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These Quotes Changed My Life

Written by: Thibaut Ottomer, Executive Contributor

Executive Contributors at Brainz Magazine are handpicked and invited to contribute because of their knowledge and valuable insight within their area of expertise.

Executive Contributor Thibaut Ottomer

⁠The power of simplicity. Life can feel like a lot sometimes, feeling overwhelmed, stressed, and anxious about not being able to finish all the tasks and do what everyone is asking and expecting from you… *Sigh, where to start…?

Man in blue shirt.

When things become complex or too much, we tend to forget our priorities, what is important to us and go deeper into that “I can´t do it all alone” –rabbit hole.

In these cases, I would love to share my favorite quotes with you that get me out of the mud and gives me a clearer view, a portion of logic, or a reminder of the freedom we always have at hand.

Valid, not useful

We human beings are judging all the time. If we are not judging the person in front of us for not agreeing with us or acting they way we claim to be right, we judge. If we are in a situation we don´t like, we judge ourselves. We often connect with others by complaining and talking bad about others as that creates a connection and thus we feel accepted. We even judge ourselves when we realize we are judging others…and the circle continues… Not a very uplifting one, right?

So, next time you feel you are judging yourself or others, say to yourself “Valid, not useful”. Even if your opinion might have some reason to it, how is it useful to think that way? How is having that thought helping you to grow, be happy, or move forward in life?

You can tell your Ego that it´s valid and also tell it it´s not useful. Don´t feel bad about having that thought, it´s just your protection mechanism. Let it go and replace it with a thought that is more useful and empowering for the situation you´re in. You´ll instantly feel more free and relieved.

We are all equal

So simple yet often so hard to do. We live in a society where hierarchy is still very much alive, we give each other reviews on so many apps and we are so competitive to show only our best side on social media.

Yet we all are fighting our own battles, we all have our bad days and we all just want to be loved, no matter how we try to translate that into our behavior.

How to beat that?

Feel equal to that person that is rude to you because you can see through their act and know that these people need the most love. Feel equal, try to understand their point of you and keep on being your loving self. That doesn´t mean you need to agree. Don´t change your kind side because someone else isn´t at that moment.

Feel equal to that person you help not from a place of feeling better than them but from an equal place of wanting to help them as you believe they can and deserve to become better too. We all have potential, we all have access to so much wisdom and some of us need an extra push. Today it´s them, tomorrow it might be you. We are all equal.

Live in both and's

Do you tend to overthink a lot? Are you doubting a lot before you make a decision? Or do you fight the contradictions in your head by not taking any action in the end?

It doesn´t have to be Either this, or this… it can both be true and possible. Living on both sides of the AND is such a powerful place to live. E.g.; I want to change my job and be financially stable. You can have both if you look a bit further than the first options out there. Think bigger, open all the possibilities out there, and talk to people who´ve done it before. It´s all possible and you can have it all if you´re willing to go for it.

The universe gives you not what you want but who you are

I could write a whole chapter about manifesting and how I manifested my dream partner, my new house, etc but I´ll keep it to the core here.

You can have clarity about what you want, and you can have the courage to take the necessary action but that will not guarantee you the results you want. You see, results = actions + beliefs.

You can take massive actions towards your goal but if you don´t really believe you can make it, the struggle will be real and you will probably confirm your limiting thinking that success must be hard work. Believe fully you have it all in you, feel how it would be if you´d already achieved it, and start acting from that state of mind. Your energy will be totally different, thus your actions will be delivered differently which will result in other outcomes. It all starts with what you believe about yourself.

Once you already tap into who you want to be, the Universe will give you exactly that. You can´t expect to feel powerful by still feeling and acting small. Change the narrative in your head to change your life and the Universe will respond accordingly. Make it a fun game!

Balance doing vs. being

Do do do! That is mostly what we will get rewarded for. But what the real reward is, is that burn-out, that stressful feeling of not having finished all at the end of your work day not feeling enough, and taking it to your bed and dreams. Why again?!

True long-lasting successful people know that the key is to find the balance between doing & being. To know when to take action and evenly important to know when to stop or have a break. You can´t fully focus and be productive going all in for 12 hours a day. Your body is simply not made for it. Take a break every once in a while, even shortly. Take a break during the weekends not checking work, your phone or take a break from social “obligations”.

Reconnect with yourself, with the intention you put behind your actions. Remind yourself why you are doing it and give yourself the space to let it all sink in and come to peace.

Once you respect and love yourself to give you that deserved time to just BE (I had a very hard time doing that in the past for being a massive do'er), you can act again from a more peaceful and clear state of mind, which will only give better results in the long run. Find your own balance so you can keep enjoying who you are and what you do.

These are the 5 top quotes I live by. Some days are easier than others and that is why we have to remind ourselves daily of what we believe in. So, what is your favorite quote? Would love to hear your thoughts!

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Thibaut Ottomer Brainz Magazine

Thibaut Ottomer, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Thibaut Ottomer is an expert in empowering the mind, boosting self-esteem & building courage. Instead of using his childhood trauma to feel small and guilty, he turned his pain into his purpose by helping people tap into their power with his unique liberation coaching methodology. He is the Founder & Mindset Coach of Liberty Coaching and has coached people all over the world. His mission: to free as many people as possible from their blocks so they can courageously be their amazing Selves.





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