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5 Key Steps To Transform Mediocre To Motivating When You Step Into Being Authentically You

Written by: Amy Yee Chong, Executive Contributor

Executive Contributors at Brainz Magazine are handpicked and invited to contribute because of their knowledge and valuable insight within their area of expertise.

Executive Contributor Amy Yee Chong

Women in their late 30s and beyond, usually reach a stage where they have gained maturity, experience and knowledge of living a responsible life with commitments to their family, career, and/or motherhood. They’ve lived through the challenges, learnt lessons and are now mature enough to transition to the next step in their life. Yet some Women between 30 to 50 may find themselves caught up in the daily grind, routine and busyness of family life and work, which leads to being overwhelmed, feeling a lack of drive and unfulfilment. Thus resulting in losing touch with who they truly are and resigning to a life that’s mediocre rather than motivating!

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The burning desire to transition into something greater than who they are and where they're at currently may be suppressed by feeling held back from taking on an Influential Role Model position, whether it be through fear or lack of direction.

What happens then is they tend to suppress all that Unique Energetic potential that want to authentically Self- express, but just feel blocked within themselves and/or caught up with the routine of everyday life!

What many Women fail to realise, is that finding their motivation isn’t something that is discovered from outside of them. It all starts with re-connecting with their true Authentic Self

Here are 5 key steps that have helped me to dig deep and understand how I best operate to step into my potential and self-express with authenticity.

How to leverage the art of slowing down

In this hectic world we live in, many of us may at one stage in our lives, experience burnout. Burnout occurs when we keep pushing ourselves, whether it be physically or mentally, till there’s no more fuel left in the tank. As I work with energetics, this is explained as going against the natural flow of our energies and ignoring the warning signs to slow down. Picture paddling upstream, which exerts more energy, than going downstream, with the flow of the current!

Human Design shows us how to honour the way our energies operate, and to work according to our Human Design energy type. To provide perspective, as a Projector type myself, who doesn’t have consistent access to Sacral energy (action to-do energy), I was working like a Generator and Manifesting Generator type (who does have access to consistent sacral action to-do energy).

I never understood why I would feel drained in certain situations or environments when I hadn’t done anything too intense, but as soon as I understood what my type was, it made so much sense. I now live in a way that I honour the ebbs and flows of how I access sacral energy. I work until I feel the signs that I need to slow down and rest. This is what so many of us are not doing, which is ignoring the ‘warning signs’ of potential burnout, or leading to deep struggles of stress and anxiety.

What I highly recommend to all those who are feeling burnt out, is Meditation. All it takes is 5 to 10 minutes out of your day just to stop, listen to meditative music and be present.

This can be done at a desk, there’s no need to make it complicated. You can listen for free from YouTube and Spotify. Allow yourself to stop and slow the nervous system down to avoid amplifying and spiralling into feelings of stress, anxiety and burnout! Being present stops you from ruminating over what happened in the past and wondering what might happen or what needs to be done in the future. If you’re focused on either of those, you then miss out on the ‘Now’ which is when you’re currently living. Miss the Now, you lose conscious awareness of just simply living.

You can discover what your Energy type is by running your FREE chart with Basic Info as a downloadable PDF report, click here.

The importance of simplicity

In this context, simplicity means slicing off anything that no longer serves you. I mean this as an internal clearing and on the material plane. Ever since I mastered the art of slowing down to be more present, I also adopted a new philosophy, which is to keep things simple. What happens is when things get overcomplicated, or we make things bigger than they are, that’s when overwhelmed and confusion occurs.

‘Simplicity cuts out complexity’

Try this out for yourself. Note down or just think, what are the habits, patterns or cycles that you experience consistently, that keep bringing on negative outcomes and situations.

Once you recognise and pinpoint what that is, look into alternative ways to break the pattern. This will allow you to create more space from within to attract positive opportunities and outcomes instead.

On the material plane, de-clutter is the name of the game. Remove anything that you no longer use, that no longer serves you, and can serve somebody else instead. This could be in your bedroom, your office, your car, or wherever there is clutter there is energetic chaos.

With the removal of the non-essential, energetically you feel lighter and the physical space will look and feel cleaner and balanced. With order comes organisation, so it is less frustrating to find things too.

How to make aligned and correct decisions

How we make decisions is believed to come from our minds. Human Design shows us that we should not be listening to the monkey chatter of our minds, but rather connect with our Inner Guidance, which is called AUTHORITY or INNER AUTHORITY in Human Design.

