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Believe In Yourself (It's A Big Deal)

Written by: Vance Twins, Executive Contributor

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Many of us were taught to assume that meditation is a weird practice limited to monks, new agers, or yogis. Thankfully, times have changed, and the ancient wisdom of unfamiliar philosophies is now being studied and understood. Because of scientific research and technology, it is considered normal to reap the benefits of stillness, an ancient practice. Eastern philosophers have often said prayer is talking to God, while meditation is listening to God. The perspective of "God" in the East is seen as an energy field that brings life to all that is. The Tao is referred to as the Mother of the Universe, where all of nature is valued and sacred.

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Stay Connected with Yourself.

All of us are connected to this Sacred Energy Life Force (S.E.L.F), which runs through all living things. Meditating on self or others gives access to this pure, clean energy. (I think of God as G.O.D., a.k.a. Goodness Over Dogma or the Way OF Nature). It speaks through inspiration, a hunch, instinct, intuition, a calling, or motivation from life's highest and most divine sources. Some Taoist philosophers refer to his source as chi (like energy), an unmanifested force, the Mother of the Universe (or Universal Mother). It doesn't matter what it is called; it is in nature and all of life.

Go Easy on Yourself.

Doctors are now prescribing meditation (instead of medication), scientists all over the world have examined the advantages on the body and mind, and hundreds of studies at universities have proven the improvement in overall health. Anyone, from children to elders, can benefit. It has helped humanity manage the challenges and difficulties during life's various phases.

Not only does care and concern for ourselves and others found from meditating improve our mood, but it enables us to manage emotions in a noninvasive and gentle way, improving overall mental and physical health. Meditation is a journey of self-awareness that can contribute to making every moment easier.

Regardless of our age, place in life, profession, or the way we choose to spend time, our perception of ourselves is one of the most important deal-makers and breakers determining our mood and the ease of everyday activities. When we give ourselves a few moments of quietude, we permit the everlasting guide to provide insight belonging to the authentic self. Eventually, this insight leads to answers that are not found elsewhere.

Remember to Like Yourself.

To believe in your capabilities (and your potential) should be considered normal, and it is one of the few things humans can control. It is easy for us to tend to blame and hold guilt and shame against the self, but this inclination blocks our ability to see the self with clarity. Stress is sometimes caused by disliking self or the situation. Accepting, trusting, and believing in one's ability to manage each issue can change all that. Quiet compassion can be one of many ways to remedy the situation. When we see the value connected to our true selves, we feel no need to flaunt or convince people to see our worth or particular stance. Rather, we trust in ourselves, others, and the bigger picture. We find value in nature, including our natural self.

When I think about a time in my life when I worried and blamed myself for something which may or may not be my fault, empathy for myself can release the unnecessary thoughts that do not belong to me–the mind chatter–which can arise. The ability to see beyond a limited perspective will flip the script and change one's life; seeing from a bird's-eye view allows us to see the future and thus make effective decisions during the most challenging times.

Give Yourself Empathy.

A journal can be a useful place to express feelings without judgment. While jotting down notes, you can better understand the situation; see it from a balanced perspective that includes others. (You might find that you are imbalanced, giving someone else more or less empathy than yourself.) Releasing pent-up feelings through writing scripts from different points of view can unravel life's most difficult problems. Once expressed, we can keep our notes private, refer back to them whenever need be, scrap them altogether, or publish them into a book. It's totally up to you!

Believe in Yourself. (It’s a Really Big Deal)

We all have been programmed to believe certain things about ourselves by authoritative influences and sometimes a superficial society, but just because someone else might think something about who we are, does not mean it is true. One of the most empowering concepts I have learned is that my thoughts control my mood. When I am feeling down, I can examine the dominant thoughts that may be causing disturbing feelings and change them from sabotaging me to empowering me by seeing from a different angle. Some of us have been programmed to believe certain things about ourselves as children, and sometimes this sentiment follows us from our teen years to adulthood.

Especially into adulthood, stigmas and stereotypes are tossed around or thrown at us by others, impacting our ability to connect with the people around us.

However, we can transform these hurtful and habitual thoughts with empathy and kindness. A convenient time to make this effort can be through compassionate meditation. We can then look at ourselves from a noncritical lens to finally see the self for who the essence truly is beneath the surface–from the composed and collected inside-out.

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Vance Twins, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Rev. Dr. Janine, Philosophy, is a book doctor, feature-length screenwriter, and international award-winning author of many books, including Twins Found in a Box, Search for Mother Missing, Going Back to Zen, and Power of Isolation. She also consults entrepreneurs on story development and guides clients through the process of publishing their books worldwide.

Jenette, a Certified and Licensed Occupational Therapy Assistant and Life Coach, was trained in Integrated Psychology and Applied Neuroscience. Jenette became a Reiki Master under the direct lineage of Master Mikao Usui, the founder of Reiki. She enjoys helping people learn about Reiki and develop personalized meditations catered to their needs.

The Vance twins have each worked in their field of expertise for more than twenty-five years. They recently joined forces to provide personalized guided meditations and host write-for-your-life retreats for busy people.



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