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Creating Your Vision For The Life You Want To Live

Written by: Misty Lucas , Executive Contributor

Executive Contributors at Brainz Magazine are handpicked and invited to contribute because of their knowledge and valuable insight within their area of expertise.


Many people go through their daily lives feeling overwhelmed, lost or without purpose. There are so many things to do and there never seems to be enough time, energy to do them all and sometimes never really feeling fulfilled.

Is this how you feel about your business, career, or life? Have you promised yourself that this month you’re going to make some serious changes but you just aren't sure what those changes need to be? Think about laying out a vision, but make it a big vision. One that encompasses your values, your passion in life and the gifts you have come to share. Dig into your heart’s desires and dream big. Don’t get stuck in the how’s it going to happen to stay focused on what you want in life. No matter what the focus of your vision is remember you can do hard things and have gifts to offer this world. You are unique and only you can contribute your strengths in your special way. Whether it’s staying at home and raising a family, making the best widget there is, the CEO of a company, etc. life is not a dress rehearsal so create your vision of what you really want and then take inspired action steps to attract it to you. These are the same steps I take with my clients to help them make the changes in focus and habits that bring them meaningful results. First, you must be willing to take action. And in order to take action you have to know where you’re going. If you don’t change your focus, habits and goals you’ll never be able to change the results. Without taking action you will never move forward and access your desires and results. Coaching is about tapping into your natural intelligence and connect to your inner knowing. It’s about focusing on action and accountability. Working with a coach is about getting results; listening to what the client really wants and working together, setting out the measurable steps to be taken that result in action and success. When working with a coach you’re looking through the windshield and your focus in on your vision. The vision is created in alignment with your values, purpose and your zone of genius. A coach can help you define all of this. You’re responsible for the momentum; it will be up to you to take the actions on your own unless you choose to have the support, encouragement, guidance, and accountability that a coach provides. Without clarity of your values, your purpose and your zone of genius you can’t get momentum and begin to move forward. You’re stuck. In order for your business to be successful, to be happy and fulfilled in your career, or prosperous and content in your life you need to have one common thread. Vision. The process of creation starts with a thought, a great idea, a passionate want, or a dream of something magnificent to achieve. These are the intangible sparks that ignite our drive to move forward and turn the intangible into our reality. So in this moment pause, get quiet and listen inside…what do you desire, what really lights you up. Begin by brainstorming on paper, yes you must write it down to bring clarity, to make it real. The first brainstorming session should be free-flowing, don't edit your thoughts or ideas. If you are working on your personal vision and your work vision to define what you want and how you want to spend your time, start with the personal vision. At some point, you can create a full spectrum vision of your life which encompasses health, vocation, time, money and relationships. This will give you absolute clarity about what is important to you, what you want, what are the things in your life you are passionate about, aligned with your values and that makes you feel fulfilled. From there you can create the vision of your ideal business or career and take action to bring what you really want into your life.

Focus on what you really want, be very specific. Don't just say you want lots of money, a nice home and no stress. Create a picture in your mind of exactly what you want down to the colour of the carpet and the list of clients, and then using words draw that picture until your vision is clear. For example: I want a profitable and fulfilling holistic health practice. I want to see clients in three different specialties plus passive income revenue streams.

I will work five days a week between noon and six devoting the rest of the day to self-care, gardening, exercising, and spending time with family and friends.

I will make 100,000 a year and take 5 weeks of vacation throughout the year.

I love to learn so I will spend 3 weeks a year in educational workshops and training programs to advance my career and myself.

If this feels the too overwhelming focus on the area that feels most out of alignment in your values. Start small and take action. Continue to take action it gets easier and you continue to grow into your vision.

Don’t get stressed about creating your vision. Stay in the flow and lightness of tapping into your desires and what you’re good at doing and what brings you joy. Focus your energy on the things that are really important to me and just let the rest go.

You create what you put your energy on. If you concentrate on all the things you don't want, on all the things you don't have enough of, that is what you will create more of. Start creating what you do want.

Start with your vision; clearly layout your life, career, and business vision and then take the steps to make it your reality. One of the steps might include hiring a coach to make it happen faster for you.

It’s time my friend to start living the life you’ve created and the life that you deeply desire to live. If you’re interested to get more clarity let’s connect. Join me for a complimentary 90-minute clarity call.

To learn more visit my website. Contact me at and follow me on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn.


Misty Lucas, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Misty Lucas, is a Women's Life Coach and Restorative Yoga Educator. After a diagnosis of rheumatoid arthritis that left her depleted physically, emotionally and spiritually she had to find a new path. She left her career in law and dedicated her life to supporting women navigating complicated health crisis from chronic stress and autoimmune illnesses by blending her coaching skills and restorative yoga techniques. From this knowledge she has created her signature coaching program to support her clients and work with them releasing old patterns holding them back to create a life they want to live.



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