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5 Steps Back To You In Motherhood

Written by: Dana Rowan, Executive Contributor

Executive Contributors at Brainz Magazine are handpicked and invited to contribute because of their knowledge and valuable insight within their area of expertise.


You have entered the beautiful world of motherhood. For years, you dreamt of what your life would look like as a mother. You felt joy, eagerness, uncertainty, happiness, and curiosity.

For many women, the motherly desire comes alive, and deciding to be a mother can be pretty easy. You naturally feel, think about and see it in your future.

Hold up, hold on, wait for a second. You may be asking yourself, "where did this not-so-great feeling come from? My baby is here. The life I envisioned has happened, I am a mother. I am also sad, lonely, isolated and so lost."


Why didn’t anyone tell me about this part? Do other moms feel this way? Am I doing something wrong? Is there something I should be doing better?

You pour everything you have into carrying, birthing, and raising your child. You wholeheartedly enjoy the process and fueled by the energizing excitement of loving, teaching, feeding, cuddling, and watching your little ones grow.

The thousands of decisions you make and thought processes you work through quickly, take a toll on your mental health. You are capable of physically barrelling through the day and making it all happen. But, the end of the day comes, and you see what you didn’t do — you're lost and overwhelmed — and isolation resurface.

You then turn to something indulging but yet remain distracted by your thoughts, uncertainty, and continuous intuition of what your child needs at any given moment.

The cycle repeats, and the subconscious ensues. Your subconscious goes deep, and it’s nearly impossible to bring it to the surface and understand it. Your conscious mind is full of all things but “mom's life” and no “me life.” You no longer see what you, as a woman need and enjoy.

Your innate ability is there for you, but your holistic health is thrown into quicksand. You wonder why no book, no person, and no class can fully tell you what to do and how to do it.

You quickly fall into the deep hole leaving your full self behind. It makes getting back seemingly impossible. Oh yes, let’s not forget the dreadful mom guilt that never seems to go away — the guilt that has your mind in a shuffle and your heart heavy; the guilt that leads you to believe anything you do outside of being a mother is selfish, not worthy, and takes away from what you are supposed to be doing.

Hi, my name is Dana. I lost myself after becoming a mother of two beautiful children. I have had too many moms tell me their similar stories and want more for themselves as a woman.

As I walked through my days of loneliness and isolation, I fell into a state of depression that I never want to see again. I made a decision to grow into my full self as a woman, a wife, and a mom. I took tangible and intentional steps each day to get back to being me. A large part of my purpose is to serve by inspiring and guiding fellow women in motherhood back to themselves.

I am a Confidence Coach and created 5-Steps Back to You in Motherhood.

Step 1: Personality, Values, and Reminisce

Step 2: Hobbies & Interests

Step 3: Community & Friendship

Step 4: Conquer your days

Step 5: Be confident in all you do.

I coach women in motherhood through my five-step process by meeting them where they are in their journey. This process is not one size fits all, and the self-improvement is exponential. It is my mission to help women bring back their full self, their friends, and their hobbies so they can live their full purpose and experience abundance.

Included in 5-Steps Back to You is easy to reach, tangible resources, accountability, and support to start conquering their days, having more fun, and connecting fearlessly in community and friendship.

You may wonder what exactly is it and how you could even begin to reach for yourself.

Follow me on Instagram and Facebook and visit my website where comfy with the idea of getting back to you and fueling your fire to be the mother and partner you fully want to be, not just need to be.


Dana Rowan Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Dana Rowan, Confidence Coach for Women is a former Cardiac ICU Registered Nurse turned Life Coach. She spent her first thirteen professional years serving patients in the hospital setting and is now serving her full purpose in coaching women in motherhood. After experiencing postpartum rage and depression being a mother of two, she took real-world, tangible steps in getting back her identity as a woman, not just a Mom. Living abundantly in her full purpose led her to coach fellow moms through her program 5 Steps Back to You. Getting mothers back to their full self, their fun, and their friendships so they can have a full cup while they pour into others. Her mission is to hear more Moms say "I am a woman in Motherhood" vs "I am a Mom".



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