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What Global Truth Do You Want The World To Know?

Written by: Dani Green, Senior Level Executive Contributor

Executive Contributors at Brainz Magazine are handpicked and invited to contribute because of their knowledge and valuable insight within their area of expertise.

Executive Contributor Dani Green

We all have thoughts. Our thoughts can be affected by our culture, family, teachers, peers, and life experiences, to name a few. How can we know if our thoughts are true? Something could be true for us, but when we look across the human family, the truth is different, and the differences cannot be reconciled. Let's search for truth that is true for everyone, truth that will reconcile and provide peace.

Silhouette of a person looking at the stars

If I were God

If I were God and I am not, I would want the world to be a perfect place where everyone is loved, included, and cared for. Everyone would have enough food, clothes, and water. Everyone would have a safe place to sleep and work. We would agree on all the boundaries of all the countries everywhere. Money would not be the driving factor. Everyone would have all the money they need because we would all share. No one would be unkind. I dream of this utopian world. How can we make this perfect world possible?


Some would say, “Impossible!” At least we can start with 8,090,028,466 of us just doing something nice for someone else. We would shift everything!!


What global truth do you want the world to know?

You can make a difference! Meditate and think of one universal truth that would benefit everyone on the planet. Make your truth known in your prayers and through your intentions, thoughts, and actions. Can you imagine what a difference each of us could make? The world would be a better place instantly!


Truth has to benefit everyone

Everyone is divine, loved, and worthy and deserves their basic needs met. Our ethnic cultures would be celebrated as long as they were loving.


Truth cannot exclude

We can ‘live and let live’ as long as how we live is fair and loving.


Heaven on earth?

You might think I'm speaking of life in the next realm, in heaven, but I wish we could have loving and universal truth on earth now, in greater and greater measure. Wouldn't that be great? Imagine!


If there are universal truths that we could all live by that would benefit everyone, we would move the human family to a higher level of being. We could save each other, the animals, and the planet.


Truth is evolving, just like the human family

The things we believe now are more universally true and beneficial than at any other time in human history. Do you see that we are evolving? Everything that is not loving is now being disclosed. Those who are not loving in word and deed are becoming known. Someday, in this realm or the next, they will understand how their thoughts and actions affected others and learn and evolve.


We must let the world play out as it will be as part of our evolution. When we are sick, we want to be well. Our sickness shows us what wellness can be like.


This generation is more truthful than before. And the next generation will be more truthful than now.


Here is a list of universal truths

  • The nature of Love is to flow outward – to, for, through, and from us.

  • We can experience Spiritual Freedom by knowing our Divinity.

  • Our Eternal Soul is our Power for Eternal Good for All.

  • We have Soul Wisdom to know the next best step.

  • We are always on the Best Path.

  • Emotions are experiences in motion. We learn from and let emotions flow through us.

  • A Belief is a perspective that can be easily exchanged for Truth, better representing our Higher Consciousness.

  • We can learn from all of life, and all of life can make us stronger and more compassionate.

  • Everything is for our formation.

  • Everyone is on their own Path and timeline.

  • Abundance is Everywhere!

  • Following our ‘yes’ is our Path to Prosperity!

  • We receive Perfectly that which is for our Highest Good.

  • The Universe and my Body are for me.

  • Everything belongs.

  • We all have as many chances as we need for our Evolving Soul (our humanity) to heal and to grow.

  • When we accept what is, we will achieve freedom from the suffering of suffering.

  • Humankind is evolving toward Love, Joy, Peace, and Enlightenment.

  • Receiving and giving Love is the purpose of being here now, always, and forever!

  • A Prayer: Divine Love, help us Love what we do not yet Love.


What is your global truth?

Let Dani be your guide to finding your global message

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Dani Green Brainz Magazine

Dani Green, Senior Level Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Dani Green is a certified hypnotherapist, speaker, author and spiritual activist. Dani’s core focus and passion is to guide clients to rewrite the past, present, and future Story they tell themselves at the subconscious level and to discover their own Inner Mantras.

Dani has a 12-session course called The Soul Power Experience. The courses, Be Smoke Free and One & D.O.N.E. Weight Release are each six sessions. Dani also offers Intuitive sessions.

Dani opened her hypnotherapy practice in 2015 and uses client-centered hypnotherapy, as well as The Emotion Code, PSYCH-K, and RIM.



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