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2 Powerful Questions To Ask Yourself To Stay Positive & Not Let Your Past Haunt You

Written by: Anna Frummerin, Executive Contributor

Executive Contributors at Brainz Magazine are handpicked and invited to contribute because of their knowledge and valuable insight within their area of expertise.


Thinking positive is not easy, is it? It is easy for someone to tell you “think positive” when you are faced with tremendous difficulties & problems that don’t seem to end. But, here is a fact that is so simple yet powerful, and if you understand and accept it will totally change your life. And that is – You Cannot Change What Happened In Your Past!

Far too many people worry and feel upset about what happened in their past, and they let it stop them from creating the life that they truly want to live.

For instance, let’s say that you were not able to get that promotion in your job, and you feel upset about this and don’t feel confident anymore.

Here are 2 powerful questions that help to move beyond your past failures and mistakes so that you can think and feel positive.

Question No 1. What did I learn from that past experience?

The learning could be that you need to acquire more skills and become more knowledgeable. Or it could be that that experience taught you where you stand in your career right now so that you can plan and take action on where you want to go. List down as many learnings that come to your mind.

Question No 2. What actions do I need to take to achieve what I want?

This could be a reality check. You may not be at that level you want to be yet, but you can always work towards a better future. This question will open your mind to amazing possibilities in your future. List down as many actions you think you could take in order to get what you want. Once you have this list, start taking action right away!

Oh! By the way, if you are facing any sort of issues or challenges because of something that happened in your past and would like to know how to overcome them and change your life forever, feel free to reach out to me via Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn or visit my website for more info!


Anna Frummerin, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Anna Frummerin is a Leadership & Mindset Coach with a core focus on helping her clients achieve results by enhancing their mindset and improving their communication. As a 4-time cancer survivor, she has discovered through her own life experience what it takes to win in life no matter what the challenges are. She is a Certified NLP Leadership Coach, ICF Certified Executive, Life Coach, and Action Learning Team Coach and has dedicated her life to helping others become the best version of them. She is the founder of A New Approach (ANA) An online coaching and training company serving clients across the globe. Her mission: Discover the "Hidden Champion" inside and win big at The Game of Life.



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