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Thinking Like An Entrepreneur – A Blueprint For Success In Coaching

Written by: Brooke Summer Adams, Senior Level Executive Contributor

Executive Contributors at Brainz Magazine are handpicked and invited to contribute because of their knowledge and valuable insight within their area of expertise.

Executive Contributor Brooke Summer Adams

As a new or aspiring coach, adopting the entrepreneurial mindset is a game-changer for achieving success in your coaching practice. Brooke Summer Adams – an Internationally Accredited Mindset Transformation Coach, rated Top-10 for Coaches – globally, and International #1 Best-Selling Author – works closely with first-time coaches to help them become the coach within them who has what it takes to create their vision. She is here with us today to delve into the key strategies and principles that can empower you to think like an entrepreneur and, consequently, elevate your impact as a coach.

Young businesswoman giving presentation on future plans to her colleagues at office

Embracing the coachpreneur identity

To truly excel in the coaching realm, it's essential to identify as a coachpreneur—a hybrid of a coach and an entrepreneur. This mindset shift involves viewing your coaching practice as a business and recognizing that success is not just about the services you provide but also about how you approach your entire coaching journey.

Actionable Steps:

Reflect on your coaching practice and envision it as a business. Identify specific aspects where a more entrepreneurial mindset can be applied.

Create a mission statement for your coaching business, emphasizing not just the services you provide but the broader impact you aim to make.

Connect with experienced coachpreneurs for mentorship and insights on integrating an entrepreneurial mindset into your coaching journey.

Visionary thinking for coaching success

Entrepreneurs are known for their visionary thinking, and coaches can benefit immensely from adopting this perspective. Explore how envisioning your long-term goals and the impact you want to make can guide your daily actions and decision-making as a coach.

Actionable Steps:

Set aside dedicated time for strategic thinking. Consider where you want to be in one, three, and five years as a coach.

Create a vision board or a written vision statement that encapsulates your long-term goals and the positive changes you aspire to facilitate in your clients.

Break down your visionary goals into actionable steps and incorporate them into your daily or weekly planning.

Innovative problem-solving in coaching

Entrepreneurs thrive on solving problems and finding innovative solutions. Learn how to apply this mindset to coaching by turning challenges into opportunities for growth. Discover the art of reframing obstacles and helping your clients navigate difficulties with a solution-oriented approach.

Actionable Steps:

Identify a current challenge in your coaching practice and reframe it as an opportunity for growth.

Experiment with new coaching techniques or approaches to address common client issues.

Seek feedback from clients and use it to iterate and improve your coaching methods.

Strategic planning for coaches

Entrepreneurs meticulously plan their business strategies, and coaches can take a page from their playbook. Understand the importance of setting clear goals, creating action plans, and developing a roadmap for your coaching practice.

Actionable Steps:

Define specific, measurable, and time-bound goals for your coaching practice.

Break down your goals into quarterly, monthly, and weekly objectives.

Regularly review and adjust your plan based on feedback, changing circumstances, and your evolving vision.

Adapting to change in the coaching industry

Entrepreneurs are agile and adapt quickly to changes in the business environment. Discover the significance of flexibility in the coaching industry and how embracing change can lead to continuous improvement and innovation in your coaching practice.

Actionable Steps:

Stay informed about industry trends, new coaching methodologies, and emerging technologies.

Attend conferences, webinars, or networking events to connect with other coaches and stay updated on the evolving landscape.

Embrace a mindset of continuous learning, seeking out new knowledge and skills to stay relevant in your coaching practice.

By adopting the entrepreneurial mindset, new and aspiring coaches can unlock their full potential and pave the way for lasting success. Embrace the coachpreneur identity, envision success, innovate in problem-solving, plan strategically, and stay agile in the face of change. Thinking like an entrepreneur is not just a mindset—it's a pathway to becoming a transformative force in the coaching industry.

People can connect with me via Email, Facebook, Instagram, or my Website. Wherever you go, you’ll find helpful training and info on all things transformation. Read more from Brooke!

Brooke Summer Adams Brainz Magazine

Brooke Summer Adams, Senior Level Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine #1 International Best-Selling Author, Workshop Facilitator For The Worlds #1 Coaching Academy, A Top 10 Female Life Coach – Globally, An International Speaker And Trainer, A Senior Level Executive Contributor For Brainz Magazine And FOUNDER Of ‘The Ready, Set, GLOW’ Programme – Helping First Time Coaches To Transform, So They Feel Ready To Transform Others.

Inspired by first-hand experience of overcoming hardship and transformation, Brooke began her journey to become a Coach. Initially convinced that her personal experience, qualifications, and expertise would empower her to change not only her own life but also the lives of other women, she was surprised to find herself feeling severely out of her depths. The fear of judgment prevented her from showing up confidently and acquiring clients. Lacking confidence in her ability to make the desired impact, she procrastinated and failed to take action. She became paralyzed by the overwhelming steps involved in launching her business. This lack of results convinced her that she was unworthy and incapable of being the coach she truly wanted to be. She felt like an imposter, fearing that others would see her in the same way. After hiring a coach to help her do the work on herself, everything changed. She left her 9-5 job, made a MASSIVE impact on women's lives, and gained recognition as one of the world's top-10 female life coaches. This led to her being contracted as a Coaching Advisor for the world's largest online coaching community, assisting other first-time coaches in their journeys. This experience led her to realize that most first-time coaches face similar obstacles of fear, doubt, and concern for others' opinions. She understood the importance of confidence in coaching, the futility of a killer business strategy without implementation, and the limitations of constant planning and learning without taking action. This realization led her to create her Ready, Set, GLOW program, enabling other first-time coaches to transform themselves into versions capable of creating their vision.

Brooke Summer Adams is an internationally accredited Mindset-Transformation Coach, master-level certified in NLP, advanced-level certified in Holistic Modalities, and holds a 1st Class Honors Degree in Psychology (BS.c).


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