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30 Tips In Writing A Great Article – Shared By The Brainz Magazine Community On Clubhouse

Written by: Mark Sephton, Executive Contributor

Executive Contributors at Brainz Magazine are handpicked and invited to contribute because of their knowledge and valuable insight within their area of expertise.

Executive Contributor Mark Sephton

Over this past weekend we collectively as a Brainz Community shared valuable insights into what we each believe makes a great article. Many whom contributed have years and years of writing experience and the value generated over 2 rooms created in Clubhouse was phenomenal.

I didn’t just want those whom have clubhouse to benefit from the wealth of knowledge created and shared but for the entire "Brainz Community" to benefit from the valuable and helpful insights collectively expressed.

If you are familiar with Clubhouse, you now have the ability to create your own club. I am delighted that Brainz have now created a club "BRAINZ MAGAZINE EXCLUSIVE" for all their members to be apart of, and like Brainz I was thrilled to host the last 2 days under my new club "One thing". The essence of One Thing is to create an open conversation where each person can contribute one thing to the conversation. For example, "What one thing do you do to fill your emotional cup." My One thing rooms tend to be on a Friday at 11.15am GMT, Saturday at 1pm GMT and Sunday 3pm GMT, would love for each and everyone of you to contribute and share.

I wanted to share the 30 tips we have created together in the hope it will give you new ideas and new confidence in writing your next article:

  1. It’s all about the audience ( reader ) When you write an article always keep the reader front and centre in your mind

  2. Offer actionable advice, Information to revelation is when you tell people how to apply that which you share

  3. Keep it simple, don’t over complicate things

  4. Great visuals, take the time to design and lay out your article

  5. Be specific, really important to get to the heart of the matter

  6. Keep it raw, let the realness of you shine out of your words

  7. Write what you speak, if writing doesn’t come easily, record your message and then transcribe from there

  8. Write with clarity, be clear in your communication

  9. Make it relatable, find a topic which effects all humans, for example health, family or relationships

  10. Reframe, sometimes we have to reframe the way others may think, add a positive outlook to common problems

  11. Share experience and build community, if you're writing resonates with others they will really value your next article.

  12. Keep it concise and punchy, important to not waffle.

  13. Have a great editor or use Grammarly

  14. The article should be visually appealing, if when you submit an article you don’t have graphics ensure that the Brainz team create an image that resonates with your words

  15. Picture one person you are writing to, make it personal and human

  16. Infuse your personality, so important to be in your story telling

  17. Write from the heart, people need to feel the emotion

  18. Practice makes progression, keep writing, the more you write the better it will become

  19. Summarize the main points at the end of article

  20. Illustrate through story telling, share stories common to mankind

  21. Keep it relevant and valuable

  22. Make the reader “Hear” what you are writing

  23. Love the topic and subject you write about

  24. Use great Vocabulary, the expression of language is unique and dynamic

  25. Reveal secrets and wisdom

  26. Have a shocking title

  27. Write about your clients needs, always clever to think about the problems your client brings to you and then write about them

  28. Read your article out loud before submission

  29. Write the end of the article at the beginning

  30. Don’t be too hard or critical when you write

I look forward to seeing you all on Clubhouse, Please follow @Sephtonmark Join the Brainz Magazine Exclusive Club and I look forward to seeing your next article.

Feel free to also follow Mark on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and YouTube, or email Mark at Visit his website here!

You can also buy his books Inside Job & Plot Twist on Amazon!

Mark Sephton Brainz Magazine

Mark Sephton, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine Mark Sephton is a personal mentor to entrepreneurs. His mission to help others has seen him break into global markets while working with startups and millionaire entrepreneurs around the world.Mark's love for entrepreneurship has been expressed through serving as TV host of the show “One More Round.” When not on the big screen Mark is a regular contributor to Entrepreneur Magazine and a speaker for corporate events, entrepreneurship summits, and major conferences worldwide. His expertise in personal and professional development has positioned him as an expert in the industry, resulting in transformational experiences for audiences, clients, and businesses alike. Drawing from personal experiences, Mark has taken the essence of what he has experienced and built a business that helps draw out the magnificent potential that every person beholds using his GPS system to highlight blind spots, efficiencies and deficiencies . He is also the author of two personal development books “Inside Job” and “Plot Twist,” and is elated at the opportunity to continue to teach and influence through writing for brainz magazine.


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