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3 Things To Learn From The GPS That Is Life's Journey

Written by: Jill Witte, Executive Contributor

Executive Contributors at Brainz Magazine are handpicked and invited to contribute because of their knowledge and valuable insight within their area of expertise.


Life is like a GPS. We determine what goal we want to reach. We put the coordinates (goal) into the GPS to get us there the quickest way possible, but much like life, the route has detours and roadblocks to slow us down. It is up to us to decide how they will affect us from reaching our goal.

Here are 3 things we can learn when the GPS prevents us from getting to our goal the quickest way possible.

1. Learn from the detours and roadblocks. There is the saying “that things happen for a reason” and as much as we get frustrated from the obstacles that block our path we can learn a lot from them. They can make our goal better, stronger and maybe even show us that we were reaching for the wrong goal and present us with a new one.

So, the next time a detour or a roadblock comes up, take the time to see what it is showing/telling you because it can make the end goal that much better.

2. Learn to take the turns slowly (patience). We live in a world where we need to rush to get what we want. The need for instant gratification doesn’t always work that way in life. If we drive too fast around a turn our car can go flying off the road and seriously injure us.

Our life journey is similar. If we rush to get to our goal we can make mistakes that could set us back. We walk this fine line of patience. Pushing ourselves just enough to get ahead, but trying not to push too hard so we don’t slow down or stop our journey towards our goals.

Take life's turns slow and steady. It may be hard at times but it will be worth it when you have reached your destination.

3. Learning to embrace the journey (change). At the start of life’s journey, we know the highways (plans) that will take us to where we need to go as quickly as possible. But as we know life can put detours and roadblocks in our way. It is hard to deal with them because they are causing us to change how we get to where we want to go. As we know change can be hard.

We need to embrace the change in order for our goals to come to fruition. When detours and roadblocks arise, acknowledge that your plans may change. Don’t fight it because it may lead to setbacks but can also lead to greatness.

When your confidence is high and you see a sharp turn coming up, slow down and take it easy because if you take it too fast it can lead to a change you may not want.

Learn and grow with changes that come into our lives because it will help us reach our goals and could make them bigger and better than we originally thought.

So, the next time you set your GPS for the quickest way possible to achieve your goals, remember to learn from the detours and roadblocks. Be patient and learn to take turns slow and steady. Finally, embrace the changes that come up because they can make our goals amazing.

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Jill Witte, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Jill Witte, is the founder of True Fit Balance. She is a personal trainer who is certified as a Senior Fitness, Cancer Exercise and Clinical Exercise Specialist. Jill also has certifications as a Nutrition, Brain Health and Life Coach. She created True Fit Balance because of her past experiences of trying to find what exercises and foods worked for her. Now, Jill helps her clients find what works for them by connecting the brain, body and nutrition to create a healthy balanced body. Jill also hosts "Can You Relate Fit and Health". A podcast were she talks with people about their stories of overcoming injury or illness



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