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Discovering Self-Love And Personal Development – Exclusive Interview With Paty Valero

Paty Valero is a global coach fostering self-love and personal development. Her expertise focuses on shifting people’s mindset to become creators while improving their relationships. A childhood trauma led her to overcome challenges, Paty was forced to create strategies that would rewrite her identity and life purpose. She is trained in individual and systemic coaching and she is an Associate Certified Coach by the International Coaching Federation. Paty is dedicated to helping others unleash their true potential and awaken their inner power. In doing so, her teachings are based on spreading an empowering outlook on life that has not only helped her private clients but also her online community with her easily available and affordable coaching programs. Her mission: awaken people’s hearts to start living the life they deserve. Her online community through her social media, both in the UK and in Spain, reaches over 25 thousand people, where she shares a lot of free content including her podcast Be YourExtraordinarySelf. Today, Paty supports her clients and online community helping them reconnect with their true selves and live a purposeful life filled with love, passion, and happiness. Her goal is to show not only thousands but hundreds of thousands of people how to find the answers inside of them instead of seeking the answers elsewhere.

photo of Paty Valero

Paty Valero, Self-love and Relationship Coach

What is the coaching approach or methodology employed by your business, and how does it benefit your clients?

In an extremely fast-paced society with constant distractions, being able to take the time to listen to our inner voice and connect with what is going on inside has become a nearly impossible ability. This is exactly what I can help with. I use the power of coaching to teach people how to have life-changing conversations with themselves. I show them how to stop and clear their chaotic and overstimulated minds to be able to relearn how to listen to what their true self and heart have to say. Throughout my life, I’ve observed so many people not following a life that makes them happy because they have forgotten to listen to their inner voice that knows what is best for them. The inner voice that is untouched the day we are born but that little by little is locked away because of painful life experiences that create louder voices inside our heads (insecurity, fear, self-doubt…) that have the only purpose of protecting us from those experiences. But you know what they say, the more you focus on something, the bigger it becomes. So they’re provoking the exact opposite result: creating more and more painful experiences. The main problem people have when wanting to change their lives (find love, change jobs, find purpose…) is that they expect this to happen without focusing on the inner changes first. I always follow this one rule: what happens outside first happens within us, so if you want to change what will happen externally you first have to change what is happening internally. For example: if you are struggling to create healthy relationships, start working on the relationship you have with yourself and once you value yourself you’ll learn how to set the necessary boundaries for others to value you. Another example: if you want to create an abundant life, start working on your ability to be grateful for what you already have and on your discipline and personal strength to be able to bear all the responsibility that comes with being successful. How do you expect to have more work if you keep canceling and postponing your current clients?

Become what you want your future to look like. This is a skill that once mastered is very easy to apply to every single thing and that is exactly what I teach my clients to do. Can you provide an overview of your coaching business and the primary services or programs offered? I offer one-to-one Self-love and Relationship Coaching, my exclusive program The Empowered Heart (an intensive 3 months program that helps people create a strong foundation internally so that they can start to accomplish changes externally), and the online version of the program (created with the main purpose of helping as many people as possible by recognizing that the majority of people who need help usually struggle to afford to hire a personal coach). I also offer workshops and corporate work with a holistic approach and a strong focus on boosting confidence and building a sustainable relationship with yourself first. Tell us about a pivotal moment in your life that brought you to where you are today. I had a very safe and happy childhood growing up and had the fortune to experience my parent’s relationship as a healthy, respectful, and loving partnership. The economic crisis in 2008 changed it all. My family suffered this crisis in a very drastic way. I think only recently I have realized what was so powerful about this experience and I think it’s because I suffered a depression at the same time my entire family(my parents and my sister) were suffering from it too. So not only we had to change our entire lives and we lost a lot of friends and family but also we lost the most important thing we had had until that moment: our family union and support system.

Little did I know that this moment was a blessing in disguise. I was forced to face my deepest fears in the most vulnerable possible way, not being able to give myself value through external things anymore (family, friendships, material things, trips…) and having to learn how to value myself for the one thing that no one or nothing would ever take away from me, that thing that would be with me until my last breathing day: myself. This moment gave me the ability to see beyond people’s facades and it allowed me to learn how to connect with others through honesty and vulnerability. When life takes away everything that you have you just have one thing left, yourself. You have no more distractions left to face your life, your fears, and your insecurities, and accept what is and isn’t working for you anymore. Being fortunate enough to have experienced this made me become the woman that I am today and wise enough to be able to support other people in their journeys. Could you share a success story or testimonial from a client who has experienced positive outcomes through your coaching services? I’m proud to say that I have a lot of success stories but one of my favourites is the story behind this person’s testimonial: “Today's session with you wasn't just another mental coaching hour – it was a life-altering experience. In a mere 60 minutes, you took me on a deep dive to uncover the real roots of my challenges, illuminating the path to real self-love. It was nothing short of mind-blowing. And the thing is, with you, this intensity and depth has become standard. It's not just about addressing problems, but genuinely transforming how I understand and engage with them. Honestly, I'm not just thankful – I'm blown away.” When they hired me they were struggling to heal and let go of the past and couldn’t figure out how to move forward. They felt completely disconnected from themselves, tying their self-worth to external things(career, relationships, trips…), and had forgotten how to listen to their inner voice. Fourteen sessions later, after experiencing our best coaching session they sent me this message.

What is the biggest change you’ve personally experienced since you decided to become a coach?

Before my depression, I was too focused on other people’s opinions about my choices. I didn’t know how trapped I was until I freed myself from seeking external validation. Once you start loving yourself and your imperfect nature unconditionally and stop focusing on being liked by others you open the doors to your true authentic self. My biggest change was embracing my uniqueness and making choices from my heart and a place of love instead of from a place of fear. In some ways, I feel like depression is a blessing because it woke me up from years of living on autopilot and to start living with an Empowered Heart. Since then I’ve been able to create a fun, passionate, and unique lifestyle hand in hand with my partner. I’m based in the city of London but spend at least four months of the year in Spain and one month of the year in South America. I’ve built a business that allows me to be wherever I want, being able to spend a lot of time with my family, and organize my time on my terms. If you told me this when I had a job that I wasn’t passionate about working as a Lawyer in Spain, feeling empty and trapped in someone else’s schedule, not being able to create healthy relationships, and feeling like there was no way to get out of my current situation I would’ve never believed it. Now I do and that is why I know you can do it too.

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