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Transforming Lives Through Spiritual Guidance & Healing – Exclusive Interview With Patrick Batson

Patrick Batson assists people on their journey of awakening to higher consciousness. Drawing upon decades of study and practice of Spiritual wisdom, as well as executive-level management and modern family life, Patrick serves as a guide for bridging the physical and Spiritual worlds. He has authored two books and publishes a monthly blog of channeled content on topics common to the human experience, as observed from the perspective of the Higher Self. Through his healing practice, Patrick helps clients connect with their Higher Mind. By bringing unconscious, limiting beliefs into alignment with the Higher Mind's vision of wholeness and abundance, clients are able to amplify and accelerate positive life changes.

photo of Patrick Batson

Patrick Batson, Spiritual Guide & Healer

Introduce yourself! Please tell us about you and your life, so we can get to know you better.

I am an energy healer, author, and spiritual guide. My own journey of awakening to higher consciousness began with meditation and the study of Eastern religious traditions in my teens. That progressed into a degree in Religious Studies with an emphasis in Zen Buddhism and was followed by three more decades of study, practice, and meditation. Along the way, I have awakened to spiritual gifts such as healing and channeling.

I have also had a successful business career. I hold an MBA from the University of Washington in Seattle and spent 25 years as an executive and consultant in marketing, communications, and business strategy, working mostly with high-tech companies like Microsoft. I have a wonderful wife, two awesome adult daughters, and three mischievous cats. My wife and I now live in Tubac, Arizona, a place rich in the history of the O’odham and Apache Nations, Spanish conquistadors, and Mexican and American settlers.

My greatest joy is helping to expand the consciousness of humanity. I also enjoy traveling, fitness, cooking, sharing good times with friends, and exploring the outdoors. In both the 3D world and the higher-dimensional spiritual realms, there are always new frontiers to explore.

What inspired you to move from your business career to your work as a spiritual guide and healer?

It was a gradual movement over time. I have maintained a devoted spiritual practice since I was 15. But I’m also a high-energy person with a very analytical mind, and I want to relate to the world as most people experience it. Working for large organizations, owning a business, raising a family, and being a part of mainstream culture has enabled me to do that.

That said, a couple years ago my guides made it quite clear that the time was right to leave the traditional business world and start assisting others on their own journey of awakening. Of course, I said, “Yes!” And it has proven to be most rewarding time of my career.

You describe yourself as an energy healer. Tell us more about how you work?

My philosophy about healing is simple: The human body is constantly seeking alignment with its highest state of wellbeing. The body finds alignment when we allow for it without resistance. So, when someone is out of alignment, they must consciously choose healing and do the necessary work to eliminate resistance, whether that be through traditional medicine or energy healing. Once they make that choice, I collaborate in their healing process energetically.

I use two primary modalities: Spiritual Hypnosis and Reiki. Hypnosis has long been recognized as a safe and effective method for rapidly overcoming limiting patterns of thought and behavior. Spiritual hypnosis goes further by helping clients to connect with their higher mind and bring their unconscious beliefs into greater alignment with what their higher self knows to be true—that they are the magnificent creators of their own lives—including their health and wellbeing.

Reiki is a powerful energy healing modality developed in Japan by Dr. Mikao Usui. Through intuitive energy movement in the body, Reiki balances the chakras and opens blocked energetic pathways. This enables life-force energy (a.k.a. chi or prana) to flow more freely and brings the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies into alignment.

You also describe yourself as a channel. Can you please explain?

Channeling is speaking, writing, or otherwise expressing higher spiritual wisdom that transcends what is known in the 3D realm. We don’t yet perceive with our human eyes the higher dimensions in which our higher self dwells, but they are every bit as real as our 3D reality. It’s widely known that there are colors our human eyes don’t see and sounds our ears don’t hear. And we know that love is real even though we can’t point directly to it. The higher self is like that. The more space we make to listen to it, the more we hear. It’s like tuning a radio dial to pick up a clear, sharp signal.

Every human being has the ability to access higher spiritual wisdom directly, and anyone can be a channel. Most people already do channel, although they may not be aware of it. We usually call it our intuition or inner voice. Many musicians, artists, and athletes describe being “in the zone” of creativity or competition where everything else seems to fall away and they become the living expression of their talent. That is also channeling.

I channel my higher self verbally and through writing. It identifies to me as Keenu, which is also part of a soul collective that identifies as Thomas. So, I put the two together and published my channeled work under the name “Keenu Thomas’.

What do you mean when you talk about higher consciousness?

