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Are Your Thoughts The Sculptor Of Your Life?

Written by: Kim Conway, Executive Contributor

Executive Contributors at Brainz Magazine are handpicked and invited to contribute because of their knowledge and valuable insight within their area of expertise.


What are you manifesting?

Each of us is presented with the challenge of allowing our souls to lead us instead of our thoughts. How well will you do with this? It is true; our thoughts are powerful creators, and in the words of Edgar Cayce, “Thoughts are things."

What we believe becomes our truth. Inside each of us lives the power of the Creator of all, and this power creates our reality. This is good news because it means we have the power to change any aspects of ourselves and our lives! Wow!

It is often The thoughts in your head That lead you down your path Instead Of the wisdom of your soul and for many It takes until You grow old To know your truth And hear it told. The thoughts inside your mind Create the journey

You will find

And often take you

To a place

You do not wish to go

And when you arrive

Please know

You steered

Your very own ship taking over the wheel

And when this occurs, You truly feel

A discourse

A dissatisfaction

And desire a completely new

Direction and action...

How Do We Surrender To The Loving Guidance Of Our Souls?

First, we must recognize the difference between the thoughts of our ego-mind and wisdom from our souls. This is not so difficult. Our souls are our greatest cheerleaders. They fill us with encouragement, believe in us, and tell us this in each message they send. Our souls send us thoughts wrapped in love, compassion, and kindness. Our ego-mind has the job of filling us with doubt and challenges us. It makes us work hard to know our true selves and feel close to our divinity. It challenges us to trust we are connected to the power of the Creator of all. The further we move from this truth, the more chaotic the creation we sculpt. We create a path of confusion rather than peace.

...What if you decide

To surrender and trust

To what is inside Of your great essence

Held within the embrace

Of your aura And your rainbow Of color What would occur If you allowed Your own soul to rise?

What would you then see With your magnificent eyes?

How would this change Your journey and direction? Now have we claimed Your attention For when you settle. For the thoughts in your mind You will only find A dissatisfaction And a slowing down Of your soul’s journey...

How Can We Allow Our Souls To Sculpt Our Journey?

Each of us has an artist within us. If we allow our sculptors to be our souls instead of our ego minds, imagine the beauty created! We make knowing our souls so complex when it is actually simple. It is an illusion created by our ego minds which makes us believe we are disconnected from our souls. Our souls are always within reach and with us. It is in the moments of silence and absence of any stimulation we can most easily feel and experience our souls.

...For inside Each of you Is an early morning sunrise Filled with a rainbow Of color. Allow it to rise

And envelop you

Telling you the truth Of what you desire to know And allow your path To be lit And all aglow With the truth Bathing in your own light

Giving you clairvoyance

The gift of sight To see the unseen To discover all of the wisdom To create a journey Of truth and glory To discover your very own power. Allow your soul To wash away The thoughts in your mind

And replace them

With love

And you shall find

The truth of you

The journey you take Is filled with growth

And messages of kind

And gentle glory

Allow this

To be your story.

Tip To Get To Know Your Soul:

Sit in absolute silence and imagine the energy of mother earth stirring your soul. Imagine your soul rising up and enveloping you in its lights. See its color and enjoy the feeling of love and peace. Give your steering wheel. Do this as often as you need and notice how your life and path changes in beautiful ways. Enjoy!

If you would like to be led on a meditative journey to sit with your soul, try Kim’s channeled meditation album, SoulJourneys, on Spotify, iTunes, and YouTubeMusic.

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Kim Conway, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Kim Conway, LICSW, Coach, Medium, Reiki Master. Kim believes we all have the capacity to overcome our struggles and that our souls are the most powerful healers and our greatest guide. Her approach is spiritual, helping clients develop a relationship with their souls, which supports us in every aspect of our lives and helps guide us to heal, evolve, and grow. She incorporates intuitive work, energy healing, and education in her soul coaching program to help you discover and know your soul for personal development, guidance, and healing.

Kim is a LICSW, developed spiritual medium, and Reiki Master Teacher who offers soul coaching, mediumship, intuitive and Oracle card readings, meditations, energy healing, and spiritual and intuitive development classes. You can listen to her Podcast, Soul Inspirations, meditation album, Soul Journeys for inspiration and healing. Kim is the Entrepreneuress of Kim Conway, LLC.



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