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Discover Your Purpose With The Karmic Law Of Significance And Inspiration

Written by: Patty Oliver, Executive Contributor

Executive Contributors at Brainz Magazine are handpicked and invited to contribute because of their knowledge and valuable insight within their area of expertise.

Executive Contributor Patty Oliver

Your existence here on Earth is not random. Your life holds meaning and significance, and right now the world is waiting for your unique talents and gifts to shine. You're exactly where you're meant to be!

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Drawing from my 15 years as an energy healer, delving into the Akashic Records has shown me that our souls choose this earthly journey to experience creation firsthand. Manifestation isn't a game of chance; it's about wielding our free will to sculpt our reality through energy, frequency, and alignment. Whether we lean towards positivity or negativity is entirely up to the personality our soul expresses itself through, placing the keys to happiness and success squarely in our hands.

Every thought, emotion, and action carry its own vibration, constantly shaping the world around us. Yet, many of us fail to connect the dots between our inner state and outer experiences. Instead of actively crafting our lives, we tend to passively accept whatever comes our way. But realizing the power we hold can be truly transformative, a rare opportunity unique to our human experience.

Becoming a conscious creator means tapping into our boundless potential, making intentional choices to steer our lives towards positivity. It starts with uncovering our soul's inherent gifts and talents, utilizing them to foster joy and fulfillment. Each of us is endowed with unique abilities, ready to be harnessed in our journey towards abundance.

This is the essence of the Karmic Law of Significance and Inspiration, a cornerstone of my new course on manifesting through karma and universal law. It reminds us that our presence here is significant, timed perfectly to contribute our gifts for the greater good. And in doing so, we open ourselves up to receive abundance in return.

One way to uncover our soul's gifts is by following our inspirations without judgment. Here are some journal prompts to help you tap into your deepest desires for living life more authentically:

  • What are the things that really make me happy in life?

  • What would I pursue if obstacles like time and money did not exist?

  • How do I currently hold myself back from doing the things I love, and how can I change that?

  • How have I overcome challenges in the past and what did I learn about myself in the process?

  • What natural abilities do I have that I could apply to a new career or creative outlet?

When you allow yourself to use your natural gifts and talents in an environment that you enjoy, you create more ease and flow in your life. Manifesting becomes more effortless. You begin to feel more fulfilled, and those around you will not only feel your positive vibrations, but they will also benefit from your creations. This is the basis behind the Karmic Law of Significance and Inspiration and how you can consciously live your soul’s purpose, but it is something you must actively choose.

Embracing our true nature, however, isn't always straightforward. Society and familial expectations often cloud our judgment, leading us away from paths that resonate with our essence. If we continue to stray from our soul path and ignore our desires and inspirations, we can create karma, which is the energy of misaligned choices. Karma will keep us on the wheel of reincarnation, causing us to incarnate with negative patterns in place. When we clear karma, we strip away everything that is not in alignment with our authentic self and can then reconnect to our soul’s purpose. One powerful resource for discovering and understanding our karma as well as our soul gifts is our Akashic Record, which can be accessed intuitively for healing, guidance, and transformation and I can teach you how in my Akashic Records online course.

In summary, your purpose will resonate with your deepest desires and inspirations, so be brave enough to give light to them. As Buddha has said, “Your purpose in life is to find your purpose and give your whole heart and soul to it.”


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Patty Oliver Brainz Magazine

Patty Oliver, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Patty is a transformational energy healer, author and spiritual teacher of the Akashic Records. A diagnosis of breast cancer in 2007 launched her self-healing path to soul empowerment and alignment, which she now passionately shares with others through soul coaching and spiritual online courses.



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