Bring Out Your Magic Wand

Written by: Anna-Karin Lingham, Executive Contributor

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Every year around New Year's Day, I write a letter to myself. I look back on the year that has passed — the experiences, learnings, people — and wrap it all up. Then I look forward to the year that is just about to start—my hopes, dreams, and goals. Also, the people I don´t yet know, but who I know will show up and maybe even become important to me as life moves on. I look forward as well to the new assignments, challenges, and adventures.

It is like creating a future on a white sheet of paper. Some things are given, but I allow myself to look beyond them. Sometimes I set a theme for the new year to focus on. I finish my writing by sprinkling some magic dust on the letter and seal it up. Then I hide it.

A year later, I pick out the letter from its´ hideaway, put a stamp on it, and send it to myself by mail. It is a feast to find it in my mailbox a few days later, as if it was sent from me a year ago. As I read it, I have forgotten most of what I wrote back then, but some goals have always been reached. Some dreams have come true. Some things are totally different from what I expected and hoped for. I am amazed by what life can bring in just a year. It gives me the energy to start the new year with fresh, clean, and crispy days, where possibilities and challenges are waiting for me.

The year 2020 could not have been predicted. It has been a challenge for many of us. A positive change is longed for and well needed. However, the year of 2021 will not welcome us with a magic wand that will troll away all the hardship. If there are magic wands, we have them in our own hands. We are the ones who can create new possibilities and find new beginnings.

During this fresh new year, I will meet you in articles about branding, both for your organization and yourself. Let´s create a stunning new branding year together. And until we meet again, why don´t you write your own letter with goals and dreams for your brand? As 2021 ends, you will be amazed at how much that will have happened.

I wish you a Happy New Year!

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Anna-Karin Lingham, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Anna-Karin Lingham is a branding expert with a great interest in both business and people. Since more than twenty years back, she has worked with marketing, branding and business development both in Sweden and on an international arena. She has had leading roles in companies like the Axfood group, the global premium brand Hästens Beds, the health company Apotek Hjärtat and the sports fashion brand Björn Borg. She has launched the concept Ambassador Branding, where corporate and personal branding meet for great financial results, strong job satisfaction and brilliant ambassadorship on the market.

Anna-Karin has been appointed Mentor of the year by the Stockholm Marketing Association. She has written a guidebook in personal branding and is an active business developer, speaker and mentor. She is also an artist and outdoor adventurer, with a special fondness of high mountains. Her mission is to help companies and individuals to open their own windows and take place on greener and greater arenas.



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