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The Real Cause Of Parasitic Organisms

Written by: Matthew Hazen, Executive Contributor

Executive Contributors at Brainz Magazine are handpicked and invited to contribute because of their knowledge and valuable insight within their area of expertise.

Executive Contributor  Matthew Hazen

The pollution of our planet is undeniably linked with the escalation of diseases. The silent killers of the 21st century are toxic heavy metals and chemicals that accumulate in our bodies over our lifetime. Each year, the U.S. alone releases billions of pounds of these toxins into our environment, contaminating the air, water, soil, plants, animals, and, of course, humans. Mercury, lead, cadmium, arsenic, insecticides, dioxins, phthalates, VOCs, and PCBs are just some of the foreign substances that have created an excessively toxic body burden of harmful chemicals.

Factory worker working with dangerous materials

Most of us have between 400-800 potentially toxic chemicals stored within our cells. The deleterious effects of toxins upon the neurological and endocrine systems alone can lead to chronic health problems, including inflammation, asthma, allergies, cognitive deficits, mood changes, neurological illnesses, changes in libido, reproductive dysfunction, hyperlipidemia, and glucose dis-regulation.

Of all the toxins, mercury is the most destructive to the neurological and endocrine systems. The Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry (ATSDR) lists mercury at number 3 on the hazardous metal list. Despite this glaring truth many uninformed doctors and dentists continue to assure the public that the same mercury that is extremely dangerous when spilled on the floor becomes suddenly safe when it is used in the mouth as part of amalgam dental fillings or used as a “preservative” in multi-dose vials of infant “vaccines”. Mercury typically makes up about 50% of dental amalgam, according to NEWMOA. The FDA in June of 2008 did finally admit that mercury amalgam is neurotoxic, however, they still deny the toxicity of mercury-based thimerosal contained within shots. Mercury, along with lead, is especially difficult to remove. Toxic accumulation quickly overwhelms the body’s detoxification pathways and can ultimately result in severe symptoms or chronic, debilitating illness. No level of exposure is safe with any of these contaminants. And yet, the study of toxic metals and their relationship to chronic illness is still largely overlooked in the training of mainstream health care practitioners.

The toxin Organism cycle

A respected pioneer in the field of heavy metal toxicity remediation in humans, Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt, M.D., Ph.D. has determined that there is a direct correlation between stored toxins and pathogens. He states that “for each equivalent of stored toxins there is an equal amount of pathogenic microorganisms in the body.” The presence of stored toxins supports the growth of pathogens such as bacteria, fungi, and parasites. The term Toxic Body Burden (TBB) is now being used in reference to toxic heavy metals and synthetic chemicals that enter and accumulate in the body. Removal of these toxins can provide relief from symptoms that are also related to the organism's presence while it enjoys a symbiotic relationship with its host. The organism gets to feed and reproduce while possibly performing a very important function to the host of mitigating toxicity. Knowing this and letting it really sink in changes your whole mindset of dis-ease and how chasing symptoms or “pathogens” is the impossible way home.

Zeolite – Removes toxins naturally

Natural zeolites are a class of crystalline, hydrated aluminosilicates of alkali and alkaline earth cations, having three-dimensional structures. They are a mixture of glass-rich volcanic rocks with freshwater in playa lakes or seawater. Civilizations throughout the world have used zeolites as a traditional medicine. They are now used in various industrial applications based on their properties to act as catalysts, ion exchangers, adsorbents, and detergent builders.

While there are different kinds of zeolite rocks, Clinoptilolite is the only one of 2 that is safe for human consumption and is the most effective. What makes this particular mineral so unique is its negatively charged, cage-like, honey-combed structure. When ingested in the sub-micron form, it attracts and binds permanently heavy metals, manmade chemicals and radioactive particles and is then excreted through the urinary tract without removing nutrients such as magnesium, potassium and selenium. Research also shows it has many other vital actions such as removing free radicals. Unlike classic antioxidants, Clinoptilolite doesn’t neutralize free radicals by donating an electron to stabilize them. Instead, its structure captures them. Of all the heavy metals, it seems Clinoptilolite has a special affinity to mercury first then lead. This is backed by atomic absorption spectroscopy studies based on their relative size, shape, density and concentration gradient.

Toxin study

Benefits of ingesting zeolite include:


  • Helps maintain proper PH by removing acidic ions and chemicals.

  • May help eliminate nitrates such as found in processed meats, cigarettes and beer.

  • Treats diarrhea promotes healthy digestion and encourages nutrient absorption.

  • Captures ammonium ions during digestion promoting a healthier digestive system

  • Traps and removes forever chemicals that make cells dysfunctional.

  • Free radical removal leads to less oxidation damage.

  • Safe and effective chelation of heavy metals.

Since the TBB logically would include the organisms that proliferate in response to the initial introduced toxins, it would behoove us to have a proven formula to mitigate both. If we use an analogy of a stagnant pool of water and the inevitable mosquitoes and/or other organisms that will gather to feed on it, we can quickly see how only trying to control the mosquitoes would not be our first tactic. Clearly, the problem is the stagnant water and upon remedying that, the mosquitos disappear. Get at the root cause and the downline effects naturally fall away.

An independent blind clinical study concluded that a 3-step protocol using MasterPeace, a comprehensive zeolite detoxification support, and FLFE EMF mitigation accomplished a 61% decrease in serum levels of forever chemicals, including heavy metals, PFOA’s, PFOs, Micro-plastics and Graphene Oxide after 35 days.

While exposure to inevitable physical toxins is not the only cause of health decline, mitigating this exposure does allow the body a chance to reach homeostasis. That is impossible while these physical elements are present. Nothing could be easier than including zeolites of various particle ranges to your daily routine as a fundamental practice moving.

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Matthew Hazen Brainz Magazine

Matthew Hazen, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Matthew Hazen is the owner of Human Consciousness Support, a company that produces a unique nutraceutical product called MasterPeace. His quest to raise the health and consciousness of himself and all of mankind ultimately led him to heavily research zeolites and marine plasma. Matthew was mentored personally under Michael Coe, Chief scientific officer of Kansas State University, one of the top nano research labs in America. Together they formulated a nano sized zeolite particle range never done before. Matthew went on to develop this formula further with his own assistant to make it the most bioavailable possible enabling it to simultaneously cleanse out modern toxins and nourish the cell itself. Matthew is a true humanitarian and man of great integrity. His heart and soul go into everything he does, including his family of 5 children and life partner, Laura. While he started and maintained successful businesses throughout his life, his interest in holistic health kept increasing. He realized mankind needed a solution to deal with the onslaught of environmental toxins, lack of nutrition and ever lowering consciousness. Matthew has manifested a team of doers like no other to assist in the production, education and dissemination of a one of a kind product that holds the highest consciousness field known at this time. He is a fierce protector of it, his family and team. A true humble leader.



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