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Walk Your Way To Less Stress And Better Brain Function

Written by: Kathleen Kelley, Executive Contributor

Executive Contributors at Brainz Magazine are handpicked and invited to contribute because of their knowledge and valuable insight within their area of expertise.

Executive Contributor Kathleen Kelley

I’m a stress management coach for people in health care. That means I concentrate on skills that can be employed in the moment – during the workday. I teach techniques to use at your desk or in between patients. However, our bodies, and especially our nervous systems, need tools that help us decompress before and after work. Tools that contribute to our overall resiliency and health. To that end I give you:

Man in white shirt walking on road during daytime



That’s right, walking. Walking you say? That’s not exercise, that’s not hard. How can walking be a stress management tool? Walking my friends is a stress management tool and so much more.


Walking improves cognition, memory, attention and increases the volume of the hippocampus (O’Mara, S., 2021). And walking can also be a social activity, which increases our sense of well-being. Walking helps reduce fat and increase life span and helps us regulate insulin (The Model Health Show, episode 255). Walking boosts the immune system and reduces stress-related hormones. Walking is the most natural activity for humans.


Suggestions to incorporate walking into your day

  • If you are already walking every day, yes to you! You are doing a great activity for your health and well-being. Try adding 5 minutes every day.

  • Want to start walking? Start with 5 minutes, preferably outside, in the morning. Being active in the morning has so many other benefits for our metabolism it would need to be a whole extra article!!

  • Use a wearable to track steps – you are setting a long-term goal of 10, 000 steps. Start by adding 100 per day. Although there is no specific research regarding steps per day, here is what we know:

    • The average person in Japan walks about 3500 steps per day, and the average toddler learning to walk takes about 2300 steps per hour (interspersed with multiple falls!) Humans are meant to walk!!

“Walking is man’s best medicine.” Hippocrates


Need more tips or strategies for stress management?


Try my self-paced online course, “Stress and Overwhelm: Causes, Coping and Cures.” It contains simple practices designed for daily use and longer-form meditations to help you unwind and sleep. Click here.


Better yet, book a call. I am a stress management coach for people in health care. As practitioners, learning to manage our own stress is the doorway to better work satisfaction and work/life balance. I’d love to connect with you 1:1. Click here to book a free call.


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Follow me on Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, and visit my website for more info!

Kathleen Kelley Brainz Magazine

Kathleen Kelley, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Dr. Kelley is a professor of physical therapy, certified yoga teacher, certified neuro sculpting facilitator and certified life coach. She is CEO and owner of Kathleen Kelley Coaching. Dr. Kelley received her BS in physical therapy from the University of Connecticut, her MS in neurology from Boston University and her Doctorate in education from the University of Sarasota. Dr. Kelley’s passion for neurology, brain health, wellness and the importance of self-care led her to create her unique coaching program. She draws on her skills to empower individuals to shift their mindset, take control of their lives, set boundaries, say no and level up their lives by changing their thoughts. Dr. Kelley’s philosophy is anyone can change their mindset.



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