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Everyone Can Use A Little More Sex (Transmutation) In Love And Business

Tish Saint Mary is a Pharmacist l Relationship Alchemist that work exclusively with Men. She is the owner and CEO of Men's Relationships and Health LLC.

Executive Contributor Tish Saint Mary

Sexual energy is one of the most powerful human drives, yet its transformative potential is often overlooked in mainstream business and relationship advice. Napoleon Hill's "Think and Grow Rich" introduced the concept of sex transmutation, channeling sexual energy into creative, productive pursuits. In this article, I'll explore how sex transmutation can revolutionize your romantic relationships and business success, and I'll share a personal story that exemplifies its incredible power.

Couple in bedroom and having romantic moment together

What is sex transmutation?

Sex transmutation isn't about suppressing desire; it's about harnessing its power. The raw energy behind sexual attraction, when consciously redirected, can fuel incredible focus, determination, and creativity. It strengthens your ability to manifest goals, build meaningful connections, and create a life of abundance.

Sex transmutation: From facing a $500 nightmare to walking free

Let me tell you about a time when sex transmutation quite literally saved the day. I was pulled over for speeding and slapped with a ticket – a whopping $500 fine and a potential six points off my driver’s license. Panic surged through me, but then, I remembered the principles of sex transmutation. Instead of letting frustration cloud my judgment, I took a deep breath and consciously channeled that raw energy into unwavering focus and calm composure.

In the days leading up to my court appearance, I actively practiced sex transmutation. Through meditation and visualization, I envisioned myself confidently presenting my case, radiating an aura of respect, confidence and remorse. The courtroom itself could have been intimidating, but thanks to the power of transmutation, I felt a quiet confidence and a clear purpose.

The result? Incredible! The judge, likely sensing my genuine transformation, not only waived the entire fine but also let me off with zero points on my license. This wasn't just a lucky break; it was a testament to the transformative power of sex transmutation.

Sex transmutation and romantic relationships

Beyond physical pleasure, sex builds intimacy and emotional connection. Transmuting that energy can transform couples, deepening communication, fostering compassion, and resolving conflict. Compare this to the financial language of a relationship. Just like a P&L statement highlights income and expenses, a relationship assessment considers where energy is invested and whether it yields a healthy return. Is your energy fostering deeper bonds or fueling a deficit of mistrust and resentment?

Unleashing your potential in business

The same energy that draws you to a potential partner can propel you towards professional goals. Sex transmutation strengthens your charisma, negotiation skills, and ability to inspire others.

Business, like love, requires calculated risks, creative solutions,

and an unwavering belief in yourself. When you channel your life force energy wisely, you attract success and build something extraordinary.

Implementing sex transmutation

How do you practice sex transmutation?

  • Self-awareness: Recognize the physical and emotional sensations of sexual energy in your body.

  • Mindfulness practices: Meditation and breathwork quiet the mind and help you focus your energy.

  • Creative outlets: Express your energy through writing, art, music, or physical activity.

  • Goal setting: Clearly define what you want to achieve and direct your transmuted energy toward those goals.

Is sex transmutation for everyone?

Absolutely. Whether single or in a committed relationship, this is about understanding and optimizing your innate creative power. It's not about denying an important aspect of yourself. Sex transmutation adds dimension to your experiences, amplifying success in all areas.

Are you ready to unlock your full potential in love and business? As a relationship alchemist, I'm here to guide you. Reach out to me to start harnessing the power of sex transmutation today.

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Tish Saint Mary, Pharmacist l Men's Coach

Tish Saint Mary is a Pharmacist l Relationship Alchemist that works exclusively with Men. Tish Relationship Alchemy specializes in MMGA Make Marriages Great Again! She uses her Pharmacist expertise in mental health therapeutics, life experiences, neuroscience and compassionate wisdom as the foundation of her coaching alchemy. She is the owner and CEO of Men's Relationships and Health LLC. She is passionate about love and excited to serve to clients well!



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