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Apply The Energy Of Your Experience Toolbox Through Execution Of Empowering Motivation

Kurt D. Bruckmann Sr. is a Master in Core Energy Dynamics being one of a few in the world. He provides the understanding of how our mind-body-energy connection operates delivering solutions for optimized outcome. Founder of Continuum Core Coaching and a Internationally acclaimed best selling author of "Ready Connect Grow" Anthology published 2023.

Executive Contributor Kurt D. Bruckmann Sr.

Motivation comes through us in various ways. Change is one of these. One reason people resist change is because they focus on what they have to give up instead of what they have to gain. This is where you apply your toolbox of experience to empower motivation through transition creating optimal performance.

Man wearing cowboy hat standing near lake

Life is like an ocean of waves

In the business world, courage is essential to drive your motivation towards the desired outcomes for you and your organization.


Fear is a reaction – Courage is a decision

6 types of courage


  1. Physical, keeps you going with resilience, balance, and awareness.

  2. Social, to be yourself unapologetically.

  3. Morale, doing the right thing even when it’s uncomfortable or unpopular.

  4. Emotional, feeling all your emotions, positive and negative without guilt or attachment.

  5. Spiritual, loving with purpose and meaning through a heart center approach towards all.

  6. Intellectual, to learn, unlearn and relearn with an open and flexible mind.


Here you are well equipped to take on any challenges with anabolic motivation, creating a successful atmosphere for all those around you. Your business will flow with a sustainable outcome. This motivation becomes the driving force in building your success posse.


Creating collaborative energy with connection, alignment, and support builds the availability of opportunity for your team to embrace success together with desired motivation.


Ride your waves with intrinsic motivation

Intrinsic motivation refers to behavior driven by internal rewards. By practicing intrinsic motivation in the workplace you can positively influence your team and empower a healthy workforce. Collaboration flows with ease as outside pressures are put aside and development comes from within.


This type of Intrinsic motivation is important for task persistence, for seeing a project through and for ensuring exploration of solutions creating opportunity. It is also accompanied by positive effect. The love of the task is an important component of creative work. This provides the freedom to execute desired performance for your business and world around you.


6 means of intrinsic motivation

  1. Challenge: personally motivated to complete goals that are difficult but possible and pursue other challenging activities.

  2. Curiosity: attention is grabbed by the opportunity to learn new skills or concepts, motivating continued learning with growth.

  3. Control: you are in control of what you do providing independence which allows you to feel like you are working to provide top performance. This delivers empowering energy for all involved.

  4. Recognition: internally satisfying boosting self esteem. Having your work recognized by others reinforcing intrinsically motivated behavior which provides for successful outcome.

  5. Cooperation: working with teams gives internal rewards for helping others in completing the task. Offers opportunities to co-create for improvement and sustainable growth for all.

  6. Appreciation: you have an innate need to be appreciated for your efforts. Employees are often more motivated when they receive frequent feedback and praise from managers and peers.


Motivational reward starts within – In/out

Intrinsic motivation refers to actions that are driven by internal rewards. The motivation to engage in a behavior which arises from within. The inherent satisfaction of the activity

is not mandated for reward or specific outcome. It simply flows. You enjoy an activity in business and see it as an opportunity to explore, learn, and actualize your potential.

Rewards for achievement or feelings of pleasure arrive organically.


Three main elements of intrinsic motivation

Autonomy, Purpose, and Mastery are what keep people intrinsically motivated, as you can act independently to feel your efforts matter. You gain satisfaction from becoming more intrinsically skilled while not engaging in behavior to earn external rewards or trying to avoid punishment for lack of performance.


This type of motivation brings joy with sharing everything you are in your business life and world. It is the freedom you seek to be authentically you which permits the availability of the energy in just allowing it to develop.


Remember the future

Time, past, and future are co-created thought constructs that are only held in place by our collective belief in them. As you tap into your toolbox of experience to help drive in your development of motivation, you find comfort with collaboration for success in your workplace.


When the imagined divisions between past, present and future dissolves, time collapses. The true nature of your reality reveals itself as timeless, internal then external, and all happening in the now. In this state of consciousness, time is seen for what it truly is instead of a figment of your imagination that you project outward.

This sentiment is echoed by wisdom tradition the world over. Cultures have long known that the function of motivation is the driving force for vision forward and into the future. Remembering is to dream backward. To be intrinsically motivated is to dream forward.

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Kurt D. Bruckmann Sr., Core Energy Dynamics Master

Kurt D.Bruckmann Sr. is a leader in the understanding of Core Energy Dynamics. As a child he experienced several untimely tragedies in the loss of his father and other family mentor figures. He turned to his teachings from them to embrace nature and its ever guiding lessons of continual growth while in a continuum of change. As his life evolved Kurt went on to build and establish his own company while becoming one of the world's top precious metals traders on the floor of the commodities exchange in World Trade Center. He is a two time survivor of WTC attacks. He delivers his expertise of energy as founder of ContInuum Core Coaching. Kurt teaches and guides people in understanding their core energy. "From Impossible To I'm Possible"



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