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Bridging Mindset And Metaphysics: A Deep Dive With The Creators Of LunaCco Design – Interview With Dr. Cadee & Jules Duquette

In an exclusive interview with the pioneering mother-daughter team at LunaCco Design, we uncover the inspiration driving their venture into esoteric education and independent oracle creation. From digital planners and subliminal tracks to tarot decks and holistic teachings, LunaCco Design is reshaping the realm of personal empowerment. Join us as we explore the strategic vision, creative process, and holistic approaches that form the foundation of LunaCco Design's mission to steer individuals toward self-discovery and inner harmony.

Image photo of Dr. Cadee & Jules Duquette

Dr. Cadee & Jules Duquette, Intuitive Mentors

Can you share the story behind LunaCco Design and how your journey into esoteric education, subliminal binaural music, and indie oracle creation began?

In our lives, we both have had a profound innate connection to the spiritual realm. Our venture into esoteric learning became a conscious decision when we embarked on a path to heal Cadee after winning over uterine cancer. We began reading and learning every healing modality we could find, beginning with Reiki, then going into EFT, etc. We have always studied our beliefs together, and this strengthened our connection as Cadee gave up all prescriptions and found strength again. Jules has always been the driving force behind our quest for knowledge, consistently guiding us to the right resources and individuals at precisely the right moments. We now offer those modalities that have been beneficial for us to those who reach out for help.

As a mother-daughter team, what inspired you to collaborate and create a business centered around helping people connect with themselves through esoteric education and tools?

Having had entrepreneurial backgrounds individually, we decided to combine our expertise to establish LunaCco. The decision to embark on a joint business initially unsettled us, propelling us into a series of unanticipated adventures. Trying to find balance and purpose together, we moved from state to state. We found ourselves in a period of homelessness until we bartered our car for an aging RV. Guided by our spirits, our unconventional journey unveiled the beauty of a simpler existence, inspiring us to now assist others in discovering the path to their own simpler way of life.

What kind of training have you both done in Esoteric & Metaphysical areas and how has that helped shape how you teach?

What haven’t we trained in? Dr. Cadee has a doctorate of divinity and is a certified hypnotherapist, Reiki master, eft/TFT master, law of attraction coach, and generational psychic intuitive. She has been giving readings for over 20 years, mostly with cards but also as a medium. Jules is a certified Human Design Reader, EFT/TFT master, Reiki master, numerologist, law of attraction coach, astrologer in training, and generational psychic intuitive. She also has been giving readings for over 20 years with cards.

Everything we do opens up the opportunity for Spirit to heal and speak directly to individuals. While clients have the option to seek regular insight and education from us, our preference lies in empowering them to tap into their own intuition using methods that resonate best with them. We are still available when they need more support, but we believe that finding daily guidance leads to a more harmonious everyday existence.

What key modalities have you learned that you are incorporating into your teaching and products now?

Our main focus is currently Human Design, Cartomancy, Mindset, and Astrology. The hypnosis training plays a huge role in Cadee’s development of our subliminals and meditations. We may incorporate our version of EFT- LunaTap in the near future. We are mainly focused on teaching tools that connect people to their higher selves and help them gain independence and confidence.

How does LunaCco Design's approach to esoteric education help individuals develop a positive and empowering mindset?

Our role involves guiding clients on a journey of self-discovery, helping them to understand their strengths and shadows. Through deep self-awareness, individuals can make decisions that authentically resonate with their true selves, rather than giving in to external pressures. A pivotal aspect of our approach is the use of Human Design to unveil the reasons behind the paths they have traveled this far and empower them to manifest the life they wish to lead. Through modalities such as EFT/LunaTap, hypnotherapy, meditations, and subliminals, we facilitate the release of past traumas and limiting beliefs. Each tool in our arsenal is geared toward steering clients toward cultivating a positive mindset, which helps them manifest a better future.

In what ways do your music tracks, digital planners, stickers, and tarot offerings contribute to nurturing a mindful and introspective mindset for your audience?

