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6 Obstacles Every Business Owner Must Overcome

Written by: Holly Jackson, Executive Contributor

Executive Contributors at Brainz Magazine are handpicked and invited to contribute because of their knowledge and valuable insight within their area of expertise.


After working with hundreds of clients, across many industries in countless niches. I have narrowed their biggest challenges down to… six common threads.

If you are in disbelief, read on. It is this simple. Every single challenge you have ever faced falls into one of these buckets.

And here’s the good news.

The solution to each of these challenges is simple.

Curious? Intrigued? Ready to get actionable results from tested strategies?

Awesome! Let’s dive in.

1. Overwhelm

Does this describe you….

I will never catch up. I don’t even know where to start. I am so far behind. I am burnt out, unmotivated, rushed, useless, defeated.

Every time you look at your “to-do” list, it feels like you are shackled to your desk. You feel chained and burdened.

As you look at it, it’s so long that you don’t even know how to start. So you sit there, unable to move. Unable to take any action forward. You are stuck.


Break it down.

It sounds simple right? It is.

Look at the most important item on your list and break it down into small, bite size steps. Then take one small step towards that one task.

Focus on one task at a time until it’s complete.

When trying to identify what’s the most important thing, ask yourself this one question. What is the one most important thing I need to achieve that will make everything else on my list easier or unnecessary?

PS: This question comes from a great book, The One Thing. Amazing stuff on focus and prioritization.

Still stuck? Consider joining a mastermind or community. Sometimes we need others to help us figure things out. We need a community to bounce our ideas off of. A group to hold us accountable for success.

That’s why my co-hosts, Matt Rouse, owner of Hook SEO, and D. Scott Smith, Motivational Listener, created the Business Builder Ninja Community. It’s a mastermind of committed business owners who want to grow and have FUN together.

We are here to help you get out of overwhelm and into action!

2. Perfectionism

You pride yourself on quality work. You love providing the best solutions for your customers. And you hate rushing. Because you don’t want to provide something that’s less than perfect.

The problem is that there are times where you must test concepts out before building them. This is why beta launches and beta products are part of the process.

If you are perfectionist, you find yourself second-guessing everything. You feel stuck in analysis paralysis. You also experience feelings of uncertainty, doubt, and inadequacy.

Unless everything is 100% perfect, you can’t get behind it. You can’t even test it.

The reality is that perfect doesn’t exist.

Our goal in business is to provide the very best experience. The very best product or service...with the information we have at that moment. Nothing more.

No one expects you to have all the answers. So let that go.

Solution: Take action based on research.

The most important thing is to know your customer. Understand their fears, needs, wants and desires. Build your research on what they need. And then build action around that.

Build a beta sales launch around an idea that will add tremendous value to your ideal customer. Test it before you build it. Sell it before you over-architect it.

Without testing and taking action, all you have is an idea. An idea that may or may not solve a problem the market is willing to pay for.

Don’t let this be you.

Don’t build out an online class based on an idea you haven’t vetted. Don’t build the airplane before anyone has booked a seat on the flight.

Get an idea and a framework based on research. Take action by testing it.

Then build it. And accept that it will never be perfect. It’s ok to build the airplane while you’re flying it.

Some would say this is the very definition of business ownership and entrepreneurship.

3. Imposter Syndrome

You’ve built your new product or service and you are about to launch. And you think to yourself, I don’t know what I’m doing. Who do I think I am launching this?

You find yourself striving for perfection. You feel like an imposter in your own business. And you feel doubt, inadequacy, not good enough, and unprepared… Even though you are ready and experienced.

This is completely normal. We all feel this from time to time.

The key is knowing when it’s showing up and having tools to bust through it.

Don’t let it hold you hostage. Don’t allow it to keep you from taking action. Keep moving forward.

Solution: Let your light shine. Be 100% you. Shift your focus to all the accomplishments you have achieved. Remind yourself you only need to be one step ahead. You don’t need to have all the answers.

Stop to celebrate successes/ Stop underestimating your abilities. Once you shift from imposter to being 100% you, you will feel inspired, reassured, and safe. Empowered to take on anything.

4. Technology

So many of my clients find themselves stuck due to technology. They feel overwhelmed and unwilling to learn. When they look at technology, they freeze up. They feel frustrated, hesitant and stressed.

The reality is that technology is necessary in your business. It can help you grow. It allows you to get organized. It has powerful tools to help you simplify and automate...saving you time. And it makes it much easier to scale. To widen your impact.

Solution: Do it. Take action. Commit to learning and getting past this hurdle or resistance.

Realize that technology makes our lives better in so many ways. Embrace it and get into action. Keep it simple and don't be afraid to ask for help. If you want to hire someone to build your technical solutions, great. But realize you do need it.

5. Compare & Despair

You find yourself scrolling social media and you feel this sense of panic. You think “I'll never catch up” or “I’m so far behind” or “I will never be as good as him or her”.

You feel defeated, useless, unmotivated, rushed and depressed. You feel this strong sense of missing out.

Solution: Recognize that your journey is your journey. Stop thinking that how you grow your business should be the same as anyone else. Stop looking at social media. Stop comparing your journey or your business with anyone else. It’s useless.

Release compare and despair. We are all at different stages in our life and business. You are exactly where you should be. Be grateful for where you are. For who you are. And for the road you are on today.

6. Nicheless

You have a brilliant idea for a new service and you want to serve “everyone”. You find yourself resisting choosing a specific demographic or niche to serve. You think that if you choose one niche, you will limit yourself.

You are trying to cast a wide net that serves everyone for everything. In doing so you will attract the wrong clients. You won’t be known for solving a problem for anyone. Because you have to know exactly who you are serving.

In this phase of resisting building your niche, you likely feel confusion. A lack of focus and scarcity.

Solution: Choose a starter niche. Finding the right niche for the problem you solve takes time. But start somewhere. Choose one and test it for 3-6 months. And if it works, scale it. If it doesn’t, choose another one to test until you find your people.

Focus your attention and attract the right people. The more you focus, the more you will succeed. And the more you will enjoy building your business.

Still Feeling Stuck?

Consider joining a mastermind or community.

Sometimes we need others to help us figure things out. We need a community to bounce our ideas off of. A group to hold us accountable for success.

That’s why my co-hosts, Matt Rouse, owner of Hook SEO, and D. Scott Smith, Motivational Listener, created the Business Builder Ninja Community.

It’s a mastermind of committed business owners who want to grow and have FUN together.

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Holly Jackson, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Holly Jackson is a certified Holistic Business Coach. Through Holistic Business Coaching, Holly helps holistic entrepreneurs and business owners start, build or scale their business without burning out. Holly’s clients learn how to cope with stress, define their life priorities, and rediscover their passion for business. She helps them see blind spots that often cost them exposure, clients, and income.

Having undertaken a thriving career as an executive in Silicon Valley, Holly chose the road less traveled. She decided to leave the corporate world. She has dedicated her life to helping individuals design the life and business of their dreams. For over 12 years, Holly has provided insights, strategies, and fresh perspectives across multiple industries.

Holly states, “My clients can expect accountability, growth, and an individualized step-by-step game plan for success. I believe every professional must develop their internal compass and decide what their legacy will be. Holistic coaching goes beyond helping your business and helps the whole person.”



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