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Did Somebody Say, Relationship? – I Want To Be In A Good One

Written by: Charlotte Elizabeth Scott-Terrell, Executive Contributor

Executive Contributors at Brainz Magazine are handpicked and invited to contribute because of their knowledge and valuable insight within their area of expertise.

Executive Contributor Charlotte Elizabeth Scott-Terrell

I don't usually delve into the subject of (romantic) love and relationships. However, I have to speak my peace on this topic, and maybe it will give you some peace! This happens to be a day and time when Love and Romance are in demand. People want it and they want to know how to get in a healthy relationship, and stay in one! Most of us want that special someone in our lives, and that is a natural feeling. We are put here to love. Everyone wants to be loved and most people want to give love (I said most for a reason; you have to read part two to find out exactly what that means).

smiling woman with both hands wrap around man's neck

I look around and I see so many men and women, who are married and want to be single, just as I see so many women and men who are single and want to be married! What I want to share with you today, is to be content in whatever state you are in. Try to explore what it is you want, and determine what it is that you can do to have it. I'm not going to say all you have to do is name it and claim it, visualize it and watch it manifest! I wish it were that easy (when two people are involved; they have a will, too, and we can't control that)!!! What I am suggesting, though, is that you make sure that you are peaceful and satisfied; whatever end of the spectrum you find yourself on. Don't let outside influences decide what you need to do, and when. Too many times, we let outside forces tell us that we need to get married, when God has not said it's time. Those “mysterious theys" tell us when we should divorce, when hanging in there and fighting is what is a part of the Divine plan is. They say when to get involved, and when to jump ship. Listen to your inner voice and whatever gives you peace, follow that decision. You are the only one who has to live with your decisions and unless this person is abusive to you, in some form, you need to be the one that decides what you should do. People, whether they have our best interest at heart, or not, always advise us to do what they would do, or what they think is right. You're not them! You have to do what your heart tells you to do!

So, at the end of the day, if you want somebody, and s/he just has not come your way, or you find yourself in a marriage, or relationship that just does not seem to be working, get alone, get quiet, and make the ultimate choice that will give you the contentment that we all need, and more than that, find out what makes you happy, no matter what your present situation is!

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Charlotte Elizabeth Scott-Terrell Brainz Magazine

Charlotte Elizabeth Scott-Terrell, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Charlotte Terrell is a Transformational Life Coach, Speaker, and Author. She has worked as a Clinical Therapist, Trainer and Educator. Charlotte has a Bachelor’s degree in Social Work, a Master’s in Rehabilitation Counseling, and a second Master’s degree in Education. Today, she personifies what it means to ascend above adversity while inspiring countless others to do the same. A highly driven woman who was born to break barriers, she proves that when powered by purpose, women are unstoppable. She inspires. She empowers. She unleashes. Extraordinary at walking others through a radical transformation, she is as relentless about her client's success as she is about her own.



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