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To BHRT Or Not To BHRT ‒ That Is The Question

Written by: Emanuela Visone, Executive Contributor

Executive Contributors at Brainz Magazine are handpicked and invited to contribute because of their knowledge and valuable insight within their area of expertise.


Why shouldn’t we use synthetically made hormones? In my own experience with being on Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT) for two years, I learned a very valuable lesson and that was that it wasn’t balancing my hormones but instead started to affect my liver and health in a negative way. I went to my primary doctor for a visit because I felt off as if something was wrong. The testing revealed that my liver enzymes were through the roof and my doctor had asked me “what are you taking?”. He asked if I was taking over the counter NSAIDS which I wasn’t, so we started to review everything I was taking.

I had read a book written by a famous actress who used BHRT and swore by it. She looked amazing for her age, so I wanted to do what she was doing. I thought it was a naturally way to fight the aging process and to help my hormones become balanced, naturally since the hormones were made in a specialized pharmacy supposedly making the hormones as a replica of my own.

After years of being on BHRT, I felt terrible. I had gained a lot of weight, was still tired, irritable, and didn’t feel as if I was helping my body fight the aging process. The things that affect your liver in this way is usually an overload of toxins. After our review, it pointed to a medication that was meant to lower my cortisol but in fact, was a steroid. For those of you that don’t know too much about the effects of steroids on the body basically, they build up in the body, attaching themselves to our fat tissue and do not was out of the body, it just creates havoc in our bodies.

We as women are always looking for ways to stay young and healthy, so why do we choose a quick fix? I am here to tell you, there aren’t any quick fixes to keeping the body young, vibrant and healthy. It can only be accomplished by a wholefood and clean approach to your lifestyle. We spend thousands of dollars on injections and creams, but the secret is so simple. It’s in what you put into your body daily that helps your body regenerate new cells and aid in slowing down the aging process. In helping our bodies to continue to produce its own collagen instead of drinking these chemically made forms of it. We are duped into believing that this is somehow replacing what we are losing and with BHRT, we are keeping our hormone balances naturally. Many aren’t even aware that collagen comes from the bovine of cows. Dairy creates mucous which creates inflammation in the body and an overload of collagen can lead to an increase in high calcium levels.

The human hormonal system is so complicated and depends on the availability of so many nutrients to work in the body properly.

We know for a fact that hormones depend on different minerals and different metabolic enzymes to carry on their functions. Therefore, they cannot be duplicated in labs. To call such hormones (bio-identical) or the same as the hormones the body produces is a marketing ploy. Science cannot create enzymes in a lab. So how can such hormones work in the body without enzymes and minerals?

As you know every chemical reaction in the body requires enzymes. For example, the bio-identical hormones may be the exact structural replica of endogenous hormones, but they have no enzymes attached to them as in the case of endogenous hormones. Therefore, the body cannot recognize them as its own endogenous hormones and as a result they cannot be effective in sending messages in the body to create chemical reactions. They will act in the body as drugs act; create positive results through stimulation while creating negative results and side effects from their use in the long run.

These bio-identical hormones have serious side effects because they are chemical drugs even though their sources are plant-based. Most of the side effects of bio-identical hormones can be chest pain, stroke, blood clots and increased risk of a heart attack. Do educate yourself on the side effects of these hormonal drugs to decide whether to continue to take them or not.

What are the negative side effects of using synthetically made hormones used in BHRT?

It has been shown in research studies that there are risks to taking hormones. It can increase the risk of blood clots, stroke, and gallbladder disease. Your risk of heart disease and breast cancer may also increase if you are older or use hormonal therapy for an extended period. Many healthcare providers who use bioidentical hormones claim they are safer than traditional hormone therapy treatments. But there have been no large research studies of bioidentical hormones to show evidence of this.

Other side effects are mood swings, weight gain, bloating, spotting, headaches, and acne. The list goes on and on. My side effects were mood swings, bloating, weight gain and body aches.

Why is Bioidentical Hormone Therapy not the best choice for your body?

Each hormone in the body has its unique shape and carries a message through the blood stream to specific cells. The slightest changes in the shape of the hormone change the message content. These messages direct the cell on how to spend its cellular or behavioral energy. The quality of the hormones determines the efficacy of the message content. This is why you should not try to manipulate internal hormones with medications.

How do hormones become imbalanced?

Your endocrine glands are the third line of defense against disease, and they control the hormonal system. When the first and second lines of defense (Digestive system and liver) are congested and no longer doing the proper detoxification job then the endocrine glands take over the job of detoxification. When the liver and digestive tract cannot process toxins, they end up in the blood. A signal is given which eventually travels to the thyroid or the adrenal glands to get rid of toxins. Either one will start to begin to direct elimination of the toxic materials from the blood into the only paths they are able to which is either the skin or the kidneys and bowels.

Too frequent use of the endocrine glands for the elimination of toxins will lead to atrophy and degeneration of the thyroid, pituitary or adrenal glands and create a huge mess in the hormonal system (missed periods, extended periods, and heavy periods).

What is the best solution to bring balance back?

The solution is the get the intestinal tract and liver to work properly as elimination channels so the burden will be taken off the endocrine system and eventually, the hormonal system will go back to balance. Lifestyle changes like food habits, exercise, stress management plus wholefood supplements, digestive supplements and antioxidants are necessary to help with the natural healing process.

I am here to be of service and to help guide you to achieving victory and to finally start living your best life now. You don’t have to settle for feeling less than what you truly desire. In reclaiming my health so many other areas in the life improved tremendously. You can reach me via my website or email me at Look forward to being a part of your journey.

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Emanuela Visone, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Emanuela is a leading expert in restoring health and a Master Transformational, Health, and life coach. After 20yrs recruiting in the finance industry, she discovered her true calling for naturopathy and helping people and their pets throughout the US. The value she provides her clients has put them in a position to gain better health and live a more fulfilling life. Having restored her own health, Emanuela is excited to share her victory and help others do the same, from thyroid conditions, shrinking nodules, blood pressure, hormones, and much more. This inspired her to write her first book, “Healing Through Nature’s Medicine,” A Story of Hope. Having restored her St. Barnard’s health as well, Emanuela coaches many pet owners on how to become their own best healer. She loves spending time with her family and friends, the outdoors, and her deepest passion is helping others transform their health.





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