The key thread to all our offerings is empowering individuals to take control of their own journey and to give them tools that can guide them to find the best possible path for their lives. We want the power in their hands. Music tracks featuring binaural beats and subliminal messages facilitate brain retraining to enhance focus and promote better sleep. Digital planners and stickers are a fun and creative way to help encourage self-reflection, while also providing access to our card decks when they can’t afford the physical versions. Our indie decks offer insight into everyday and specific situations to help people gain insight that is clear and easy to understand when they need it, without needing to dig into other resources. Everything we offer is geared to help people regain their power, self-worth, and confidence in their life choices. 

What sets LunaCco Design's indie tarot and oracle cards apart from mainstream offerings, and how do they contribute to the spiritual journey of your audience?

LunaCco’s tarot and oracle decks come from a different place and goal than a lot of the mainstream options. We offer each of our decks for free daily readings. We have printable versions and digital stickers, too. It is our goal to be easily accessible and user-friendly. While we love the old traditional studies and complex esoteric knowledge of old, we firmly believe that the era of inaccessible wisdom is behind us. We want to bring a real-life application to these teachings. Convoluted tarot and oracle decks act as a barrier to people who seek to do readings. It is our mission to craft easy-to-read decks with guidebooks that encourage experimentation and intuition, which will bring people closer to themselves free from judgment for not adhering to the old, standard interpretations.

Could you share your creative process behind designing digital tarot and oracle cards, and how these creations complement the esoteric education you provide?

Jules: I’d love to! Design is my corner of happiness in our business. Cadee and I have had these decks in our hearts and souls for a very, very long time. The creative process for us starts with a spark of an idea. Sometimes it's silly animals drinking coffee, or deeper, like the Pluto shift in Aquarius rooting out shadows of the old. From there, I work out visuals that feel right. I design the visuals in the entirety for the deck and then, Cadee and/or I start working on the meanings. We meditate on the visual and use our intuition to “read” the card. Our deep-meaning guidebooks are still in the works while the cards we have out now have basic meanings right on each card.

These cards complement and exemplify our mission of connecting people with the tools to reach their higher selves without middlemen. We believe that cards are a great first step to hearing the inner voice that will guide you better than any guru.

How does LunaCco Design help individuals delve into metaphysical and esoteric subjects like cartomancy, human design, and astrology through your podcast and other offerings?

We help folks delve into topics that can look freaking daunting! Check no further than the PhD level tarot book of Holistic Tarot by Benebell Wen to instantly wonder if tarot is something you have time to learn. And while there are books that I agree everyone should read for the deeper, juicy details including Benebell, it can and often is overwhelming for beginners. Common concerns that we wanted to help answer, “This is interesting, but how do I apply this to my life?” or “I was interested in Human Design, but it’s just TOO much information for me to weed through and utilize.” We realized that not everyone is a deep researcher (hi, fellow line 1s) so we set out to simplify and grab the knowledge that can help people now in their lives. No PhD required.

In what ways do your card-a-day readings and transit updates assist individuals in connecting with their higher selves and understanding the energies at play in their lives?

Our card-a-day and transit updates are meant to give people a nice easy-to-digest overview. You don’t need to know much about Pluto in Aquarius because we break down why that is a big transit. You don’t need to have the whole tarot memorized with reversals to know what a card means because we give you the key takeaway and we incorporate tips on how to use intuition with cartomancy; no need to be tied down to only one way to read. We break down transits and cards to help people navigate the energy around them and have easy access to tools that they may not know well enough on their own, yet.

How do LunaCco Design's subliminal sleep and study tracks, combined with binaural & isochronic tones, contribute to enhancing individuals' mental clarity, focus, and overall well-being?

This is a passion point for both of us. Binaural and isochronic tones are a powerhouse! They help us shift into different brain states with a press of a button. You can get into a meditative state, fall asleep and stay asleep, wake up easier, and focus even if you are neurospicy like us, all with the right tone(s). 

