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8 Reasons Why Extroverted Empaths Are Successful Entrepreneurs

Written by: Agnes Gomori, Executive Contributor

Executive Contributors at Brainz Magazine are handpicked and invited to contribute because of their knowledge and valuable insight within their area of expertise.


Are you toying with the idea of becoming an entrepreneur but afraid that as an empath, it might not be a good fit for you? Here are some traits that come naturally to extroverted empaths, but maybe you haven’t considered them as useful assets when starting a business.

Financial security is one of the top priorities for empaths, and certainly, there is a lot to consider before quitting the 9-5 job, which comes with a monthly paycheck. But if you have a nagging feeling inside that, you are not living purposefully. And that year after year, you are working to build someone else’s dream as opposed to building your own, I understand you.

For empaths, purposeful living is in the center of their lives, yet many of them hold back on their dreams because of the fear they might be too sensitive for a dog-eat-dog world.

But what if you already have the qualities that can make you become successful in your own right?

Let’s look at some traits which are typical for extroverted empaths.

1. They are highly creative. Many empaths are multi-passionate with an infinite pool of creative ideas. Sometimes these ideas come in the form of a dream or during meditation. This level of creative vision comes with the need for freedom, and that is why empaths don’t enjoy doing monotonous tasks where they have to do the same things day in and out. They enjoy being stimulated intellectually and won’t stay in a place that isn’t motivational and where they can’t progress. When they are in the right headspace, they can come up with truly original ideas. They dislike anything which is fake or of poor value. They are authentic and want to offer the best possible service. Half of the fun for them is coming up with new ideas.

2. They are highly intuitive. Empaths are deeply in touch with their inner wisdom. They can spot the gap in the market or simply have that strong feeling about which candidate to hire when recruiting. Their intuition helps them in decision-making from the start; whether they want to know the right time to expand the business or start a new adventure, they will tune into their intuition.

3. They are natural-born leaders. Extroverted empaths have a natural authority around them. Whether they work as a solopreneur or with a team, empaths genuinely care about the people they work with just as they care about their clients. They are charismatic and attract people naturally. Early in their career, they might find it uncomfortable as, despite being extroverted, they don’t like the attention. But as they become more experienced, they will make a visionary and empathetic leader.

4. They love networking. Empaths who are on the extroverted side are people orientated and connect with ease with people from all walks of life. Empaths don’t like small talk but love having meaningful conversations and lots of it. With their friendly approach and genuine curiosity, they make people at ease. They feel people’s energy and intention. Therefore, know when to continue or abort a conversation politely. Their love of networking makes them good at negotiating too.

5. They are skilled listeners and observers. Empaths are good listeners and intuitively know what questions to ask or how deep a conversation should go. They know the power of active listening, and they do it with genuine interest. Their open attitude helps them observe and understand the different energies of people. Empaths prefer the traditional approach of making lasting business connections - as opposed to quick surface-level sales - and active listening is a helpful tool in achieving it.

6. They are authentic. Although they can sense if something is about to become a trend, they dislike following the crowd. This comes from them being the creators as opposed to the followers. Their authentic approach to life and not joining the mainstream comes from the need of living purposefully. Empaths are lifelong learners, which allows them to adapt to new situations. They often have a calling from a young age but don’t dare to explore it because of social expectations. They want to help others, and it’s not unlikely that a business idea arises from searching for an answer in their life situation, such as a parent becoming a life coach for fellow parents for children with ADHD.

7. They genuinely care about helping others. Because empaths are caring and people orientated, they are likely to start a business where they can interact with people face to face, but not in large volume. It is against their nature to do something purely for financial gain. They can smell it from a mile when someone is not genuine, whether it’s a vendor or a prospect. Their business has to be purposeful where they can make a difference in people’s lives, and it’s unlikely to be a franchise.

8. They are diplomatic. Empaths have a strong moral compass paired up with good mannerism. They are idealists, which makes them natural peacemakers, always aim for harmony. They are friendly and respectful, and this is what they expect in return. Empaths cannot thrive in a hostile environment. It makes them off-balanced and unproductive and they would make it their priority to smooth things out. If there is any frustration in their team or a client complains, empaths can resolve the situation with their calming presence and their first-class listening skills.


There are many reasons extroverted empaths can succeed as entrepreneurs, and hopefully, the above list helped to highlight some of these traits. If your inner voice is telling you it’s your time to live purposefully but just can’t figure out the next steps, please get in touch via my website, LinkedIn or Instagram.

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Agnes Gomori, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Agnes Gomori is an Intuitive Life Coach and Healer. As a multi-passionate, creative Empath, Agnes is committed to helping fellow Empaths to find their true calling by applying the healing power of arts and nature, which she combines with energy healing in her therapeutic coaching sessions. Agnes has helped clients from across the globe to unlock their true potential. Her mission is to help extroverted Empaths become the empowered creators they were born to be.



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