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Convert More Clients NOW With This Wickedly Effective Marketing Strategy

Written by: Sharon Lee, Executive Contributor

Executive Contributors at Brainz Magazine are handpicked and invited to contribute because of their knowledge and valuable insight within their area of expertise.


Convert more clients NOW with this wickedly effective marketing strategy

Do you have an audience full of people who love consuming content from you, but never actually buy?

They show up to your livestreams, they open your emails, they even give you feedback that your content has really helped them out… but you just can’t quite figure out what else you need to do to get them to see the value in PAYING to work with you.

You’re getting on sales call after sales call with people who think your offers sound AHHHH-MAZING, and it’s “totally perfect” or “exactly what they need…”

…But they aren’t quite ready yet.

…They want to sign another client first.

…Or they juuuuuuust need to think about it some more.

You know how that goes, right? It has you feeling BEYOND frustrated because you’re putting all this time, effort, and energy into DOING all these things for your business, but you have no clients or results to show for it.

So here’s the bad news: You’re ATTRACTING these people with the type of content you’re putting out.

Which means the good news, is THIS IS ALL IN YOUR POWER TO CHANGE.

It’s not the Universe conspiring against you.

It’s not that this business ‘just isn’t for you.’

It’s not that you’re not good enough, or that your audience is too small, or that your offer sucks.

AND it’s not that you need another time-sensitive ‘bonus’ or limited-time offer.

What you need to do is learn how to create marketing that inspires URGENCY in everyone who sees it. The kind of marketing that attracts people who are action-takers and ready to say HELL YES to the transformation you provide RIGHT NOW, not ‘someday’.

So here’s what you need to do: Give them all the FEELS.

Understand this important fact. When it comes to ‘discretionary’ spending, i.e. anything that isn’t necessary to our day-to-day survival (food, water, shelter), it’s all about EMOTION. People buy the thing they want because of how they think it will make them FEEL in the having of it.

So when you’re thinking about your audience’s pain points and desires, you want to get really descriptive about how those things FEEL:

  • What do they lay awake at night thinking about?

  • What gives them that pit in their stomach that they just can’t shake?

  • What are they SO desperate to change/feel relief from?

  • How will your offer make them FEEL? On a micro level, how will they feel the improvement the moment they sign up? Will they finally feel comfort in knowing they have someone to guide them and hold them accountable?

  • What about a macro level? What will that ultimate transformation feel like? Having the freedom, the dream body, the financial abundance, etc.?

Make their comfort zone a little less comfortable, just for a moment.

As humans, we’re experts at justifying anything that will keep us comfortable. We’re designed that way. Our natural response is to do whatever we can in order to ensure our survival, which is why SO many people get stuck in their comfort zone.

Spoiler alert: Spending money is usually outside people’s comfort zones.

Even if they KNOW they need what you have to offer, they know the value of investing in themselves (for coaches and consultants), and they know that they need to do SOMETHING to make a change, their brain is fighting against those things to keep them in their comfort zone.

The thought process usually goes something a little bit like….

“I know I need to do this, but I’ll just wait until I’m in a better spot financially to move forward.”

“Is this really worth spending that money on? Maybe I’ll just keep trying to figure it out on my own.”

“I’m definitely going to do it at some point, now just isn’t the right time. I want to feel more ready.”

So, in order to create the urgency that will compel your people to turn off the limiting beliefs that are keeping them safe (and stuck), you have to REMIND them that where they are now isn’t actually all that great.

Remember those emotional pain points we got super clear on in the first step? Here’s where we’re going to use them.

You want to get REALLY descriptive about those pain points and make them feel how uncomfortable it is to be where they are now.

“What if nothing changes for another 6 months, or a year, or 5 years. What if you reflect back on this moment as the moment it could have ALL changed for you, but instead, you’re still stuck in that job you hate, with that wish-list of all the places you want to travel to remaining just that…wishes. You’re lucky if you can get away for a long weekend, let alone really pursue your passions and see the world.”

You want to create that moment where they have a ‘fear of missing out’. Where making a change– even a scary one– feels better than staying stuck.

