Why do we need AV control systems?

Updated: Apr 29, 2020

Who wants to stumble through a jungle of wires as they go up to present to their colleagues? Who wants to stress over finding the right remote in a stack of almost identical controls? The modern world moves at an astounding pace and it can seem like everything has to happen as efficiently as possible or everything will collapse entirely. While the latter is not necessarily true, technology is continuously adapting to speed and productivity-oriented lifestyles and business functions.

AV, or audio visual, equipment includes audio and visual signal generating devices such as microphones and projectors. The set-up of these devices depends on the setting, but they often come as a collection of many parts that sometimes need to work as a whole- this is where an AV control system comes in. is a Danish company which creates intuitive AV control systems, hoping to impact the lives of professionals around the world. AV control systems such as theirs are designed to be user-friendly, manual, or automatic and serve a variety of functions. Software-based solutions are sometimes viewed as better, as they can be installed on multiple devices and have the same capabilities on each, but Neets A/S supports itself through quality and reliability.

Conferences and presentations are essentially inherent to business and education structures, which means that AV equipment is commonplace and necessary. This further suggests that AV control systems are necessary. Having a system that can allow a user to control either a single piece of AV equipment or all equipment in a space in tandem transforms how practically a conference can be run or how well a presentation can be set-up. AV control system applications include dictating useful functions such as locking and unlocking doors, monitoring camera feeds, playing music, and uploading content.

We need AV control systems for practical and aesthetic reasons.



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