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Building Transparency In Communication

Written by: Marie Genevieve Pawlak, Senior Level Executive Contributor

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Transparency is critical to building trust and promoting open communication in the workplace. It is essential to create an environment where employees feel comfortable sharing their thoughts and opinions and where leaders are honest and forthcoming with information. So how can you build transparency in communication across your entire company?

Smiling businesswoman greeting a colleague on a meeting

Here are some tips for building transparency in communication that even Ryan Reynolds would approve of:

1. Be the "Deadpool" of Communication Channels

Just like Deadpool has a variety of weapons in his arsenal, you need to have a variety of communication channels at your disposal. So, whether it's email, Slack, Zoom, or carrier pigeon (just kidding, I don't condone animal cruelty, and carrier pigeons have been extinct since 1914), give your employees options so they can communicate in a way that works best for them.

2. Share all Your "Green Lantern" Moments

Ryan Reynolds knows a thing or two about box office flops (we're looking at you, Green Lantern). But just like he doesn't shy away from his less-than-stellar movie moments, you shouldn't shy away from sharing both the good and the bad news with your employees. Be honest and transparent, and they'll respect you for it. On a side note: I like the movie and stand by that statement!

3. Ask for Feedback Like You're Auditioning for "Waiting"

In the movie "Waiting..." Ryan Reynolds plays a server who constantly asks for customer feedback. So, take a page from his book and encourage your employees to give you feedback, too. You can use surveys, suggestion boxes, or just ask them face-to-face. And when they provide you with feedback, listen to it and take action.

4. Be Witty Like Ryan Reynolds on Twitter

Ryan Reynolds is known for his wit on social media, and you should be too. Use humor to break the ice and create a more relaxed environment for communication. For example, share funny stories or create videos highlighting company achievements. Not only will it make communication more fun, but it'll also help employees connect with their leaders on a more personal level.

5. Train Managers & Leaders Like You're Training for a "Deadpool" Sequel

Training managers and leaders on communicating transparently can be a tough sell, but make it fun by treating it like a training montage for a "Deadpool" sequel. Use game-based learning, such as games tied to the business, props, music, and humor, to engage managers, make the training process more enjoyable, and increase retention. And remember to reward them with chimichangas or tacos when they successfully apply what they learned. Who doesn't like tacos?

6. Celebrate Transparency Like It's the Premiere of "Free Guy"

Finally, celebrate transparency like it's the premiere of "Free Guy." First, recognize employees who demonstrate transparency in their communication and reward them with movie tickets or other fun prizes. Then, host a company-wide transparency day where employees can share their successes and challenges and make it fun and festive.

By following these tips, you can build a culture of transparency in communication that's both effective and engaging. So be the "Deadpool" of Communication Channels, share all of your "Green Lantern" moments, and train managers and leaders like you're training for a "Deadpool" sequel. And always remember to celebrate transparency like it's the premiere of "Free Guy"!


I did not get Ryan Reynolds's permission to use his name and movies, so if you know Ryan, please let him know it was for a good cause, and I am sorry he had to sell off his mobile business to make ends meet!

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Marie Genevieve Pawlak, Senior Level Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Marie Genevieve Pawlak is the founder of Prime Alchemy, a leading expert in game-based learning and organizational health, which provides people with the tools they need to find value and purpose in their work. The Prime Alchemy team works to develop programs that really engage people. Through play. Game-based programs use your own tasks and projects, so you never get behind schedule. Marie believes in organizational health as a way to build a better workplace. Healthy organizations outperform their competitors, are free of politics, have higher transparency, and encourage star performers to stay. Prime Alchemy is a division of Planning101 Group Corp.


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