3 Strategies to Achieve Success in Your Life

Written by: Diane Forster, Executive Contributor

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We all have the power to deliberately create in our lives. When I’m working with clients one on one, I’m speaking, or I’m hosting my webinars, I do so much work around living intentionally and the art of manifestation. To do that, we need to first know our desired outcome in every situation. How can we possibly know where we are going if we don’t create an outcome and set the intentions to get there? We need to know this because we don’t get to the end (our goal) from the same state that we started. We need a strategy!

“If you don’t have a strategy for your life, how can it improve?”

Manifesting, outcomes and setting intentions “shows up” in every area of our life. Once we realize that, we can then figure out how to set powerful intentions all day long to reach our desired outcomes in EVERY SITUATION.

We should be focused on outcomes and setting intentions in everything we do in our day. When we get out of bed what do we do first, when we brush our teeth, when we eat breakfast, do we watch the news or read the newspaper? When we get to work, what do we plan to accomplish on that day, that week, that month, that quarter, that year? What about diet and exercise? What are your desired weight and fitness goals? We should be thinking about our intentions to achieve our outcomes all day long!

This sounds like a lot of planning, doesn’t it? The truth is it’s not complicated at all. It’s like training a muscle to work for you. It only feels strange when you first start doing it. Once you create the habit, it becomes second nature.

The meaning of “intention” is purpose. It is an act or instance of determining mentally upon some action or result. The “outcome” is the end result, or consequence.

Our lives all have meaning and purpose. One of our purposes is to live the best life we can possibly live. With our limited time here in the human experience, I believe in “squeezing the juice out of each day.” That means that every second you are alive counts. Therefore, you want everything you do to be with purpose, intention, and to have a desired outcome.

Here are three EASY steps to achieve any outcome. I say “easy” because I believe that life is supposed to be easy. The tricky part is in following through. But, once you read how simple this is to do, it is my firm belief that you will be manifesting and creating your desired outcomes like crazy! At least, that is my hope for you!

STEP 1: Think about what you want

To figure out the outcome, you MUST know what you want first and write it down! Put it in your journal or a special notebook titled “My Dream Life”…or, you can use the title on the cover of the journals I give my clients and customers that say “I Get Everything I Want! Thank You!”

Here are some examples:

  • To be in a loving relationship.

  • To be a millionaire.

  • To travel the world.

  • To have financial freedom.

  • To be a mom.

  • To be in a job you love.

  • To get along with your spouse, kids, parents, etc.

  • To have more fun!

  • To be more organized.

  • To be less stressed.

  • To be more present in your life.

  • To be happier and experience more joy in your life.

Then, spend some time thinking about and writing WHY you want it…NOT how you are going to get it. Just focus on the WHY. (It’ll make me feel good; I’ll have so much fun; it makes me happy; I love doing things like that; I get so much satisfaction, etc.) The point here is to focus on the way it makes you FEEL. If you follow along any of my work or teachings, then you know that everything we ever want or desire is because we think it will make us FEEL BETTER.

STEP 2: Figure out where you are

When you decide that you want a certain outcome, it’s because you’re not happy with your current condition or circumstances. In order to get from point A to point B, you need to figure out where you are in relation to what you want. The key here is to PUT A “BY WHEN” DATE NEXT TO EACH OUTCOME.

Here are some examples:

  • I want to weigh 10 pounds less in 60 days from now.

  • I will be in a committed relationship by the end of this summer.

  • I will be saving an extra $500/month starting with my next paycheck.

  • I will be in a new job by the end of this year.

  • I will get out of this relationship and be independent and on my own by October 1.

  • I will write my book in the next 90 days.

  • We will go to a new country on vacation for the holidays this year.

If you don’t put a goal date down, it will never get done! Trust me, you NEED that end goal date in mind! Otherwise, your goal stays in a place I call “The Land of Ambiguity” …never to be accomplished. You need the deadline.

STEP 3: Reverse-engineer your strategy.

In my “30 Day Challenge On How To Have a Better TODAY,” I asked you to reverse-engineer an unplanned vacation on your calendar. It’s the same concept here, but now I want you to do this for all of the outcomes you want to achieve. The weight loss, the new job, falling in love, saving money. BREAK IT DOWN backwards from your deadline to TODAY! If it’s 10 pounds in two months, that’s a pound a week. If it’s $500 per month more in savings, that breaks down to $16.67 per day. Get out the calculator, do some core math, and figure it out! Create the strategies. When you break out it this simplistically, you will see how EASY it is to achieve your outcomes! Then, and only then, can you know your daily intentions! Don’t you just love this?!?


Write this formula on post-it notes and put them all over your home and workspace:

M + I = O


I am a big believer in mantras and affirmations. If this helps you remember every day, then please use it!

This whole process is all about Intentional Living. If you take the time to figure out what you want and why, then you figure out where you are, then you reverse-engineer your strategy, imagine the FOCUS and CLARITY you are going to be feeling every day! You will spend so much of your time feeling like your life is on track, you know what you want and where you’re going, and you know exactly how you’ll get there. Because of all of that, you will be FEELING SO GOOD and PROUD OF YOURSELF!

Here’s the MAGICAL part...when we feel so good anyway, we don’t even NEED the manifestation or outcome to come to us. And THAT is the moment it shows up! Awesome! Awesome! Awesome! Have fun with this! It’s your life, enjoy the intentional ride!

Here are three Affirmation Statements you can use based on my teachings of Love It! Thank It! Bring It! (I’ll write about that in a future article):




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Diane Forster, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Diane Forster is an award-winning life coach and intentional living expert. After several life events that led to an attempted suicide, Diane reinvented her life and found her true calling. Now, she helps others transform their lives to live with passion and purpose. As a mindset and manifestation master, she has helped thousands clear away limiting beliefs and feelings of low self-worth to instead bring their ideas to actualization and create the life of their dreams. Diane's TV Show and podcast, "I HAVE TODAY with Diane Forster" offers practical, actionable steps that you can do today. She is also an award-winning inventor, author of 6 books, and has been featured on ABC, NBC, CBS, QVC, ESPN Radio, KHTS Radio, and several other TV, radio, podcasts, and magazines. Her mission: Transform 1 billion lives.



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