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An Interview With The Author And Founder Of The Inner Hippie Club — Silke Harvey

Silke Harvey is the writer and founder of the Inner Hippie Club, a community for women who’ve lost their mojo and want to release their Inner Hippie, that carefree teenage feeling before life got serious. A professional musician, corporate employee, and freelance translator in her former life, Silke draws on her colorful past and personal experience with burnout and surviving in stressful working environments to help women reclaim their inner joy and bring a healthy balance back into their lives. She has developed an effective method based on time for fun, nature, rest, reflection, and gratitude. Silke is a certified Reiki Master, Reiki Drum practitioner, Seichem practitioner, Chakra Dancing and Creative Mindful Meditation facilitator, and HAO animal healer and applies many of these techniques when working with clients.

Silke Harvey
Silke Harvey

Who is Silke?

I'm the author and founder of the Inner Hippie Club, a self-help manual and online community for women who’ve lost their mojo and want to release their Inner Hippie, that carefree teenage feeling before life got serious.

I’m also the founder of Inner Hippie Books, a publishing house that provides strong and amazing women with a platform for telling their inspirational stories to the world.

My online work is firmly based on my experiences as a certified Reiki Master, Chakra Dancing and Creative Mindful meditation therapist, Reiki Drum therapist, and animal healer. I’ve made it my life’s mission to empower other women to live a life full of joy in alignment with their true purpose.

From bass player in a Rock’n'Roll band, music manager, and indie record label owner to financial translator for one of the Big Four and owner of a translation agency to an energy healer, online entrepreneur, and book publisher – my life has certainly been a thrilling ride so far! I live by the seaside in the north of the UK with Shawn, my lovely husband of 30 years, and our beautiful Romanian rescue dog Frunza.

What is it that you do for your clients?

I help women release their Inner Hippie. In other words, I help them find their joy and true purpose in life. I teach them how to let go and have fun and that it’s ok to be a little bit wild at heart, a little bit crazy, even in an adult world. My motto is “Don’t take life too seriously”.

I also provide strong women who’ve successfully overcome the constraints of society and are living an aligned and purposeful life with a platform for inspiring other women to do the same. I publish the stories of these trailblazers in multi-author book projects.

My latest project STRONG AND FREE – Stories of women who are living their dream after breaking up with society’s expectations is on its way right now.

Who should work with you?

I love working with women who’ve realized that something is missing in their lives and are determined to find their Inner Hippie again, who just need guidance to take that decisive step toward happiness, freedom, and joy.

I also love hearing from women who’ve already taken this big step and now want to inspire others – women who live joyful, abundant, and aligned lives and want to leave a legacy to this world as published authors. Their stories are fascinating and never cease to amaze me and it’s my mission to get them heard!

What is your big goal? Where do you see yourself 10 years from now?

My big goal is to empower thousands of women to tell their stories and to touch the hearts of millions of others. I want to leave a powerful legacy that will continue to inspire women for years to come.

10 years from now, I see Inner Hippie Books as one of the major publishing houses for women. I also see the Inner Hippie Club developing into a movement – a radio station, an app membership, and a retreat center, which I’m in the process of developing at my beautiful property in Bulgaria. The future is exciting!

For more details, follow me on Facebook or Instagram, join my Facebook Community or visit my website!



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