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Why Everyone Should Have Their Own Manifesto

Written by: Jamie Dooley, Executive Contributor

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We live in a time of input. It’s constant, rapid, and addictive. It causes us to react to what we see and hear, mindlessly, like robots. Marketing companies know brain science so well that they can predict conversion rates and retarget you in a second automation that is more likely to close based on your actions. We want to feel like we are in control and unique, but only those of us who are conscious creators are able to plan a future we desire and take action on it. We are all master manifestors, but are you aware of what you are manifesting?

When The Secret came out, people were intrigued that they might be able to create wealth, love, and joy by thinking about it as if it’s already happened, but it was still considered woo-woo. Twenty years later, it’s now called neuroscience and quantum physics, which has the attention of even the most pragmatic business people.

Could I be affecting my success rate, annual revenue, and reputation with my thoughts and beliefs? Might I be the person or thing holding me back from the next level, simply because I believe I lack it?

I used to believe action was the key to success. After watching my clients struggle to take new actions even though they desired the outcome, I began to understand that their brains were the problem. They were unconsciously addicted to their flavor of struggle--debt, doubt, chaos, uncertainty, overwhelm, or weight--and they had no idea.

We all have set points that our brain believes is “me,” and we are programmed, much like a computer, to validate that data each day. Dr. Joe Dispenza, a leading neuroscience researcher, says the subconscious mind is just a record of the past. It cannot create anything new, and in fact, it’s job is to keep you the exact same as yesterday.

Letting go of the current (lower self or ego-based) “me” for a new (higher self or heart-based) “me” takes incredible awareness and focus. It takes a shift of consciousness that is typically done through meditation or guided visualization with a coach. The good news is that as more and more research is done, and coaches and guides specialize in this work. It is becoming easier and easier to regain control of your mind and body to upgrade the software. Call it “unbecoming who you are not.”

The most powerful facilitator I’ve found for this work is a written manifesto. Regardless of where you are in life, there is always another level to explore. I’ve defined 12 areas of life that I help women expand on. Handwriting programs your subconscious mind to validate how what you write is true for you. I suggest my clients write their manifesto daily, for 21 days, using the Heart Dump and STAMP methods I created. When your lower and higher selves are wrestling for control inside your brain, it can be helpful to hold yourself accountable for new thoughts, emotions, and actions on what your heart wrote.

The Heart Dump

Begin by gathering a timer (your phone works great), a new notebook, and a pen. Find a quiet, comfortable place to sit. Close your eyes and breathe, focusing on the rise and fall of your chest. Drop your energy down into your chest and allow your heart to turn to pure energy and expand outside of your body. Allow any thoughts that remain to come and go. Don’t control anything, just be. Once you feel calm and at peace, open your eyes and set the timer for 5 minutes. Allow what your heart desires (your higher self) over the next 5 years to pour out of you. When you are done, set the timer for another 5 minutes and ask yourself, ‘What would be “Ideal” to me in the next 12 months?” (*Note that I did NOT say realistic)

How is NOT your job, It’s God’s job. The moment you begin to use your brain to figure out how you will achieve your goals, it’s like unplugging the cord to the divine. The Universe says, “She’s got this, she doesn’t want our help.”

Getting heart-centered before you write is key. Your ego’s job is to keep you safe, small, and protected with a bunch of preferences. Letting go of the old, you will feel uncomfortable. Be prepared for it. Tell your ego (visualize yourself as a small, scared child) that it is safe to change, and natural to want more. Tell her to go play. Expansion is supposed to be fun!

Now Let’s Fuse SMART Goals with The Law of Attraction

As I said earlier, the reason written goal setting may not have worked for you in the past is that your brain cannot believe you lack what you desire. If it does, it will look for ways to validate that you lack it, and program you to behave in ways that keep it true for you.

Once you have a list of things you’d like to manifest over the coming year (ideals), narrow it down to three or four, and ask yourself these questions:

  1. "How would I feel if I already had this?"

  2. "What date would I like it by?"

  3. "How will I celebrate it?"

Write your answers next to each ideal you came up with, then put them in order by date. You must write them as if you already have them. That will begin the process of installing a new program in your subconscious. Your brain will now look for ways to validate the new ideal belief, instead of the lack of it. Once the new program is installed, action on your manifesto becomes easy and fun! You are the creator of your reality, and now you have a way to track your results.

We don’t want things. We want the emotion we believe is attached to the thing. And believing we lack the emotion keeps it out of reach. We cannot attract something on a different frequency than we are. Emotions are like radio stations. You can only dial into one at a time.

As I talk about in my book, Self-Coaching Mastery, our circumstances don’t cause our emotions, our thoughts do. If you want a different outcome, you simply need a new thought that causes you to feel what you want to feel. A new job, husband, or money will not cause a new feeling unless new thoughts first take root. And old thoughts are unconscious programs that trigger old emotions you are addicted to.

It’s a mean, vicious cycle. It’s an emotional loop preventing you from reaching the next level of earning potential, relationship satisfaction, self-love and freedom.

Professional women often come to me with a feeling of not enough time, money, or energy. These women typically have their worth wrapped up in doing, and do not take time to rest and celebrate all they’ve accomplished! (I’m not judging...I’ve been there.) I learned the hard way that celebration is a key component to a fulfilled life! By planning it out ahead of time, you will savor accomplishing it so much more. I suggest a full 24 hours of relaxation (NO working) each time one of your written ideals comes true.

Here is an example of an “Ideal” with my STAMP Method applied:

I am so relaxed now that I started my own coaching business from home. I love impacting thousands of women and helping them get clear on their heart’s desires by March 1, 2017. (burn scrubs and buy new leisure wear to work in)

I used to be a clinical dental hygienist. I started coaching as a side-hustle and found out I wasn’t just good at it, and I also loved it. I had found the thing that lit my soul! I got clear on what I wanted, and took a few small action steps toward it, like defining my ideal client avatar and designing a logo.

When I had done all I could on my own, I surrendered it to The Universe. This came true for me almost exactly one year later due to a random series of events that could only be God-designed. I’ve been doing this process for the past 8 years and have re-invented myself and my life many times over. I’ve been teaching others how to use manifesto writing to accelerate their dreams for the past 3 years, with the same success.

Key Takeaways

1. Getting heart-centered FIRST allows your higher self to speak. She is directly connected to God, knows what you were created for, and what will bring you joy. Trust what flows out, even if it feels scary. If what you write doesn’t scare you a little, you didn’t dream big enough.

2. Things and circumstances don’t cause feelings, thoughts do. So stop using retail therapy or professional accomplishments to fill your cup. Invest in personal development! Once you know how to tap into the internal well of peace, joy and love that is always available to you from within, you are never alone and never without.

3. Spend time each day re-writing your manifesto, and connecting to the emotions you believed you lacked. As your vibration rises, it is common for new dreams to emerge. Allow them.

Now {Boss Up} and get to work manifesting all that is calling to you!

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Jamie Dooley, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Jamie Dooley is a highly intuitive, heart-based life and business coach, who teaches the art of expansion through energy healing and writing. She is the CEO of The Expansion Group, a collaborative for female dreamers, doers, bosses, and entrepreneurs. Jamie is also the author of Self-Coaching Mastery, and a manifesto expert who teaches women how to embody their sexiest, healthiest, wealthiest selves and have fun in the process.




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