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Exclusive Interview With Eva Maria Hunt ‒ Soul Alchemist

Eva Maria Hunt is a multi-passionate creative, consciousness coach helping people to connect with their soul to love and thrive in life. After successfully beating depression, Eva's mission became to help mainly strong women to connect within, in order to move forward. For more than a decade she is combining her intuitive skills with Law of Attraction principles, energy healing and spirituality to guide those in need and empower them. She hasn't always been working in the holistic healing arena though. Her original profession is commercial economist, which is as far away from being an energy healer, as her native country, Hungary, from her adopted one, the UK. She offers one to one coaching sessions, along with courses and workshops, such as, Read Oracle Cards Knockout, Find your way to Meditation, The Art of channeling, to help her clients uncover their full potential. Her channeled paintings are emotionally moving and perfect for meditation. A few of them recently were published in Vibe, a coffee table book, to which she also contributed, as one of the "colour experts".

Her YouTube channel, "Moon Goddess Oracle, Journey to 5D" is aimed to provide guidance in love to those in need. Her V.I.P., 3 months coaching programme, Accelerate to Divine Living offers a 6 step process to switch from mind power only, to soul power. Eva believes that life is magic, she helps you to become the Magician you meant to be.

Eva Maria Hunt, Soul Alchemist

Introduce yourself! Please tell us about you and your life, so we can get to know you better.

I am 51. I was born in Communist Hungary. At the time of having to choose my profession at age 14-18, being a girl/woman didn’t come with lots of recognition at work in the country built on socialist values. My dad wanted the best for me, and my aim was to stay true, as much as possible to who I was. I have to say, these two standpoints weren’t easy to align.

The closest I could get to the calling of my soul, which at that time I had not much understanding about, was becoming a teacher of some sort, a social worker, or a photographer. I did mention to my dad wanting to become an artist, but his response was, he won’t let me to starve to death. He decided because chemistry wasn’t my strong point, I wasn’t clever enough to become a photographer, and the social worker option was a no go for my dad. So we both settled for me becoming a teacher.

It really was a huge wind of change in so many ways, when the iron curtain fell. I was 19 at the time. I had a change of heart about my future profession, so I dropped the idea of a university, and I went straight to work to my dad’s biggest disappointment. I wanted freedom of choice. I had the desire to shape my own destiny.

By the time I turned 22, the internet became more widely available, which meant my dad and I had a chance to set up a business in applied graphic design. You probably have guessed by now that we had a very strong bond, we loved each other deeply, in spite of our clashing personalities. Working together meant I could get my wish to be artistic, and a few years later I went to university to become a commercial economist, to learn about business, so my dad got his dream being fulfilled too.

At age 35 I made a huge decision of leaving Hungary. Being the Black sheep, the only one of my very large extended family to start life in a different country. After a brief D-tour I have settled down in the UK. I have been living here for almost 16 years now, and 11 years of that I have been spending in the holistic healing arena. A personal challenge of becoming depressed brought me to this area. After recovering from my disease, I set out a mission of helping women who are depressed. This is when my business was born. Having the knowledge of how to run a business came really handy, as I became a Reiki healer, Law of Attraction Coach and Qigong teacher.

I am a sole trader. My passion is my business, so my private life and my work are very much intertwined. I started to draw and paint, as a hobby and soon enough sold my artworks to my clients.

I have found my true calling in my spiritual country and became everything I felt I should be as a teenager, and much, much more.

What is your business name and how do you help your clients?

My business is Spiritual Wonders. I am a Soul alchemist, connecting strong women with their souls to love and thrive.

What are your current goals for your business?

My current goal is to build a bridge between the physical and the spiritual worlds. I want to reach the soul seekers, those who feel there is more than the material world. They want to find answers to their nagging questions, which no one seems to be able to answer, and breakthrough that invisible wall that is limiting them. They just don’t know where to start and which way to go. I know this is how they feel, because I have been in this place 14 years ago.

To find those, who are ready to connect with their true essence, their energy Blueprint, I am currently working on some exciting online courses with the option of online coaching, to help them understand their very own nature, energy set up, the soul side of being spirit with a human body.

Tell us about your greatest career achievement so far.

At the end of 2019, I decided to get a divorce. At that point, my business wasn’t financially stable, and I was worried about how I was going to start a new life. If I thought that was bad enough, at the end of March the lockdown took away my entire income, as my business was serving the local market, and I couldn’t practise Reiki anymore. I hit rock bottom in every way. So I did what I do best, focusing on helping and serving others, to feel better in my skin and create a wave of positive vibes.

During the first lockdown I wanted to keep my clients’ spirit up, as the fear of not knowing what was happening was tangible. I have started recording short videos and posted them on YouTube to encourage them and slowly started growing my subscriber pool. I was keen to reach a wider audience with spiritual guidance, in the form of helpful channelled messages through card readings. This was a continuation of using my intuitive skills through oracle cards ever since I have started my business.

However, there was a side of me that I was holding back and was very reluctant to show to anyone, because being a Reiki healer was difficult enough to fit in with society’s expectations. I was dreading to find out what they say, when they realise, I am psychic too.

I was painfully aware this could be the key to take my business online. I knew of my psychic skills but wasn’t sure of the extent of them. I learnt the tarot and set myself a challenge. Through a well-known tarot platform, I decided to do 10 free readings, and the ratings I received in return were the proof to whether I can connect with people from anywhere in the world or not. Because until then I have only practiced these skills in person.

These were “blind readings”, meaning I only had the person’s name and the one question they have asked about their life. They could be anywhere in the world and the communication was via the online platform in writing only. The result was 9 out of 10 submitted feedbacks, and my success rate was 8 five starts and only one 2 starts due to a slight misunderstanding. At this point I had nothing to lose, At the end of the day, you can’t fall further down, when you are at rock bottom. I was looking at different angles of how I can utilise my skills and provide help for people in need.

I realised that love connections and relationships were in real trouble during the lockdown. Some couples were torn apart by the pandemic, whilst others got much more than they bargained for, having to be with their partners 24/7, for months on end. I started recording love readings with advice for couples, and this was massive. My subscriber count went from 200 in May 2020 to 5500+ by September 2020. In 3 months, I broke into the online, international market and I got an amazing lead generation machine delivering personal reading and coaching clients 24/7.

It meant I could move out and get on with my life with a thriving business by August 2020. Since then, the speed of the growth has slowed down, and right now I have an amazing 7700+ subscribers on my channel: Moon Goddess Oracle, Soul Alchemist. Providing spiritual guidance mainly for Virgos in love (being a Virgo myself), with the occasional Soul Path readings.

During these 18 months, I have managed to connect with and help many soulmates and also twin flames in need of guidance. The latter ones are very specific love connections that are paving the road to a better, more heart-based world. I am honoured to be able to bring clarity and encouragement to these people, partially from my own experiences, and partially from my connection to the Energy World, The Psychic Universe.

Those on the twin flame journey, who I have become a hub for, are walking their own path now and shining their light bright. I have no intention to abandon them. I am simply shifting my focus on those, who are ready to find out more about their true potential and become who they truly are and meant to be.

My path hasn’t been easy, but it certainly has been a wonderful experience so far. Sometimes shocking and heart-breaking, other times breathtakingly beautiful and uplifting. I feel truly blessed.

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