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Welcoming “Only” ONE Client Into Your Group Coaching Program Isn’t A Failure

Written by: Theresa Lambert, Executive Contributor

Executive Contributors at Brainz Magazine are handpicked and invited to contribute because of their knowledge and valuable insight within their area of expertise.


There are too many times to count where I hear Coaches say: “Only one person joined my Group program, what do I do now?”. This used to be me too. For the longest time, I looked at welcoming “only” one client into a Group program or Masterclass as this huge, big bad failure.

It is no surprise really that so many Coaches feel this way. Social media is filled with stories of success. The sold-out launches. Hundreds of clients in programs, Coaches so popular they have month long waitlists…the list goes on. Yet very few Coaches in the Industry share what it was like at the beginning of their business journey.

Before they had the waitlist.

Before they had dozens of clients in their group coaching programs.

Before they sold out their programs.

The reality is, welcoming ONE client into a program, especially at the beginning of your coaching business journey is normal! And I believe it is time that we as a Coaching Industry and Coaches come together and start CELEBRATING when ONE person joins a Program! It’s not a failed launch. It’s not a bad offer. It’s nothing to be ashamed about at ALL. It’s time we reframed what it means when ONE client join us inside our Group Coaching Program, Masterclass, Training etc. The reality is this: We ALL started somewhere.We ALL started by welcoming ONE. It’s not “ONLY” one… It’s ONE SOUL CLIENT who took the brave Action to join YOU! It’s ONE life that will be impacted! It’s ONE more Client you had yesterday! You welcomed ONE SOUL client! CELEBRATE it! Now…. Imagine you refined your offer, got better at launching and selling it with ONE raving fan by your side and then you welcome.. 3 x 1 Then… 6 x 1 Then… 12 x 1 … Start with ONE. Celebrate the ONE. Serve the ONE. Support the ONE. And then welcome ONE more, and another and another….

Before you know it, you will be one of those Coaches you admire. With sold-out group programs, a waitlist and a heart filled with gratitude that you kept going and celebrated the ONE.

I cannot wait to celebrate with you, so come follow me on Instagram and let’s connect or visit my website to find out how working together can support you to achieve business success in 2022 and beyond.

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Theresa Lambert, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Theresa Lambert is an Online Business Strategy Coach with an impressive hotelier background in luxury Hospitality in the No.1 Ski Resort in North America. She supports Female Coaches and Service based Entrepreneurs to get their first clients or scale to 6 figures and beyond through strategic, tangible, and practical support. Her mission: To make Business EASY so your life can be more FULL.

In 2020 Theresa became the Bestselling Author of her book Achieve with Grace: A guide to elegance and effectiveness in intense workplaces. She is also a Speaker and the Podcast co-host of Dissecting Success.

Theresa has been recognized as a business leader in Whistler’s Profiles of Excellence, and is being featured in publications such as Hotelier Magazine, Thrive Global and Authority Magazine.



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