It is a lot like a hypnotic state, as subliminal affirmations are repeated and the subconscious mind absorbs new thought patterns. Imagine what high vibrations and positive affirmations for 8 to 9 hours nightly can do to your mental well-being. Using the tracks along with meditation, journaling, and/or hypnosis is an excellent path to manifesting your dreams. 

Could you elaborate on the methodology behind the creation of your subliminal sleep and study tracks, and how they align with the overarching goal of guiding individuals towards inner connection and personal growth?

Our approach to creating tracks involves crafting natural brain state patterns to evoke specific desired outcomes. For instance, our sleep tracks are meticulously designed to guide individuals through the natural cycles of delta and theta brainwaves, mirroring the typical 90-minute phases experienced during sleep. Our tracks softly ease you to theta and then delta and then begin mimicking these natural cycles, at the end, we ease you all the way back up to Beta, which is our normal waking state. This is done in frequencies that have different qualities. We incorporate frequencies with distinct qualities, such as 528hz, associated with the heart chakra, and 936hz, linked to the crown chakra and the higher self. Add the subliminals and our tracks are perfect for reprogramming your subconscious while you sleep deeper and stay asleep better than usual allowing your body to heal and reset. Similarly, our study tracks feature similar cycles that aid in maintaining focus without drifting into sleep or becoming overstimulated. With frequencies, you can clear your chakras, sleep better, retrain your brain, and program better habits. It’s a powerful but easy tool, all you do is press play!

Can you share a success story or testimonial that exemplifies the transformative impact of LunaCco Design's esoteric education and products on an individual's mindset and spiritual journey?

During a joint session with both Jules and Cadee, a client shared a profound revelation following a Human Design report. She expressed that the dynamics within her family, including her relationship with her husband and children, underwent a big shift. Understanding the reasons behind each person's strengths and tendencies, they were discovering a new appreciation for their individual traits. By recognizing each other’s strengths, or shall we say superpowers, allowed each of them to be unapologetically authentic. From the time of our birth, we begin feeling a need to conform, but if we allow each person to be authentic to their design, we all win. She also said that she was getting better at understanding the guidance of her higher self. She is making decisions that boost her to be all that she can be. Creating a deeper connection with one's higher self frequently paves the way for individuals to discover their path to greater happiness and fulfillment.

What are your future plans for LunaCco Design?

We plan to continue creating all of the digital and physical card decks, planners, and journals; as well as our digital subliminals, meditations, and more. We want to impact the future by guiding and teaching people to find authenticity and alignment, which will guide them into the age of Aquarius in a more evolved way. The world is opening itself up for a huge change and we want to prepare the way. 

How does LunaCco Design envision contributing to the broader conversation around indie oracle creation and metaphysical education, and what role do you see your business playing in shaping the industry's future?

Our goal is to help people have better conversations with their higher selves, spirit guides, or whatever they believe is guiding them. We have used all of those terms, but believe that one's higher self is just their truest self without all the noise of the world in the way. It is that conversation with one’s higher self that allows for a clearer vision of who we are, what we want, and how to get there. We hope our contribution will positively impact the industry to applaud the diversity of its creators and the tools used to educate those seeking guidance. Authenticity and acceptance of one another’s ways are the keys to change.

Cards, lights and flowers on the table.

Closing thoughts

Thank you for diving into the dynamic world of esoteric education and indie oracle creation. Throughout the conversation, we explored the driving force behind their foray into this unique realm, their strategic vision, and the holistic methodologies that underpin their mission. LunaCco Design's commitment to fostering self-connection and empowerment was evident, as they continue to pave the way for individuals seeking to deepen their understanding of themselves and the mystical world around them. Their diverse offerings, including digital planners, subliminal tracks, tarot creations, and holistic teachings, are aimed at guiding others on a transformative journey towards inner wisdom and personal growth, ultimately enriching the collective consciousness, one mindful creation at a time.

Ready to connect in a deeper way to yourself? Grab a free card reading here.

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