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What’s All Of This Talk About The 5th Dimension?

Jen Fedorowicz is an Energy Healer and Coach. She is passionate about waking people up to knowing the magnificence that is within us all.

Executive Contributor Jen Fedorowicz

Are you aware that you are alive during the greatest awakening on our planet? Some might disagree and say it feels like the worst time to be living on Earth. There is decisiveness, war and so much negativity. But in fact there is a great shift happening and in the midst of the discomfort much of humanity is awakening. What do I mean by awakening? Awakening is coming into the understanding, or realizing, that you are so much more that a 3rd dimensional physical human.


Shot of woman stretch her arms during sunset

You might have the feeling that there must be more to life than the daily grind of work, eat and sleep. You might feel stuck and be thinking it would be so nice to be living an easier life. Maybe you dream of having more fun, more ease and peace in your life. Or maybe you’ve always wanted to start a business doing what you love, or move to the country and have animals and grow your own food. If you feel anything within you when you think about changes like that then it means you are ready to awaken.


The nudges and intuitive feelings we get are meant to be acknowledged. There is a part of you, a bigger part of you, that is ready to participate in your life and really start living your dreams.


I am currently working with 2 different 80 year old women who are wanting to feel empowered so they can start a business. Both of these women have lived their life feeling like they were here for more…here to serve humanity in some way. And now they are doing it!

It is never too late.

We are all multidimensional beings. What does it mean to be multi-dimensional? There are parts of you that are beyond the 3rd dimension. Maybe you have heard or read about with the field, the quantum field that we are all connected to? Quantum science has proven that we are all energy and our energy is limitless, you are a cosmic being connected to everything.


I bet you’ve experienced thinking of a friend, and the next minute she calls or texts. Or calling a friend and she says, “I was just thinking about you!”

Because everyone is connected to the field, when those things happen we are tapping into the energy of those we think about. And it happens more with those we are closest to. As humanity continues to evolve and awaken these intuitive hits will no longer seem amazing. It will become commonplace to feel and know these things. Heck, I believe someday we won’t even need cell phones to communicate. We’ll be able to communicate telepathically, by thought alone.


So let’s get back to dimensions. Part of you is in other dimensions, but dimensions are not faraway places... they are states of awareness. Many people are only aware of life on earth in this 3D body. But there are also many people that have become aware to the other parts of their consciousness. They feel a deep connection to their spirit and the feeling of love. Being awake to the 5th dimensional part of you means being able to love everything and everyone. This becomes easier as we realize we all are truly connected. Living as a 5th dimensional being is not judging anything and knowing that everything that is happening in life is meant to happen and life is unfolding exactly as it should.

Humanity might not be there yet, but I know for sure we are heading that way. If you want to tap into your 5th dimensional self, slide your awareness down into your heart center. Imagine that you are breathing in and out of your heart. And then, as if there’s a doorway between your shoulder blades…visualize opening the back of your heart and receiving more of the love that you are.


Doing that exercise a few times a day will start to shift your perspective because you will be tuning into a greater part of you. Try walking in nature while tuning into your heart energy and notice how divine that feels. If you want to chat about awakening and how you can can start to know and understand this greater part of you for a life that feels so good everyday, book a consult with me. And remember it’s never too late!

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Jen Fedorowicz, Energy Healer and Coach

Jen Fedorowicz is an Energy Healer and Coach. She is passionate about waking people up to knowing the magnificence that is within us all. Her work is about releasing unresolved emotion that is held in the body and activating the master energy system that has a tremendous impact on living a healthy and abundant life.



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