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Bridging Spirit And Science In Health – Exclusive Interview With Trina Joy Lucas

Trina Joy Lucas is a Psychic Spiritual Healer and international expert on the spiritual roots of health with over 26 years and 27000 hours of clinical experience. Trina grew up isolated with a myriad of health issues that defied conventional treatments. A Bachelor of Health Science with Honours in Traditional Chinese Medicine coupled with Trina awakening psychic talents to communicate with a team of Healing Spirits resulted in a deep understanding of the broader spiritual underpinnings of the human body and psyche. Trina is a grounded and practical teacher, writer and speaker who empowers people to (1) understand and heal their symptoms while gaining insight into their purpose and meaning and (2) develop their personal soul-based gifts and abilities. It is Trina’s mission to use her expertise to educate the world on the science of spiritual healing, bringing a holistic approach to medicine to focus on exceptional outcomes for clients. Trina runs courses, a membership-based group, The Spiritual Healing Sanctuary, and offers one-to-one spiritual healing and mentor sessions. Trina’s message is simple: “Your spirit is a powerful agent of change. Be the gift to self and others the world needs – body, mind and soul.”

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Trina Joy Lucas, Psychic Spiritual Healer and Teacher

What is your business and how do you help your clients? My business is centred around my practice as a Psychic Spiritual Healer. I use my psychic skills to work with healing spirits who diagnose physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual issues in clients and provide healing. I mentor people to develop their own healing skills as well through 1:1 sessions and courses. I initially pursued an honours degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine. From the day I started practicing I attracted clients with intricate multi-faceted conditions. This led me to shift towards spiritual healing. I quickly realized that addressing the client's spirit was the missing piece in helping the client gain a deeper understanding of their health issues and achieve improved outcomes. My background in Chinese Medicine gives me a solid foundation in body physiology, energetics, and the nature of spirit as a life force in the body. Being born into a family of psychics, I leveraged my psychic skills to integrate with my Chinese medicine knowledge, creating a unique approach that allows me to incorporate spirit in my therapeutic practice as a medical intuitive. What really drives me? My deep passion lies in helping people recognize that spirit is an integral part of our bodies and therefore necessary and essential to health and wellbeing. This is evident in the fact that when the spirit is no longer active in the body, a person ceases to exist. It's vital to incorporate spirit into medicine. Taking care of ‘spirit anatomy’ to enhance spirit presence in the cells and tissues of the body is essential to reduce disease and enhance overall well-being.

Who inspires you to be the best that you can be? My clients do. I’m fortunate to have incredible experiences as a medical intuitive every day. An example that springs to mind is conversing with babies in the womb. They share intriguing insights about their soul nature and how it's woven into their physical bodies. Witnessing this process from the womb to toddlerhood and childhood is truly remarkable, as I see the alchemy I observed in utero come to life. Life is magical and it is my clients that I get to share this wonderful experiences with. Tell us about a pivotal moment that brought you to where you are today. One day, I hopped into my car for a trip to the local convenience store. Once inside the car, I heard a voice urging me to lock the passenger side door. Despite my initial hesitation, I leaned over and locked it. As I continued my drive, I stopped at an intersection, and out of nowhere, a man tried to open my passenger-side door. This marked my first vivid experience of spirit communication. This ability to have a clear channel for spirit communication has been a cornerstone of my success as a psychic, spiritual healer, and educator in the realm of spirit medicine and well-being. Tell us about your greatest career achievement so far. I've built a strong base of loyal clients who not only enjoy my services but also refer their family and friends. Remarkably, my entire business grew solely through word-of-mouth recommendations, predating the era of social media and websites. In the last eight years, I've expanded my practice to reach a broader audience. I now offer courses and a membership program, where I educate people about the fundamental principles of how spirit functions within the body. These resources empower individuals to harness spiritual healing for their own health, well-being, and personal development.

What are your current goals for your business?

I'm deeply passionate about advocating for a grounded and practical approach to recognizing the essential role of spirit in medicine and therapeutic practices. Spirit is sometimes seen as esoteric or unconventional, but it's an integral part of your bodies ability to maintain physical, mental and emotional health.

My goal is to move spirit out of the "woo-woo" category and establish it as a legitimate and vital component of the medical landscape. This transformation requires education, and I'm constantly seeking opportunities through podcasts, seminars and workshops to share this knowledge with the world.

One thing that people who know you well may not know about you is?

A lesser-known fact about me is I am autistic, and I have ADHD. Being a neurodivergent person in a world designed for neurotypical people has many challenges and obstacles. I am genuinely grateful every day to the presence of spirit in helping me navigate them.

Follow me on Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, and Facebook, and visit my website for inspiring content on the spiritual roots of health and personal growth to transform your life.



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