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3 Tips to Help You Shift From Worry to Wealth

Written by: Brenda Johnston, Executive Contributor

Executive Contributors at Brainz Magazine are handpicked and invited to contribute because of their knowledge and valuable insight within their area of expertise.


In times of uncertainty, it might seem odd to some people to be talking about your wealth consciousness. However uncertain times are exactly when you should be thinking about this. Wealth consciousness is about having fulfillment in ALL areas of your life: Physically, financially, emotionally, and spiritually. It’s also about recognizing that you are worthy of having wealth no matter what the situation is.

Having wealth consciousness requires having a healthy mindset. When things seem uncertain, it can be really easy to allow ourselves to slip into a scarcity mindset so in this article I’m going to share with you three ways to help ensure you’re nourishing your mindset.

First, we need to take a look at what a Scarcity mindset actually means. A scarcity mindset comes from the belief that you don’t have enough of something. It can create all sorts of stress and fear, it narrows your focus to what you don’t have and clouds your ability to see opportunities. It tends to show up the most in your relationship with money and success and has a lot to do with your view of your self-worth.

A wealth mindset, on the other hand, allows you to see possibilities no matter what is going on. When it comes to money it helps you make decisions and feel confident with the money you have, no matter how much or how little it is at any given time.

"It’s about taking your power back so you can activate that inner wealth mindset. "

Here are three tips to help you shift from worry to wealth:

  1. Get grounded. When you are “grounded” it means you are living in the present moment and not worried and focused on things you can’t control. Remember, you can only control YOU. When you are grounded, if something happens around you, it doesn't influence the way you as much because you have a greater sense of peace in your life. It helps to reduce stress and increases your emotional and mental health which are key for a healthy mindset. Some of my favorite ways to get grounded are; go outside and be with nature, do a guided meditation (visit my website for some of my free meditations in my resource library) or simply move your body by jumping or dancing around.

  2. Be intentional with your money, get to know it. It’s always a good idea to get to know your money, but especially in times when you may be facing a loss of income. Sit down and take a look at where the money is coming from and where it’s going out. Yes, this can be scary but not having a clear view of things is even scarier and can cause you to be reactive. Creating a better relationship with your money will help you make more empowered choices. The most important thing to remember is that you are going to do this with NO judgment. This is not about shaming yourself or comparing yourself to other people. It’s about taking your power back so you can activate that inner wealth mindset.

  3. Celebrate yourself. This may seem so simple, and yet it’s something that often gets overlooked. We are quick to beat ourselves up for feeling like we are not doing enough or feeling guilty if we perceive our circumstances are better than someone else during a time of crisis especially. Celebrating yourself is one of the fastest ways to shift into a wealth mindset. It brings us back to the present moment, it builds confidence, it empowers us to make positive choices, and most of all it reminds us to be grateful. Not sure how to start celebrating yourself? If you’re reading this article that means you woke up this morning and I’d say that’s a great celebration to start with.

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Brenda Johnston, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

After being chained to the same corporate job for close to 14 years and living with debt for most of her adult life, Brenda decided it was time to stop playing small. She changed her relationship with money and success (and more importantly herself) to turn her passion into profit. Within 7 months of leaving her corporate job, she had built a successful 6-figure business. As a High-Performance Mindset Coach, and the host of The Limitless Life podcast Brenda helps other driven Women tap into the power of their subconscious minds so they can access their full manifesting potential. She does this by helping transform limiting beliefs and fears that are creating patterns of self-sabotage so they can create an abundance mindset and go from worry to wealth.



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