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Build Your Global Business — A Success Story — Rebecca Jones of 'Paris St. Cloud' Hypnotherapy

Rebecca Jones M.A. DipPCH, Consultant & Hypnotherapist founded her international company 'Paris St. Cloud' when living between Cairo and Paris. After expanding and relocating her business to the sunny beaches of St. Malo in France, Rebecca's business boasted international clients from all around the world, and as far afield as Japan, China, the USA, & Asia.

Rebecca was then contacted by Paul McKenna's staff to go and be part of his team! So off she went! During this time Rebecca would commute between London and Paris to join Paul McKenna and his team in London, running seminars and events for VIPs and clients from all around the world.

Initially from England, Rebecca then decided to move back to the UK to set up Harley Street Therapy Clinic in London. She now also has a clinic on Fifth Avenue, Manhattan, NYC, USA, and a clinic on Deansgate in Manchester, UK.

She has also recently founded the Long Covid Therapy Institute in London, UK, treating Long Covid sufferers and patients, and running professional training courses, training therapists and medical professionals on the treatment of Long Covid. Following her flagship research and clinical trials worldwide at the forefront of and into the treatment of Long Covid she now trains other healthcare professionals using her uniquely designed therapeutic techniques, and her brand new training program.

Rebecca Jones, Clinical Hypnotherapist | Consultant

Here in this article, she describes the challenges, and opportunities, of running a global business. Using her own experiences she explains how you can take your brand to the next level, and become the next big global company.

Want a global brand and a global business?

Then see the world. Get out there.

It's no good trying to build a global empire if you haven't left your bedroom or the place where you were born. This may seem harsh but you need to see what the rest of the world looks like and what it has to offer. How can you serve the rest of the world if you don't know what is out there or what it looks like?!

I have many corporate clients and entrepreneurs who come to see me saying that they want to build a global company. Even a global empire! And yet they haven't left their own country, their own continent, or even their own village.

In order to build a global brand and business, it is essential that you see the world, or at least see the part of it where you want your business to grow to and to extend to. This is because not only will this teach you so much about your international and global market, but it will also expand your own perceptions and horizons. By expanding your perception, you will ultimately expand on what you can achieve! Your mind will grow. You will gain Big Mind!

I was fortunate enough to be able to work in some incredible places with some amazing people, including living and working in Kazakhstan, Egypt, France, and Poland to name a few.

I was also able to have some incredible clients including staff from the OECD, the United Nations, the British Council, the European Union, the American government, foreign diplomats, VIPS, Silicon Valley tech gurus, musicians, and more.

Step 1: Get out there!

Meet a range of people, from all walks of life, from all different backgrounds, and see the world.

Step 2: Ask yourself: What do I love?

  • What is it that you really love doing?

  • What sets you alight?

  • What fires you up?

  • What gives you energy and fills you up? (Rather than depleting your energy and taking it away)

When you have your answer, this is what you will be amazing at doing!

It is so important to remember to not miss out on what you love. I love working with people. And I love working with people of all ages. And it is teenagers and young people especially who really fire me up and give me a buzz! Some would describe me as a Teenager Specialist. (Although I would say I love working with adults too!) I still make sure I get into schools because it is here where I get filled up with energy, I feel a buzz, I feel alive, and I love the sound of children all around laughing, chatting, and making noise.

And then the energy and spark I get from this, I can then use in my sessions with other clients too. It's a Win-Win situation.

So find out what you love... and do more of it!

Step 3: Don't lose sight of why you are doing it.

For many years I refused to call my company an actual 'business'. Instead 'Paris St. Cloud', my business, was described by myself as my hobby. Calling it a business just seemed to make it sound and become too serious, too boring, too much like a job. And it wasn't a job. It still isn't. I just love it!

Instead, just calling it my 'hobby' made it less pressured, less intense, and more pleasurable, more fun, a joy, something to relax to, something to have fun with, and be creative, and play with. It was a joyful pastime.

I was (& still am) doing it for pleasure.

So be open, playful, and curious with your business/hobby. Have fun with it and you will be certain to be successful.

Step 4: Say yes to everything.

If an opportunity arises, then grasp it with both hands. Say Yes! It might feel scary (the best opportunities usually do!).

It may feel like too much of a risk, too much of a gamble, and too much out of your comfort zone. My advice is:

  • Get out of your comfort zone!

  • Feel the fear and do it anyway!

My new book 'Source Your Inner Jet Pack' (to be published later this year) will help you find your own inner Jet pack to soar upwards, skywards, like a rocket ship and reach dizzying new heights that you never imagined or dreamed possible.

Go have a new adventure! Have fun! Explore! Find your freedom!

Go build your brand. Go create your company. Go get Global.

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