That’s a loaded question from a 3D point of view. Science still debates a universal definition of consciousness, as well as what gives rise to it. But psychology generally agrees that consciousness is our unique experience of the world, which includes our thoughts, beliefs, emotions, and memories. These are the filters through which we experience and create our lives.

Science does agree that everything in creation vibrates at a particular frequency, including matter, thought, and emotion. My own guidance from Keenu has led me to the understanding that all thought and emotion falls on a continuum between love and fear. The frequency of love is very high and light, and the frequency of fear is very low and dense.

Higher consciousness is aligned to the frequency of love and its attributes, like generosity, compassion, openness, forgiveness, cooperation, and hope. The more we align with these qualities in our thoughts, feelings, and actions, the higher our consciousness becomes. As we move away from the density of fear and toward the lightness of love, we build momentum that compels us to keep choosing love-based thoughts and actions. This leads not only to more positive life experiences, but also to the unfolding of spiritual gifts that aren’t accessible when we’re stuck in lower frequencies. Higher consciousness thus becomes a self-reinforcing upward spiral that brings more inner peace and harmony, a more joyful life, and previously undiscovered abilities.

I’ve written two books about this. The most recent, Higher Choices and How to Make Them, offers brief daily reminders for how to choose love.

Tell us about a pivotal moment in your life that brought you to where you are today.

There have been so many that it’s hard to pick just one, but I could lump them together under “disillusionment”. There were events like bitter divorce, failed career moves, lost friendships, misplaced hope in leaders, and the like. Each time, there was a moment when I realized things were not going to work out the way I expected. In fact, things were going to feel pretty crappy for a while.

However, I came to realize that every apparent “failure” was a springboard to a higher level of consciousness. I often say that life isn’t as much about what we do as it is about the consciousness with which we do it and the expansion we achieve through it. I know beyond all doubt that I would not be as positive, patient, compassionate, or forgiving as I am today had I not experienced those moments of disillusionment. They pushed me beyond my comfort zone and forced me to ask, “What else is possible for me?” Now I intentionally push myself past my known limits, and I have far fewer expectations for how things will work out. I only know that they always go well for me.

What advice do you have for someone who is looking for a greater spiritual connection but doesn’t know where to start.

Many people begin their spiritual practice by reading books, watching videos, and/or attending seminars—and that’s a great place to start. I recommend going to a physical bookstore with a large metaphysical section and just perusing the titles until something grabs you. Read it, practice the guidance if it speaks to you, and see where it leads you.

I started reading books by Edgar Cayce in my teens. I recently went back to one of them and realized it didn’t hold much interest for me now. But it was instrumental in getting me started on my journey. That’s how it works. One source opens your mind and heart up a bit, and that leads you to another source that can take you to a new level. I tell people to keep it simple and just go where you’re inspired.

A daily meditation practice will help you unfold much more quickly—even if it’s only for five minutes a day. Start where you can and build from there. Just sit or lie comfortably, slow and deepen your breathing, and focus on the flow of your breath in and out. When thoughts arise, let them pass by like a bird in the distance that you hardly notice. With your mind calm, you will be much more open to the guidance of your higher self, so listen and watch for synchronicities in your life. Some people find it easier to start with guided meditation to get them used to the feeling of a meditative state, and I offer free ones on my website.

If you could change one thing about your industry, what would it be and why?

I’ll speak about a change I would like to see across most industries: The ongoing obsession with short-term returns. I approach this issue with a deep understanding of modern business complexities, but I disagree with the notion that firms must optimize decisions to benefit a relatively small number of shareholders or owners. This leads to overworked employees and underinvestment in necessary resources. This is bad for society as a whole because it throws the lives of millions of people out of balance.

As a leader of my own company, I learned that you can achieve great success by paying people good wages, providing them with abundant resources, and setting reasonable timelines that respect their life outside of work. This builds tremendous goodwill and loyalty among employees, which leads to greater productivity while substantially reducing the hidden costs of attrition (e.g., recruiting, training, lost productivity, client dissatisfaction, administrative overhead, etc.). What’s more, I’ve found that employees who feel supported and balanced are more invested in company goals, more creative, and generally more pleasant to work with.

Many companies realize billions of dollars in profits every year that can easily be used to optimize for their workers’ wellbeing within the limits of a 40-hour work week. They’ve convinced themselves that constantly pursuing short-term returns and moving at break-neck speed is required because “our industry demands it.” But that’s just a myth they’ve chosen to believe. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen people burn themselves out through months of working long hours on a project that was sold to them as the “key to customer satisfaction” or “strategically important to beating the competition”, only to see the project cancelled in a corporate reorganization or leadership change. So, all that stress ends up being for naught. My wife and I call it “the hustle”.

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