I would always question why some people thrive and other people struggle?

For 19 years, I was employed and felt like a cog in a not so well oiled corporate machine, with hierarchy and bureaucracy hindering my progress. I went to work everyday, just so I could pay the bills at the end of the month. I didnt even think at that time there was another way…

I believed that my purpose in life was the traditional way of getting good grades, going to university, getting a well paid job, working my way up the corporate ladder and then retiring comfortably, while grinding everyday, to have some form of success, well that’s what I thought success was supposed to look and feel like anyway.

I felt like everything I did in my corporate job was never good enough, but I just soldiered on regardless, as that's what I had always done.

I am not dismissing the corporate world or the 9-5, or a job, but what I don’t agree with is the constant moaning and negative energy employees are allowing themselves to be surrounded by, and then contributing to this themselves, and then taking it home to their family and loved ones! I was immersed into a world where everyone moaned, including myself, and didn't do anything about it.

I sank into the abyss of a very black hole, as I thought to myself this is the only way, and I don’t know how I am going to get out of it. I wanted a rope to help me get out, but I could never find it.

That has now become my calling, and I want to help and serve others, to find their rope and pull them out of their black hole.

For me fulfillment is recognising who you are authentically, having crystal clear clarity on the person who you are becoming and what steps you need to take to get there, without the moaning, without being suppressed by negativity and a hierarchy. It is recognising how you embody the strength to become whoever you want to be without any restrictions posed to you by society, family etc.

It was only when I met my partner, Nick Jarvis, who is an entrepreneur that I started to realize that maybe there was another way.

I started becoming infatuated with how he didn't have a job but was able to live comfortably and happily! This was like an Alice in Wonderland to me!

I started to go down the rabbit hole of self development deeper and deeper, it started to consume me more and more…and gradually I started to think maybe there was another way.

Yet going to the 9-5 everyday, I became subjected to the negativity, the loneliness, the feeling of “ How can this self development truly help me, it is pointless, I am learning, but it isn’t helping me in the world”, though I truly wanted it too.

I was highly skeptical and full of fear and self sabotaging beliefs that I wasn’t good enough and that I had nothing of value to offer to the world.

Smoking was a tool that I used to help me escape the monotony of my 9-5. It made me feel that I could, funnily enough, have time to myself, without being in an environment that I was compelled to be in because I thought it was the only way, but smoking gave me a new world of escapism.

I then reached rock bottom, where I became depressed and confused and didn't know what I wanted to do with my life! I felt like I didn't have any purpose. I blamed my partner for me feeling this way, as he was always positive and optimistic and was always going on about how great it was to be an entrepreneur, which made me feel shitter than shit, feeling like I had no purpose!

I couldn't understand at that stage, that all he was trying to do was help me to get away from those self limiting negative beliefs that I would tell myself internally over and over again. I kept blaming him almost to the point of leaving him.

He then got diagnosed with the coronavirus and ended up in ICU unable to breathe! I felt like my whole world had come crashing down around me! It was at this pivotal moment in my career and life where I suddenly realized how short life can be and how much I actually truly loved my partner, when he was suddenly taken away from me in such a tragic way!

While he was fighting for his life and I was unable to see him, I booked time off work as I was in no state to go to my 9 to 5! By this time I had done quite a lot of self development work, learning through books and training programs, like Napoleon Hill's Think and Grow Rich, Jay Shetty, Dean Graziosi, Marie Forleo, Brene Brown to name just a few!

Previously my partner and I had been mentored in property investment, and my partners business was centered around serviced accommodation and property rental, so we had become quite intrigued by the idea of generating wealth through investments. This was my partner's long term goal. I then stumbled upon something called blockchain technology. Little did I realize that this along with my partner’s illness would become the start of me leaving the 9-5.

It was during the time that my partner was in ICU that I realized this, and I started to banish away all that negativity and self sabotage. Most of the time it’s only life changing events that cause people to adapt and change and it was at this point I decided to dedicate my life to helping people not make the same mistake!

I forced myself to start singing publicly putting all fear aside and just doing it, because life is too short and this had been my passion since I was a young girl.

Doing this awoke the inner child deep inside my soul and reignited a new soul which I knew had always been lurking in the shadows.

I never allowed her out because of fear and telling myself that I would be judged.

I started to control my thoughts, instead of letting my thoughts control me.

Suddenly I had complete strangers reaching out to me telling me how much of a natural I was on camera. Overnight, this skyrocketed the belief in myself.

There was instant clarity based on everything that I had learnt in the past from the self development tools, and the wisdom of my partner.

It is hard to describe the feeling I felt. Yet all I can say is that I felt like a black cloud had been removed and I was now understanding the potential and strength we have in one another if we apply what we have learnt and understand that knowledge is power. Plus you don’t know what you don’t know until you know. It was a revelation and I was doing things with my life that I never thought imaginable.

The key takeaway from this answer is that you need to listen to yourself more about what you are truly passionate about. Conflict with yourself only leads to more conflict, which in turn leads to stress, anxiety and a fucked up mind. You seclude yourself from the things that authentically define you.

Being in an emotional abusive relationship, where I suffered at the hands of constant word thrashing that I am not good enough, I knew I had strength in me to put aside fear and leave the 9-5 as I felt the same unhappiness as I had in the relationship. It is all about the conversations that you have with yourself and accountability from the right person.

And all of the above have contributed to the pivotal moment, where I realized my calling was to become an Enlightenment and Fulfillment coach.

How would you describe your style/ methodology for coaching and how do you serve those who you coach?

