5 Reasons Every Entrepreneur Should Write a Book – Now

Written by: Mags Thomson, Executive Contributor

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You may ask me, "Mags, there are so many books out there. Why should I bother?" and that is exactly the question I will answer for you today. Because there are many ways that a book will transform your business, and it isn't the passive income of potential book sales.

The lack of a business book is probably not the lack of wanting to write. The statistic that's usually quoted is that around 85% of people want to write and anywhere between 1% and 5% actually making it happen.

Statistics about wishful thinking aside, I am here to say that if you are an entrepreneur and want to grow your business, you need to write a book. Like, right now.

Publishing a book will transform your business in countless ways, but mostly it will do a lot of heavy lifting for you.

#1 - Become The Go-To Authority

The most important reason to write a book is to establish yourself as an authority because this is the point that will impact all the others I will discuss here today.

As Kyle Eschenroeder puts it, a book is a declaration that you’re here to lead. You are letting the world know that you have something to say, and you are saying it. This is the best way to get people to listen, pay attention, and establish you as the go-to person on this topic. Even people who haven't read your book, just by knowing you have written a book on the topic, they understand you have a wealth of knowledge about this topic. Why else would you have sat down and written about it?

So, your book is not what makes you an authority. It is simply evidence of your authority. This doesn't just lift your personal profile. It also boosts your business's brand. Especially as a Single Person Enterprise, you are your brand and your brand is you. So, if you are the go-to person, that makes your business the go-to provider.

#2 - Boost Your Marketing Endeavors

Your book will make you more visible online, and that is without the marketing campaign you will execute around your book launch. However, creating content around your book is obviously a great asset to your marketing campaign. But there are more benefits that you may not have considered.

Your listing on Amazon, your author profile there, and in places like Good Reads with link-backs to your website will improve your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) scores. This means that your website, which sells your services and products, will be listed higher on Google searches, making it more likely people will find and trust your business.

On top of your content marketing, the book can create an amazing funnel for your email list. By giving away a free copy or sample, you can build your email list. This means that you can communicate with them about your offerings, but there is an added benefit, which we will discuss next.

#3 - Increase Your Visibility

Having a book out there is going to help you connect to a whole new arena of people. You will be able to get on podcasts, write guest blogs, land interviews, and other forms of publicity that you haven't even thought of yet.

Your growing authority, larger reach, and your audience will combine to get you noticed by larger platforms and meet the criteria for greater collaborative opportunities. This will then help you grow your audience, reach, and authority even further, and thus this effect becomes accumulative.

By becoming an author, you will position yourself as an authority in the eyes of your clients and your peers. — Martin Jones

#4 - Create A Human Connection

There is no better way to build trust with your potential clients than to connect with them on a personal level. Your book is the ideal vehicle for that. You get to share your story, your personality, your sense of humor ... I could go on. These are the stories that people will remember and possibly even share with their friends looking for just the kind of coach, consultant, or small business they need.

#5 - Make More Money

Your self-published book may make you some money, but it may also cost you money. That is, you need to invest in an editor, a designer for the cover art, and you may need some help with the specific marketing of your book. Hiring these professionals will cost you, but they will help you put out a good book. And it is important that the book you put out meets the standards you want people to associate with your business; how else will it compel your readers to buy from you?

Because this is where your book can make you the money, the credentials of being an author, the brand authority, your increased visibility, and the leads that your book can generate all help you find more clients. And they also mean you can start increasing your fees as a highly sought-after coach or consultant.

So, your book may not be the passive income gold mine some people tell you it is, but it will absolutely help you make more money in your business.

Some Added Benefits

  • Increase your chances of a "traditional" book deal. Publishers are much more likely to consider working with you if you already have experience and a readership.

  • Books are a great way to leverage word of mouth. People lend and recommend each other books they have found useful and inspirational.

  • Working with an editor (which I highly recommend) will improve your writing skills, helping your business and marketing all around.

Are you ready to become a published author?

I can help you reach that goal, help you hit all of the above gains, and for a fraction of the time and financial investment of writing a book all by yourself. Check out the House of Hives author program to learn about the possibility of joining a multi-author project.

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Mags Thomson, Executive Contributor, Brainz Magazine

Mags is a story coach, impact co-creator, and the founder of House of Hives. She helps female entrepreneurs and change-makers use their personal stories in their business, bridging the gap between emotive storytelling and strategic marketing. Together with developmental editor Karina Asti and event strategist Ana Gallo, she helps women co-create books and collaborative online summits to empower themselves and their brand.



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