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Why I Needed A Mentor

Written by: Wil Becker, Executive Contributor

Executive Contributors at Brainz Magazine are handpicked and invited to contribute because of their knowledge and valuable insight within their area of expertise.


In this picture, you see my feet hanging through my ceiling. I was attempting to do work at my house without a friend to help me. I have found that when I try to do work on my house or my car without a friend, I end up in trouble. In 2014, I found myself in trouble at work. I was put on a 90-day personal improvement plan. The circumstances are not important right now; however, it was a big challenge to my job at the time.

During the year of 2014, I would wake up with nightmares of my boss coming to my home at 7 AM and firing me before I could go to work. Still to this day, I can clearly see his car at the time, and him walking up the sidewalk to that house. What happened after I was written up, is that an upper-level manager pulled me aside and offered to coach me.

It was a short session, where he walked me through a couple of things I needed to change to improve my work relationships, and ease the tension between me and that boss. Over the next several months, I put into practice the things that he taught me. He would check up on me regularly to see how things were going. This inspired me to look into more information and seek personal education through reading books, watching videos, listening to audios, and meeting up with other people in the pursuit of personal growth.

Over the next few years, I read more books and listen to more business owners and leaders than I had in the previous years since I graduated college. As the transformation that took place, it inspired my new boss to provide reviews that encouraged the company to find a new job for me because I had grown so much through the process of reading, listening, and associating with leaders.

The reason I got into coaching is because of how much it has helped me in my own personal life. I encourage people to seek out a mentor in their profession. This will help you tremendously to avoid pitfalls, mistakes, and other traps; that can affect a person new in a specific field. My specialty is helping people who are stuck in their jobs and feeling like they have no future. My coaching is tailored to take an individual like that, and help them transition into a more valuable employee.

Please check out my website; I believe I can help you become the hero of your story!

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Wil Becker, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Wil is a serial entrepreneur with several businesses under his belt. He has served in several leadership roles over the last 25 years as a Youth Pastor and Congregational Leader. He has also served with the Boy & Cub Scouts organizations as a leader. He has moved up in his profession because of his leadership skills and his consistent self-education. Wil seeks out the best books and mentors to learn from. His desire to help others got him to start Turning Leaf Solutions and open the doors to his coaching business! He is excited to help you become your best self!!



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