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Elevate Your Leadership Part 1 ‒ Create A Strong Context

Written by: Dr. Hynd Bouhia, Executive Contributor

Executive Contributors at Brainz Magazine are handpicked and invited to contribute because of their knowledge and valuable insight within their area of expertise.


Leadership is about how you lead yourself. The beginning of the year is always the best time to set the tone for how you will let things unfold before you month after month.

We are still in the first weeks of this new year. Yet, it feels like the days are going fast already. We feel that we want them to slow down so we can pack many things in them.

This said, when you approach it from a different angle, feel how much you can already integrate this year. This is why starting a new year does not mean starting from zero. We never start new, there is always so much we carry with us from one year to another.

The winning attitude is to choose to focus on the beauty of memories and the wisdom of all the lessons from last year. You extract the lessons to define your context for the year.

It starts by creating a meaningful context

As you grow in maturity and experience, every year will unfold with a new context. When you pile them one after the other, they will align with your vision.

Last year was the year of gratitude and love. Everything I embarked on was filled with gratitude and experienced from an angle of sharing love with my family, my clients, and the community around me.

When I felt overwhelmed or faced with challenges as an entrepreneur for several years now, I was intentional about posing and feeling gratitude for every step. And I could appreciate now how any walk for success needs to have that step grounded in gratitude. Standing firm on it while the next one is going towards your aspirations and your desire, or moving away from challenges, and overcoming difficulties.

This realization is so powerful! It changes your journey. It isn’t about running a never-ending race, looking for the next goal and the next objective. This is the journey of success filled with gratitude and celebration for every step, no matter how small it is.

Looking back on all the understanding from deepening my work about mindset, energetics, and how they intertwine with strategy and planning, I approach the new year's resolution and planning differently.

We never start from zero, we pile up our understanding of life, the underlying energetics, and our lessons year after year in both the professional and personal spheres. This is why finding a context that will become the overriding theme of the year helps you select the lens you will use for everything you do. The context is the theme you choose so that you can build upon the past and get closer to your vision for yourself and for your life.

When you have a strong context, you don’t leave anything to interpretation or confusion. It helps you ask the right question when faced with a dilemma in your business or in your professional life.

Resilience and Introspection

My context moved from a year of “Resilience” in 2020 to a year of “Introspection” in 2021. It was all about understanding the mindset, the old paradigm, and the energetics, in addition to launching my work in self-development as a mentor and an executive coach. I created the BAL Method, which stands for Believe Act Lead as a three-step process for every woman to:

  • Believe in herself and in the possibilities by strengthening her mindset and energetics while understanding the science of success.

  • Acting on your goal by turning it into a strategic plan, clarifying your branding and positioning in your market, and expertise.

  • Leading yourself with your excellence, your genius, the value you provide, and the consistency that builds trust and makes you stand out.

Feeling grounded with Gratitude

2022 was a year filled with gratitude and love. Everything I did, came from an energy of gratitude and sharing love. It was love for the work I do to empower women and help women become great leaders by creating wealth and making an impact. And for my personal life, it was love for my children and my family to create the best moments and build unforgettable memories.

This gratitude made it possible to:

  • Mentor and provide business and strategic advice to more than two hundred women inside the BAL ¹ Method Programs and celebrate all the breakthroughs.

  • Organize VIP seminars for government and private institutions and for international organizations

  • Create several episodes of the women’s empowerment series with incredible female leaders from all around the world

  • Turn the BAL Method into a bestselling book ² in four categories where I share success stories selected from the hundreds of women who benefited from the process and the essence of the Believe Act lead as a journey for success, wealth, and making an impact.

  • Show up in English, French, and Arabic with the same drive for women’s empowerment and the beautiful mission to help women become great leaders by creating wealth and making an impact.

When you take a moment to go through the exercise of extracting past years’ memories and appreciating the evolution you made, you will be surprised at how incredible your life is as you become more aware of every moment.

Growth and Evolution

The context for this year is growth and evolution. Building upon all the previous contexts of resilience, introspective, gratitude, and love. Not that before 2020 my years did not mean anything, but I didn’t bring this much intentionality to the power of energetics as I do today.

My context was more about the objectives and the theme around them. Some years were professionally focused and others were more personal. But the beauty of it now is to realize with the years and the experience, that balance is embedded in everything. And you cannot put one aspect on hold, to fix the other. You will be juggling continuously and feeling unsatisfied forever.

This context of growth and evolution goes beyond business. It applies to relationship building, connections, clients, and global impact. It is overwhelming to see how it spreads beyond business and my role as a mentor and business strategies by launching different programs and working with incredible women from all around the world. It encompasses being a mother, a wife, a sister, a daughter, a family member, a friend, and a connection.

This context makes the year feels like a lifetime of growth and evolution without putting pressure and stress on tight deadlines. Every step is first grounded in gratitude and the next one is geared toward continuous growth and evolution.

Finally, it is essential to be aware of what you are compounding in your journey of growth and evolution. Is it a perspective of success or anxious thoughts about what comes next?

Being intentional in every move and truly present in everything you do will change your life this year and surely elevate your leadership!

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Dr. Hynd Bouhia, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Dr. Hynd Bouhia has cumulated more than 20 years of professional experience in high-level and leadership positions, covering investments, financial structuring, entrepreneurship, and sustainable development strategies. Hynd Bouhia was nominated by Forbes among the 100 most influential women in the world in 2008 and among the most influential women in Business in the Arab World in 2015 and honored as a member of the Johns Hopkins Society of Scholars in 2018.



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