To make it easier to understand, take a GPS or Google Maps, we use them to guide us to keep us on track to reach our destination. That’s how our unique AUTHORITY functions for each of us too.

There are 7 types. The first 3 most popular ones are Emotional Authority, which makes up 50% of the world’s population. This requires waiting 3 days to make a decision, by riding an emotional wave. The second is the Sacral Authority which represents 35%, uses gut instincts and responds to choices using instinctual sounds. The 3rd one is Splenic Authority, representing 10% and makes instantaneous decisions based on their Intuition and the power of just knowing without knowing why or how.

Using your Inner Authority correctly provides you with 2 key advantages – You can rely on yourself rather than external sources to provide clarity in your decision-making and also you feel more self-empowered and comfortable making aligned and correct decisions for you.

To find out what yours is, look at the downloadable PDF report you receive when you run your own Human Design Chart – this information will be found in the section called authority, click here.

What motivates you?

Is this you, waking up in the morning dreading your work day? Or maybe you’re so occupied and set in your routine, that you now lack any motivation to do anything for yourself that even remotely feels fulfilling?

The thing is, when we start to lack drive and motivation, we lose track of what would pep us back up. We search outside of ourselves for answers and look at what others are doing to keep them motivated. But googling and copying others will never fill that void. Because what they like or gives them motivation to get up and go every morning isn’t what drives or motivates you! We are all uniquely different, remember!

Human Design shows us a particular aspect that gives us insight into the gift, quality, traits and theme of what will keep you motivated every day. When I discovered that using my Transformative Words and voice is what motivates me, it made so much sense. My love of creating Audio resources – creating Guided Meditations, narrating Audiobooks, writing articles, being a self-published Amazon Author and creating empowering social media content to capture the essence that will impact others, incentivising me to keep at it! The most important thing to note is that I find all this very easy to me. It comes naturally. There’s no force or struggle when I’m creating Audio or written content. That’s when you know what motivates you is aligned because it feels good and comes naturally. Nothing in life should be forced. If it feels forced, you know you’re going out of alignment with your authenticity.

What allows you to radiate vitality and health

Our aura is the energy that we emit that is felt by others. It’s a quality or feeling that seems to surround a person that comes from them. Usually, in a crowded room, there will always be one person who will stand out, not necessarily because of their looks or clothes, but from the aura they are emanating.

The Gene Keys, which is a derivative of Human Design, show us different pathways of challenges and epiphanies that we may encounter in our lives. There is a particular energy that when we experience living in the gift of that particular trait, gift or theme, it naturally makes us radiate vitality and health. When you’re doing something you love, you instantly radiate happiness and health. This is what the Radiance sphere in the Gene Key shows us.

Interested in grabbing your own free Gene Keys Hologenetic chart, which includes also a downloadable PDF report, Page 2 of the 3-page PDF report, will provide you with basic information about what energy will allow you to radiate vitality and health. Click here.

When you allow yourself to live in your authentic naturalness, you experience a life with more flow and balance, because you’re not fighting against your unique energetics.

With this comes the magic of magnetizing positive opportunities, outcomes and synchronicities, that even if you tried to google, it would never have come into your conscious awareness.

If you would like to go deeper into all the above, I have a FREE AUDIO Mini-Series that will take you on a personal transformative journey from mediocre to motivated. I also share in more detail, the 5 key steps within these audios. These Audiofiles are accessible from a Podcast FREE App, so they can be conveniently listened to whilst on the go.

Plus there’s also the option to go even deeper and work 1 on 1 with me. The program is called Authentically Align & Express your Essence which is an 8 to 10 – week Mentorship. Master the art of Slowing down and Re-connecting with Your True Self, and begin to feel aligned and free to self-express with ease, so you can finally feel confident to step into your unique potential as the Influential Role Model person, you're here to be, within your Family and Friends, co-workers, network and your Community. Click here.

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Amy Yee Chong Brainz Magazine

Amy Yee Chong, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Amy Yee Chong is a Transformational Mentor & Author, who struggled with Self Identity and lack of direction. It's through integrating innovative systems of Human Design & Gene Keys that she experienced massive transformation. Breaking free from the inner blockages and challenges that prevented her from feeling confident to show up as her true authentic self. Evolve and Elevate is where she provides resources and mentorship support to Women experiencing the same struggles. Her mission is to shake up the way Women in their late 30's & above perceive themselves & recognise their unique potential. Life becomes simple when women feel free to embody and embrace their Authentic truth to naturally self express.



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