Then you do the same thing, but with their desires. Paint the picture for EXACTLY how incredible it could be for them to achieve those results:

“How much longer are you going to settle for simply surviving, when you could be thriving? You know you weren’t put on this earth to wake up, sit at a desk for 8 hours, and collect a paycheck. You were put on this earth to make an IMPACT. To wake up, every single day, pinching yourself because you can’t even believe that you get paid to do something you love so much every single day. To have a limitless income potential, and be so abundant that you can’t even remember the last time you stressed out about money. To feel total and complete freedom, to do what you want, when you want, from where you want, and never have to ask a single soul for permission…”

Note: For those of you who might be thinking that this isn’t manipulative IF what you have to offer genuinely can help them out of a problem and into a solution. This is simply marketing to help people

Now, obviously, these examples are specific to a certain type of ideal client, so I want you to think about what these scenarios are for YOUR clients and your business, then get as deep and descriptive as possible with those emotional pain points and desires.


Wishy-washy marketing attracts wishy-washy people. Decisive content attracts decisive people.

Go ahead and read that slowly. Then read it one more time.

Now, get REALLY honest with yourself here: Are you being STRONG in your calls-to-action?

Do you even have calls-to-action in your marketing? I didn’t for many years. I would just write blog posts and social media posts to inspire people. In the meantime, my bank account was running low and so was my self-esteem!

This is, without a doubt, the biggest reason why entrepreneurs, coaches, consultants and service-providers have audiences full of BFF’s, but no clients.

If your call-to-action at the end of your sales post is “If you want to know more about how I can help you do XYZ, book a call with me here”…


IF I want to know more? WHY do I NEED to know more?

What’s stopping me dead in my tracks and compelling me to want to speak with you ASAP rather than thinking, “Oh cool, maybe I’ll come back to this” then forgetting about it.

They need to feel the urgency. This is where you dispel all their fear, overcome any objections they might have to whatever the action is you want them to take, and pull together everything we talked about so far in this blog post. Something like:

“The choice is yours. You can either keep scrolling right past this post, wondering if this could have been the thing that changes everything for you, or you can make a decision to take a step forward.

Are you really going to spend even just ONE more second sitting stagnant in your fear, spinning your wheels and burning yourself out wondering when this business of yours will EVER take off?

Or are you going to click this link and get on a call that could change absolutely EVERYTHING for you? You are WORTHY and CAPABLE of having the full roster of clients, the impact, and the income that has been on your heart, but just out of reach. Isn’t it worth at least taking this one simple step?

Thought so. Click here and I can’t wait to chat: LINK”

Learning how to implement these things in your marketing makes ALL the difference. Seriously?

When I finally stopped tiptoeing around with my content and learned exactly what my people needed to hear to take action, that’s when my business blew up from no clients to five-figure cash months in a matter of weeks.

SO, next steps: GO IMPLEMENT! On your website, on your sales pages, in your emails, in your content – make these urgency tweaks and you’re going to notice a HUGE shift in your results (for the better!)

If you found this valuable, we’re just barely scratching the surface of the content and marketing strategies that I share in my “Client-Getting Guide”.

Attracting clients is the most important piece of any successful online business, so you quite literally can’t afford to not have this on lock.

Follow me on LinkedIn, and visit my website for more info!


Sharon Lee, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine Sharon Lee is a top international business coach, and high-performing life coach for entrepreneurs. Having spent many years in poverty and even homelessness, Sharon has uncovered powerful secrets to guide people out of a mediocre state of mind to help transform them into a high-performing mental state to create more success. Sharon has created systems and introduced strategies to underperforming entrepreneurs to unleash their potential. She founded Fearless Pursuits to help entrepreneurs upgrade their minds so they can unlock a life on fire. Her clients benefit from her many programs such as "The Daily Shift", "Sales and Confidence Mastery" as well as her top-rated podcast, "Fearless Pursuits Podcast: Breakthrough To Success". Her mission is to help entrepreneurs create more potential and success through their mind and high-performing strategies.



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