My coaching centers on helping those who feel unfulfilled, to celebrate and love themselves unconditionally inside and out, use their weaknesses as their strengths and give them an opportunity for an alternative passive income to the traditional 9 to 5 and traditional retirement, through blockchain technology.

The fire in this business is allowing you to unapologetically be your true authenticious self. Discovering what it means to be fulfilled in all areas of life, along with using music as a way to engage, relate and have fun.

To describe my style/methodology of coaching, I would like to quote Adam Grant, who wrote the book, The Originals, he stated,

“The personality trait most associated with an interest in the arts is called openness, the tendency to seek out novelty in intellectual, aesthetic and emotional pursuits.”

When I was reading the self development books, I would, at times, get lost because I wanted a way to understand them better or to make them more lively. I particularly wanted to engage with them which was more my level. So it was this that helped me to define my coaching style.

I‘m passionate about a multitude of seemingly unconnected things; rock music, films, my favorite films being Fight Club and The Matrix. I thought that my unusual combination of skills and interests was a liability to starting a business, but in fact it turned out to be the reason to start this business, and actually help people to become fulfilled while allowing me to be my authentic self!

I am a massive music fan, as you know, and Dave Grohl is my hero, Neil Finn from Crowded house is my idol. Music defines the authentic Gina, who can just let go and become myself with no inhibitions, no apologies.

For me the most important element of rock'n'roll is the raw and imperfect sound of human beings purging their innermost voice for all to hear. Music for me growing up became a therapeutic outlet, an electronic ear to fill with my deepest secrets and childhood anxieties. I have taken this massive passion of mine and encompassed it into the way I coach.

For me, music is therapy, always has, and always will be. So I wanted to bring together my passion for music and intertwine it with the self development aspects that I coach. Music is a powerful source which I feel can bring a community together, it has a magical force, like no other that has the power to allow all your inhibitions to just disappear. It pumps you up, it gets you feeling like you are powerful and masterful. It tells a story unlike any other and that is why it is a big part of my methods and using it to convey the themes that I discuss.

Music unites and I want to unite those unfulfilled into a community that is there for them, has accountability, doesn’t judge or be negative. This is a community that revolves around the essence of who you are, giving you positivity and hope.

Yet, the path that the individual chooses, is totally up to them, but we do offer an opportunity for passive income to kickstart and support their transformation, based on our product launching soon called Evolution 2.0.

With inflation rising and pensioners unable to pay their bills, with monthly bills increasing for each household, why is it something that we accept as society? Is it an undesirable default condition that we believe in? Are we as a society rationalizing the status quo as legitimate? Thus I want people who join my coaching to answer these questions for themselves and give them an opportunity to find wealth in themselves and give them an opportunity to find financial freedom, if they want it.

Fast forward to today, and this has become the very essence of my purpose and calling to help those unfulfilled to step out of their comfort zone, embrace their inner child whilst enhancing their flaws, in order to reveal their true authentic self. Giving them a consistent, predictable and 100% passive income stream that they love, whilst helping others to achieve the same.

Authenticity is key to my style and methodology of coaching , because I believe that we are all unique individuals and we need to be honest with ourselves, for us to be able to grow and evolve. The business model teaches everyone how to do this and I truly believe that we need to conquer this in order to feel fulfilled and understand how to generate wealth in ourselves.

But it is also about having fun and being the inner child. As the quote states, “Growing up is a choice”.

I am a coach which teaches all about liberation. I am a coach that brings my clients to the fore and celebrates being YOU.

I am a coach who revolutionises the way that we think about coaching and I teach my students that it is ok to go against the grain, and immerse yourself in who you truly want to be without having to think about will my family approve, will my spouse approve? Yes you love your family, but do you truly love yourself, with no apologies.

I am madly passionate about this subject, because I was always the one apologizing to myself for doing something that went against the grain.

I didn’t even tell my family that I had booked a holiday to America, because I knew I would have the guilt trip of why are you going to America, it is too dangerous and especially all alone? Someone could murder you? I didn’t tell them because it was the first time in my life that I did something without judgement and it was the best holiday I ever had, and no I didn’t get murdered.

I guess what I am trying to say is that I know my coaching methods are successful and I know they make profound changes in people’s lives. For one I am a living breathing testimonial, and I have no fear, no self pity, and no regrets. I am just wildly passionate about going against the grain!!!

What is your big goal? Where do you see yourself in 10 years from now?

The big goal for me is to become as big as Jay Shetty and help and serve as many people as I can to become fulfilled, to find their purpose and to defy the status quo.

For me it doesn’t matter if you are a man or woman. To be honest, I stand with the women who support equality in business, but you know if you are determined, if you are hungry, then you will find a way. Gender or age should never be a reason why you can’t do something! Don’t let the barrier of society grind you down.

I am all for the rights of women, but the rights I truly want to help are those women in poorer countries who have to face this every day and give them an opportunity to learn about how to become an entrepreneur and acquire the skills and the strength to become authentically themselves that isn’t defined by society.

Along with this setting up a charity to help women who go through emotional abuse, this is really important to me as this is something I went through.

This is something that I truly hold to my heart, as I myself went through this and we never seem to confront it in today's society as it seems to be hidden and this can lead to mental health issues. I want to seek out new ideas which are not therapy to help as many people combat this and help them control their thoughts which are not defined by the words of others.

I truly want to become an author of self development books as I love to write. Hence why I am currently writing my first book at the moment, because I believe books will always have a magical element which resonates with my childhood. I would always read those adventure books, choose your own adventure and I would get so lost in them!

I am currently writing my first book entitled, Fulfillment In An Unapologetic World and I am aiming for it to be out by the end of the year.

Follow me on Facebook or visit my website for more info! Read more from Gina!



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