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7 Tips For Strong Commitment - a Necessary Ingredient For Success

Written by: Henrik Pettersson, Executive Contributor

Executive Contributors at Brainz Magazine are handpicked and invited to contribute because of their knowledge and valuable insight within their area of expertise


As a mental coach, you use terms that say as much as possible with the least number of words. One such is commitment, which I often use because it describes how devoted you are and contains driving sentences such as motivation and attitude and determination. Factors necessary for success are about DOING things, not just thinking and pondering and thinking and then postponing and avoiding dealing with the situation.

Take action!

A challenge that comes from the fact that many feel insecure about the outcome: and start building a story for themselves about why it will not work. Flip the coin. Do the opposite. Unleash your potential. Find reasons, motivation, and see the result in front of you. It is the only thing that counts in the end.

Things that separate a mediocre life from a perfect one. A productive from an unproductive. A positive from a negative. Light from darkness. Joy from anxiety.

Some do not like their jobs, their results; they are dissatisfied. They want to change their lives. They say they want to improve, strengthen their finances, career, or health. But they do not read books or articles, do not study their fields, never listen to inspirational clips, do not make any plans, lack ambitions, have no clear gameplan and do not develop their skills.

They are not committed. A fruit tree is judged not only by its potential but also by its production—the same thing for us humans. We are primarily judged by what we DO, not by how we think.

Why then are we so afraid to commit? The answer is simple - as it requires delivery. Not just what many use: - I try, which only create escape routes.

Commitment commits.

No excuses accepted. Or as we who have served in the military may learn as point 1 A. SOLVE THE TASK!


7 tips for commitment to reach stronger results;

  1. Write down your goal on paper. Be as specific as possible. Instead of just "start training" - write, for example, 3 days a week - 60 min max, Mondays and Wednesdays 18-19 and Sundays at 13.

  2. Write down three "why" and what it will give you when you reach your goal.

  3. Find someone who holds you accountable. A Personal Trainer or a high-performance coach who gives you inspiration, motivation and makes you want to implement.

  4. Burn your bridges, minimizing the chances of explanations. Close your escape routes.

  5. Take action instead of procrastination. Meet inactivity with activity.

  6. Remove obstacles and escape routes and the word "try". Commit yourself to succeed.

  7. Exercise and eat well (at a pace you can handle where you are in life right now). And increase your knowledge step by step – in your field of passion.

Commitment is also about how you use your time. How you spend it tells you the truth.

It is always action that separates people!

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Henrik Pettersson, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Since 2004, Henrik has been working as a coach, educator and motivational speaker around Europe. Life is about growth. The challenge to growth is to gain boldness to handle our fears and vulnerability. To strengthen your spine - to be able to handle your challenges towards stronger results. Life’s tough at times, and the formula for gaining more boldness, and dig deep into, is: Faith – Energy – Focus. His new book is built on the three pillars above, and is called: program yourself to success. Henrik is frequently hired by large companies like Volvo, H&M, and Avis.


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