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Bri Neely

Holistic Health & Life Coach

Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Bri Neely is the creator of Homeward Healing and dedicates her work to helping women restore their health in mind, body, and spirit so that they can live with fulfillment and reclaim their generational legacy. Spending a decade working in the healthcare field, specifically Alzheimer's care, has fueled her to educate others on the essential importance of loving themselves. She has witnessed what is failing us, and she now realizes what is missing; true healing. Bri is here, ready to create a ripple effect on the way we view healthcare. She works with 1:1 clients and other healthcare professionals committed to digging to the roots rather than suppressing them, viewing clients as unique individuals who hold stories behind their ailments, understanding rather than prescribing. Bri's soul mission is to become a leader in healing our homes, helping women restructure their minds, restore their bodies, and reframe their spirits, discovering their authentic selves and leading with love to rewrite the outcomes for the generations that follow.