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This Is How I Lost Belly Fat

Written by: Martina Krulakova, Executive Contributor

Executive Contributors at Brainz Magazine are handpicked and invited to contribute because of their knowledge and valuable insight within their area of expertise.


Chasing for the Perfection

Isn’t it crazy that many times we chase something only to return back home and find out it’s been already there and all the time waiting for you?

It reminds me of my constant fight with losing weight. Since I was a child I had a bigger tummy than my super slim and tall cousins who I used to compare myself with. Actually, everyone around me looked slimmer than me and so dieting, restricting myself in food, finding healthier options was something I was very cautious about since my teenage years. Although I was never overweight, I wanted to look and feel better about myself. I was so obsessed with it and reaching that “perfection” of me that I restricted myself to any joyful and fun opportunity to go out to swim or wear something feminine at all, like skirts, dresses – this all looked silly to me, I looked silly and fat in those dresses. I thought to myself. It went on for years and it became the part of my life – who I was. Maybe you can resonate with it too, whatever you do for long enough, it just becomes normal. Although I tried to tell, that it’s who I am, I never accepted myself the way I looked. The old picture memory

But the breaking point came to me 2-3 years ago when I reached out for the old pictures – when I was 20 years old and I couldn’t believe how slim I looked. It was the moment when it hit me! There was nothing wrong with the way I looked! Never! It was all created in my head thinking of how I ‘should’ look. The worst and best part of it? I was almost 40 years old, wearing the same size of clothes as in my 20s and still, I didn’t feel slim or good enough! Tears started to run down my cheeks and I just couldn’t stop. I couldn’t believe how cruel I could be to myself and my body which was there for me all those years, healthy, vibrant, and serving me with each cell. Turning inside out

For me, that was the point when I started to look at myself differently. Lovingly and with the care I was craving for years. For me, it was breaking point when I trashed all diets to the bins, finally! and started to listen to me instead. Giving myself the love and care my body deserved. It was also the point when I started to love myself for who I am with a belly or none at all.

Love can heal anything

But funnily, after that point I got the appetite to exercise even more not because I wanted to lose weight, but because I loved myself. I wasn’t doing it to prove anything to anyone, I was doing it for myself because I felt better. The best part is that when I stopped focusing on my big belly, that belly has almost gone. Here is my point: Why do we have to run out of all options and crush down until we find out what’s been there all the time? The same applies to the business. We keep pushing, rushing, and burning out so many times, if not give up until we find out there is another better and easier option too?

Returning back home

You don’t have to turn your life upside down, leave everything and everyone behind like I did to only find out that what you really want is always available to you and all the time. I get it. It’s that journey that makes you BECOME that person – a better, wiser, and more loving version of you. However, if you are at the point when you feel like nothing else is working and simply want to give up, if you are on the verge to quit or give up, remember to return back home – to the real you. Have no idea who is that person? Join me for the clarity class which is specially designed for big-hearted women who want to live to the fullest and NOW! It will give you the answer you need. There is no need for struggle, to fight for something or someone, especially not yourself. There is another way… it all starts with you and understanding yourself if you want to live a fulfilling life to the fullest.

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Martina Krulakova, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine MartinaK is a Clarity Alignment Coach helping you become an inspiring leader and master of life you love. Her constant search for happiness and money left her broke, miserable and lonely in a foreign country. That was when she realized that real transformation starts within, so she mastered the formula to fulfillment. Her search has turned into a mission. Today she is helping other women find their unique path and fulfilling careers they love and get handsomely paid for it by working with individuals, small groups, and running powerful workshops. She teaches the importance of self-awareness, mastering yourself and your inner world as the core solution to most problems. Because it all starts with YOU!



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